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Paddy Griffith's Napoleonic Wargaming for Fun By Paddy Griffith
Paperback: $24.46
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The wargaming rules in this book have been designed by the well-known military historian, Paddy Griffith, and combine simplicity with fun and speed. No less than seven types of wargame are... More > explained: the traditional skirmish and Divisional games, the brigade game and army level game, which all involve the use of model soldiers in battles of varying scales; the generalship game, which is concerned with how a general on campaign divides his time; and finally, a map kriegsspiel and a tactical exerise without troops.< Less
Sprawling Wargames Multiplayer Wargaming By Paddy Griffith
Paperback: $25.43
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This book explores large-scale multiplayer wargames, with examples including games run at the Imperial War Museum and at Sandhurst. From games in large halls, to those run by the modern medium of... More > email, this book outlines how to set about creating and managing these innovative and most entertaining of wargaming experiences, Sprawling Wargames. Chapters include: Definitions, and Principles of Game Design Operation Sealion 1940 Operation Mercury 1941 Operation Babarossa 1941 Suvarov in Alsace 1799 The 'Black Isle' Magical Viking Game< Less
Paddy Griffith’s Counter Insurgency Wargames (1980) By John Curry & Paddy Griffith
Paperback: $15.94
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Paddy Griffith (1947- 2010) was a leading British military theorist and historian, who used wargaming as part of his tool set to critically analyse operational and tactical military history. This... More > book includes two previously unpublished COunter-INsurgency (COIN) wargames from 1976 to 1980 and an example of a British Army live-roleplaying COIN from 1980. The first COIN game, Longreagh Village, is about a security force base facing a particularly challenging week of supporting the local police in a border village. The second COIN game, summer in Dogem-on-Sea, is set in ORANGELAND. The local police are facing a two pronged threat against the local population. The third COIN game is an outline of a British Army live-roleplaying exercise, to allow the officer cadets of Sandhurst to gain practical experience of COIN. The foreword is by Brian Train, a well-known current game designer, who specialises in producing games about irregular warfare.< Less
Phil Dunn’s Fury at Sea Rapid Naval Wargaming Including Paddy Griffith's One-Eyed Napoleonic Naval Rules By John Curry et al.
Paperback: $22.26
Prints in 3-5 business days
Phil Dunn, author of the classic naval wargaming book, Sea Battles, has written a new book on rapid naval wargames. Chapters include fast play rules that allow even the largest battles to be fought... More > to a satisfying conclusion in a single session. In 1916, Jutland was a ‘no-hoper’ for the Germans. This was not true earlier in the war. The scenario is for a classic war-deciding encounter set in 1915. During the late 1920's, the USA made plans for war with Britain. The rules and scenario allow this classic ‘what if’ scenario of the Royal Navy to be set against the United States Navy. The outcome would have changed the political map of the world and the course of the 20th century. Also included are memories of a lifetime of naval wargaming, The book is supplemented by Paddy Griffith’s One-eyed Napoleonic Naval Rules as used by the Royal Military Academy’s Wargaming Club. Also included is an example of Paddy Griffith’s naval wargaming scenario for the Battle of the Nile in 1798.< Less

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