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CWRS Special Publication 37 By Crimean War Research Society
Paperback: $17.70
Prints in 3-5 business days
The journal of Captain Henry Rogers R.N. on HMS Arethusa in the Black Sea, 1854, and HMS Hastings in the Baltic, 1855. [A4, 104pp, 'perfect' bound.]
CWRS Special Publication No.33 By Crimean War Research Society
Paperback: $17.72
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Crimean War Reminiscences of John Elijah Blunt, Civilian Interpreter. By Dr Douglas J Austin. [A4, 139pp, 'perfect' bound.]
CWRS Special Publication 13 By Crimean War Research Society
Paperback: $7.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
"The Soldier's Daughter" is a cleverly told spoof 'Sherlock Holmes' story with a strong Crimean connection, by Malcolm Knott and first published by the CWRS in 1996. [A5, saddle-stitch,... More > 30pp]< Less
The War Correspondent Vol 24 No.4 January 2007 By Crimean War Research Society
eBook (PDF): $5.48
Amur Expedition by Mura’ev, Mark Conrad; Armstrong. Surgeon Lt. Col. Lancelot, Harry Angier; Around & Afloat, Maj Colin Robins; Citate Battle,Turkish Offensive 1854, Lawrence W. Crider;... More > Domino, Patrick Rafferty 17L, David Cliff; Doyle Sgt. Wm. 34F, Nick Donohue; CWRS Website, Tom Muir; Guns,Mysterious Russian, Capt. Y Kulikov; Guns, Trophy Russian, Capt. Robert Bonner; Haiderr Pasha Cemetery,Istanbul, Maj Colin Robins; Index Alphabetical of Articles & Book Reviews (Vol. 24); Mure. Lt. Col. Wm. Scots. Fus. Guards, Mark Andrew; Nolan at Balaklava,Part IV by Dr. D Austin; Russian Infantry Acoutrements revisited, Alan Overton; Russian Trophy Guns, Capt. Robert Bonner; Swiss Legions in the Crimea, R.D. Mann; Tilsley Sgt. G. R.A. Shropshire Veteran, Ian & Helen Smith; Warr Tpr. Thomas, Commemoration< Less
The War Correspondent Vol 27 No.3 October 2009 By Crimean War Research Society
eBook (PDF): $7.43
T. H. Roberts (1850-1915) ‘Friend of the Light Brigade’ by Chris Poole; Gunners of Every Nation Fight for Their ‘Colours’ by Captain Yuri Kulikov and Major Colin Robins; The... More > Turks at Balaklava: Another Re-Appraisal by Rod Robinson; The Royal Fusiliers in the Crimea by Major Frank Clark; Corporal 333 Patrick Fegan, 17th Lancers: a Biographical Sketch by Helen and Ian Smith; The Last Survivor: Crompton’s Spurious Medals by Dr. Douglas J. Austin and Tom Muir; Renkioi Hospital—The Superintendent’s Secretary’s View by Christopher and Lydia Silver; Meanwhile Back Home, attempt to assassinate the French Emperor near the Barrière de l’Étoile; Dress of the Royal Artillery: 2 Plates from The History and Dress of the Royal Regiment of Artillery; Trivia: Crimean Floating Batteries, p. 35 (text) and p. 44 (illustrations).< Less
The War Correspondent Vol 26 No.1 April 2008 By Crimean War Research Society
eBook (PDF): $7.43
Echoes of the War: Glasgow to Kelvingrove, Mike Hinton; Friendly Fire 1855 Style, Dr D J Austin; Tennyson’s Poem ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’, Dr D J Austin; Capt. Charteris... More > and the Charge of the Light Brigade, Barrie Stevens; A Crimean Rug, Bruce Smeaton; Brevet of June 1854, Maj Colin Robins; 93rd Regt of Foot: the Sutherland Highlanders, Maj Frank Clark; The Last Journey of Lt Col William Morris, Burnaby Portal; Queen Victoria confers her medal on the Turks, A Margrave; Supplement: Numbers and Losses in the Crimea, A Margrave; There is Something About Naval Traditions in Sevastopol, Capt Yuri Kulikov; The Last of the Light Brigade, Maj Colin Robins; The Queen’s Messenger: An Underwater Cable to Balaklava, Walter Peterson; The Impact of the Crimean War on Ottoman Social Life (Part 2 of 2), Candan Badem; Renkioi: Brunel’s Forgotten hospital, Christopher Silver - review by Maj Colin Robins; Anthony Wilder Grave Restoration Project, Glenn Fisher; The Future of the CWRS; Rudyard Kipling; The English Tent.< Less
