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Third Space By Timothy Barker
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Third space is a region in-between the accepted norms of 'here' and 'there'; a space where all can come to rejoice in the beauty of diversity in a spirit of understanding, peace and unity. Learn how... More > to divorce yourself and your community from the historical 'baggage' that has prevented you embracing the future. Overcome your prejudices and all those preconceived ideologies that hamper true 'progress'. Embrace the Twenty First Century.< Less
Sitrep Earth By Timothy Barker
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Earth, much like a giant malfunctioning computer, requires an upgrade, update and reboot! That is, we should be looking at how we as humans are using this planet and make some quite momentous changes... More > in our interactions with it and each other! But, not only do we need to treat Earth with a little more respect, we actually need to rethink how we develop as a species too. Therefore, the substance of our interactions requires a reexamination. Of course, this doesn't sit comfortably with the majority of the status quo so we need to tread extra carefully as new ideas are introduced into the global mindset. This book therefore posits 'new' ways for humans to be behaving and additionally proposes how these memes may be gently injected into mainstream thought. Enjoy.< Less
System Malfunction By Timothy Barker
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System Malfunction teaches us how to navigate the plethora of systems prevalent in our everyday lives. From the Internet, to the Surveillance Society to our post-Industrial present all are analysed... More > using a systematic approach which you can easily apply yourself. It is not a soapbox style critique of 'where it all went wrong' rather it is a toolset of solutions to 'put things right'. The writing is non-academic in nature which makes it accessible to a wide audience. Although a short book it is dense in terms of the ideas presented but well-crafted from a pedagogical perspective making it an ideal text book. At this time of global meltdown in many present systems it may offer a ray of hope as we try to come to terms with the catastrophic changes we can witness today.< Less

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114 Treasures 114 Treasures By Jewel of Faith
Paperback: $2.95