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Madame Secretary By Raúl Eduardo Chao
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This book presents 40 reasons why Hillary Clinton should not be elected to the presidency of the United States in 2016. All historical references and arguments are taken from prestigious magazines... More > and newspapers like the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and the Wall Street Journal. The author contends that the only path for Hillary's road to the White House is to destroy her adversary, much like Barrack Obama did against Mitt Romney in the 2012 elections. No candidate to the presidence of the US has ever had so many scandals, lies and conflicts of interest than Hillary Clinton. If she reaches the presidency, her appointments to the Supreme Court will affect the growth and constitutional order in the US for several generations into the future. America should not go back to the corruption and crony capitalism of the 1990s. She should be stopped while there is time. Not voting in 2016 will get Americans a Supreme Court that will forever distort and destroy the legacy of our founding fathers.< Less
Damn the Revolution! By Raúl Eduardo Chao
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All throughout history, people have praised revolutions as one of the ways to remedy their lack of freedom and abolish the unearned privileges of others. Revolutions, however, pervert their very... More > aims by bringing uncontrollable anarchy, atrocities, revenge, loss of human talent and destruction of material resources. Their attempts to rebuild society in more human terms always fail miserably. In practice, most revolutions can only be stopped by the emergence of a dictator, which brings about more misery, lack of freedom and inequality that what caused the upheaval in the first place. That's why most people end up disillusioned with the hopeless romance of building a better society by revolting, and end up shouting: Damn the Revolution !< Less
Freedom Embattled By Raúl Eduardo Chao
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This book seeks to unravel and understand the complex web of ideology and political action in the Obama years, both during his campaign and in the White House. A special look at Chicago helps shed... More > light on the nature of the politicians, now in power, who have been formed in its political culture. Freedom Embattled simply reminds readers that the choice is rarely between liberty or bread. This book has a clear bias: we believe that given a choice between those two, the only possible choice is liberty.< Less
Baraguá By Raúl Eduardo Chao
Paperback: $28.76
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By 1845 Thomas Jefferson had died leaving behind a sizable debt and Monticello, his home, which had to be rescued from total destruction. New York City had expanded to 115th Street with Central Park... More > in the design board. The rich were north of Washington Square and the City in the hands of unscrupulous politicos. Corruption was everywhere, side by side with opulent stores and elegant clubs for ruthless tycoons. In the midst of all this, Cuban-born Miguel de Aldama seeks refuge in the city from the Spanish metropolis. He fraternizes with Vanderbilts, Astors and Belmonts. His fortune and his credit lead him to offer $100 million to buy the Island of Cuba. Unwilling to wait forever he becomes the underwriter of the Ten Year Cuban War of Independence, to which he pledges his assets. This is the story of the convergence of a failed attempt to independence, the generosity of men offering their lives and fortunes for an ideal and the stubbornness of a failed empire wishing to retain its possessions at any cost.< Less
La Guerra del 95 By Raúl Eduardo Chao
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Máximo Gómez, General en Jefe de la Guerra de Independencia de Cuba en 1895, narra en este libro con lujo de detalles los triunfos y los reveses de los Cubanos enfrentandose a un... More > ejército Español que contaba con 10 veces más hombres y un presupuesto y recursos inmensamente superiores al de los Mambises. Su Diario de Campaña muestra no solamente su genio militar sino también su espiritualidad, su condición de hombre generoso y su dedicación a una causa con la que estaba comprometido desde su juventud. Este tercer libro, es parte de una serie de tres volúmenes, en que se hacen por primera vez accesibles las Memorias de Campaña del Mayor General Máximo Gómez, heroe de la República de Cuba< Less
Jimaguayú By Raúl Eduardo Chao
Paperback: $29.52
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This book is the story of the last attempt of the Cuban people to free themselves and shake off the yoke that linked them to Spain for four hundred years. It is also a study on how the United States... More > was ambivalent as to what to do with Cuba. The States from the North did not wish to see Cuba annexed with slavery. The States from the South did not want to see Cuba independent without slavery.< Less
REPUBLICAN CUBA By Raúl Eduardo Chao
Hardcover: $29.95
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The intention of this book is to review events, champions, heroes and anti-heroes during the fifty years of Republican Cuba. It is not easy to describe and analyze 50 years of Republican life in Cuba... More > in one book and we do not intend to do so. It is a book meant for those who wish to know the history and explore the paradox of Cuba: a land blessed by nature, flush with generous and good human talent, inadvertedly fallen prey to ambitious and unscrupulous men who did not stop at separating families, killing their brothers and sisters while exploiting Cuba’s bounty for their private use.< Less
Contramaestre English Version May 2014 By Raúl Eduardo Chao
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The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire were long gone and the last attempt of the Bourbons to restore the dynasty had been a fiasco. People revolted on July 28, 29 and 30, 1830, in what... More > became known as the three glorious days. In the midst of all this, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes y Quesada and his wife María del Carmen moved to Paris and soon welcomed as their guests five of the finest minds in Cuba, the last remaining Spanish colony in the Americas: Domingo Del Monte and his wife Rosa, Miguel Aldama, Rosa’s brother, and Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, a young best seller poet living in Madrid. This is the extraordinary story of the time they spent together in the City of Lights.< Less
3 Days in March By Raúl Eduardo Chao
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A history of the Coup d'État by Fulgencio Batista in Cuba on March 10, 1952. Knowing that he was going to lose the Cuban presidential elections in 1952, General Batista entered the Columbia... More > Camp in Havana, with the help of retired army officers, and took over the government. It resulted in the worst of times for Cuba, leading to a Communist take over in 1959.< Less
Colonial Cuba English By Raúl Eduardo Chao
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The Spanish 400 year domination that ended in 1898 was followed by four years of US occupation that offered Cubans their first lessons on how to govern a country. The enlightened European... More > civilization that Spain had brought to Cuba had been blighted by selfish economic and political impositions. After 1898, the constructive years of American government control were marred by the burden of an unwelcomed Platt amendment. This book presents a series of episodes of these 400 years of Colonial Cuba. Cuba continues to this day trying to be free and independent.< Less

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