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Amazing Kitchen Chemistry Projects You Can Build Yourself By Cynthia Light Brown
eBook (ePub): $6.00
Amazing Kitchen Chemistry Projects You Can Build Yourself Cynthia Light Brown, Illustrated by Blair SheddIn Amazing Kitchen Chemistry Projects You Can Build Yourself, kids ages 9 and up will... More > experiment with kitchen materials to discover chemistry. Readers will learn about atoms, molecules, solids, liquids, gases, polymers, the periodic table, the important history of science, and much more. Along the way, they’ll make goop, cause chemical reactions, and create delicious treats, and all of it will illustrate important chemistry concepts. Projects include everything from constructing a Buckyball and executing a (safe) explosion or two, to mixing up some “Oobleck” and making swimming raisins, with everything in between! All of the materials used are easily obtainable and most require little help from an adult. Amazing Kitchen Chemistry Projects is a fun and exciting way for young readers to learn all about chemistry and become scientists right in the kitchen!< Less
Mapping and Navigation: Explore the History and Science of Finding Your Way By Cynthia Light Brown
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Illustrated by Beth Hetland. Guided Reading Level: V How did we get from 20-foot-long maps to GPS devices small enough to fit in the palm of our hands? How does GPS work and what can it tell us? How... More > do ancient mapmaking techniques used by the Romans and Greeks influence the satellite technologies we use today? The history of mapmaking is full of remarkable characters who charted the unknown with an ever-changing set of tools. In Mapping and Navigation: The History and Science of Finding Your Way, kids ages 9–12 will learn the history and science behind the evolution of mapmaking, and how much is still out there for discovery. Readers will explore ideas through hands-on experiments while learning new terminology and interesting facts. Projects include using triangulation to measure distances, creating contour lines on a mini-mountain to understand elevation changes on a map, and inventing a sundial and compass to understand the basics of navigation.< Less
Explore Fossils!: With 25 Great Projects By Cynthia Light Brown & Grace Brown
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Start an elementary classroom discussion about dinosaurs and you’ll suddenly have a room full of passionately engaged scholars. In Explore Fossils! With 25 Great Projects, readers can expand... More > their dinosaur obsessions into learning opportunities that take them beyond Tyrannosaurus rex to other animals, plants, and microbes that lived long before humans. Explore Fossils! introduces readers to the study of dinosaurs and the history of life on Earth as revealed by fossils. Through hands-on projects, vocabulary boxes, and high-interest content, children discover how fossils form and learn about the landscape and the plants and animals that lived long ago. Scientists use radiometric dating to test these fossils to discover when they were made, what organisms made them, what those organisms used for energy, what killed them, and a whole lot of other information. All from rocks! That’s a lot of information stored under our feet. With Explore Fossils! children can dig in! Ages 7-10 Guided Reading Level: V< Less

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