The War Correspondent Vol 27 No.2 July 2009 By Crimean War Research Society
eBook (PDF): $7.43
British Library, T Muir; Carlisle Cathedral, M Hinton; In Memoriam: Ernest 'Eddie' Glynn, D Cliff; W-E Carlisle 24-26 Apr - Maj C Robins; AGM, pictorial - M Hinton, C Robins & B Glover; Report on... More > AGM, D Cliff & L Clements; New Observations/Old Scenes No4, K Smith; Nightingale: response to BBC prog, R Huntsman; Famous Regts, 31st Foot: East Surrey Regt, Maj F Clark; William Augustus Fry, 11H, G Fisher; Florence, Your Reputation Rests in Peace, D Oldman; Silver Snuffbox, J Sly; Famous Regts, (Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders) 72nd Foot, Maj F Clark; Transcription: Excerpts from Panmure Papers, B Gedin; Transcription: Letters by an American Doctor, John Morton, written from Sevastopol, notes A Margrave; Book Review: Letters from the Crimea 1855-56 by Capt. G Paynter, Ed. C Peacock, review D Cliff; Book Review: Guards Brigade, M Springman, review M Hinton; Book Review: War in the Crimea: An Illustrated History, I Fletcher & N Ishchenko, review M Davidson; Diary auctioned, Maj C Robins< Less
The War Correspondent Vol 21 No.1 April 2003 By Crimean War Research Society
eBook (PDF): $5.48
Aqueduct, D. Williams; Bizarre, K. Horton; Boots for the 19F, D. Cliff; Cantinieres & Vivandieres, Letters; CDV: Photo Portraits Pt. 3, Sir Arthur Hardinge, Mike HM; Casualty Statistics, A.... More > Margrave; Duelling in British Army, D. Cliff; Engineer Capt 24hrs in the French trenches, J. Barham; Firearms Pt 27 Russia Naval Belt Model Pistol, W S Curtis; Firearms, Musket Drill, W S Curtis Guest Editorial; Gunpowder Mills, Royal, Waltham Abbey, Letters; Hospital Renkioi Visit D. Cliff; Renkioi Hospital Notes, Letters; Hospital, Navy, Therapia Pt1, Prof R. Huntsman; Internet, Causeway Heights, Redoubts, M. HM; James Index Snippets, A. James; Medals, JOMRS Foreign Crimea Medals, D. Cliff; Navy List, Allens 1855, Review, Nolan. Capt Nolan, Final Moments, D. Cliff; South Africa, R. Smith; Trenches, British around Sevastopol, M. HM; Turkey & The War, Admiral Slade, Review; Uniform Mass Levy, Wear by children, M. Conrad; Veterans who fought for Uncle Sam, Civil War, B. Best; Veterans' Funeral. Old Soldiers Tales, R. Mills< Less
The War Correspondent Volume 25 Complete By Crimean War Research Society
eBook (PDF): $20.30
Complete version of Volume 25 of the War Correspondent. April 2007, July 2007, October 2007 and January 2008 together in one binding. Over 200 pages. See individual issues for contents. Save money... More > buying this whole volume! (Be warned: the pdf download is a very big file...)< Less
The War Correspondent Volume 6 Complete By Crimean War Research Society
eBook (PDF): $10.92
Releases: Lancs Games Range. Trench raid 1854 Wargame. John Kirwin at the Alma. Armoured Fighting Vehicles - Mech and Crimea. "I Never was Better in my Life" [Letters of S.M. Hughes, 17th... More > Lancers]. Prints [From Illustrated News]. Our Cover Picture - "Who was Schamyl?” Crimean Holiday. Music & Song. Memorials of the Brave. Uniform of Mtd Staff Corps. Terracotta Armies [Figs]. Wargame Fig Releases. 71st HLI Band Uniforms. Diary of Sgt McMillan (Extr. 1). Australia and Crimean War. Pte McGuire. Simkin Print - the Brit Army 1854. Medal Register. British German Legion Lt Cav. Letter from Sgt Gordon [SFG]. Sharpe-Gambert's British Army. Royal Wilts Militia. Diary of Sgt McMillan Extr. 2&3. British Generals. Wargame Progress Report. Review The Banner of Battle. What’s in a Postcard The Aftermath [Constantinople Cemetery]. CWRS Wargame Report. Who's Kidding Whom? [Medals of Lt. Moffatt, Green Howards]. John Richardson Charge Veteran Pt1. CWRS Essay Comp: Cossack Art; Nolan - Madman or Scapegoat? Nolan and the Charge.< Less