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Revenge and Chameli Gonzales By Ken Coleman
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An epic story of a man's journey to seek out and kill the brutal outlaws who killed and defiled his family in the most horrific and degrading manner imaginable. His journey spans many years and... More > thousands of miles as he doggedly searches for and picks them off one by one. Along the way he visits some of the most lawless towns in the west, with dire consequences for the gunmen and ruffians who bring trouble to his already, troubled existance. However, worse than any gunslinger, is the crazy woman who enters his life and try as he might, he cannot shake her off. Her name is Chameli Gonzales and apart from being crazy, she is the most irritating, unpredictable and fiery female he has ever known. She is also the most beautiful and endearing woman ever to enrich his troubled life and try as he might he cannot shake off her image, even when they are miles and years apart, she is always somewhere at the back of his mind. Sooner or later, they must face their combined destiny with bloody and tragic consequences.< Less
The Star Girls By Ken Coleman
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Rose a young mail order bride, is kidnapped by a Cheyenne warrior and forced to accompany him across the Western Plains to reach his village. She makes several attempts to escape, but her efforts... More > come to nothing and she fears he may hurt her as punishment. But he is not the savage heathen he has been portrayed, she discovers a warm,humorous and caring side to his nature. So the only punishment he inflict is one of humiliation and embarrassment. As time passes, his boyish humour and easy laughter does nothing to quell her frustration and anger whenever he laughs at her futile attempts to hurt him with her small fists. resulting her falling into his strong embrace and crying on his shoulder. Rose is pregnant with her husbands baby but keeps it from her new man. 13 years later, her daughter, Star Dancer, sets out to find her half sister, Star, with dangerous consequences when both girls must fight a common enemy and win to ensure their survival.< Less
The Ballad of Georgy Blue By Ken Coleman
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A gang of vicious outlaws take a crippled boy away from the safety of his farm, then force him to accompany them to rob a bank. They get away empty handed, but take with them a young woman who they... More > plan to hold for ransom. When one of the outlaws forces her into a small log cabin with intention of abusing her, the boy decides it is time to act and surprises them by, not only rescuing her, but protecting her for 3 days when they are under siege from the desperados. The woman's husband and the posse trying to find them are faring no better after being confronted by Indians and finding themselves afoot in the wilderness. Can they reach the woman and boy before they either die of thirst or are killed by the outlaws?< Less
Jake Madrid and the Kikapu Kid By Ken Coleman
Paperback: $6.72
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The story of a man, Jake Madrid and a child who he calls the Kickapoo Kid after the Kickapoo Indians who found her wandering alone in the wilderness and their epic journey across the plains of... More > Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and South Dakota as they strive to reach Deadwood and the goldfields around the black hills. However, the journey isn't without danger as along the way, Jake finds himself battling outlaws, ruffians and Indians as well as the constant battle with the sullen, bad tempered and smart mouthed girl who can cuss as well as any muleskinner and comes out with colorful language that any buffalo hunter would be proud of. Along the way Jake finds himself helping other trouble females and even falling in love with one of them. But violence and tragedy are never far away and they encounter many perils before they can consider themselves safe.< Less
Avenging Star By Ken Coleman
Paperback: $4.87
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The story of two sisters who travel the states of the west looking for the man who commanded his private army to massacre dozens of Cheyenne women and children. Their quest is to exact revenge for... More > the killing of their mother who was with the Indians when his men slaughtered them in a most vicious and brutal way. The sisters are joined on their mission by an ageing gunfighter, a young cowboy and a middle aged woman. The small band face many adventures and danger until the final violent and bloody confrontation with their enemy.< Less
Cheyenne Legacy (The final journey) By Ken Coleman
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The story of a man and a woman and the epic journey they undertake across four states to bring to justice a gang of criminals who robbed Will Ryder and left him for dead on on a bar-room floor. ... More > During their journey they encounter danger at every turn with the unpredictable and volatile girl leading them both into peril with her devil may care attitude to any kind of danger. Their travels take them through the desert lands of Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah until they finally catch up to their quarry and their quest for revenge comes to a bloody and brutally tragic conclusion.< Less
Cheyenne Dawn By Ken Coleman
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This is the story of a woman’s search to find her children and the unlikely alliance she forms with their kidnapper as they make an epic journey across the Great Plains of Kansas and Colorado.... More > The longer they dwell in each other’s company, the closer they become, even though she struggles to understand the enigmatic Indian who not only throws her into ice cold rivers just for the hell of it, but likes to add insult to injury by spanking her butt afterward. Then by complete contrast, he tenderly, cares for her and her daughter as they journey west facing danger at every turn. Although violent and harrowing, this is also a love story set in 1875 when there was much resentment between Indian and white settlers resulting in more than one massacre of innocent women and children of various tribes. This is a work of fiction but history tells us that such atrocities happened. One notable example was Custer’s raid on peaceful Cheyenne people in Colorado, resulting in the deaths of numerous women and children.< Less
The boy with the 40 year old brain By Ken Coleman
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If you could live your life over from the age of seven with all the knowledge and experience gained over 40 years. If you were given the chance to rectify all your mistakes and experience new... More > romances and sexual conquests. Would you take the opportunity? This is the story of a man who finds himself occupying the body of a child. He falls in love with his unsuspecting mother who is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. The boy, his mother, her crazy sister and the strange girl from next door go on an adventurous journey in pursuit of the truth and the need to stop a ruthless paedophiliac billionair from taking a healthy young boy and having his own brilliant brain transplanted into the child's head. A sometimes violent, often funny and ultimately, tragic story of unrequited love.< Less
Revenge of a Devil Woman By Ken Coleman
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A woman travels the desert lands of California and Arizona in search of the violent desperadoes who killed her man and abused her young friend. However, she is no ordinary woman and posesses an... More > almost demonic desire to bring about the utmost suffering and death to her enemies as she deals out her own special brand of justice.< Less
Archisha. (Ruth's Revenge) By Ken Coleman
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After spending six years in the mountains and forests of Colorado learning, from an early age, to shoot, fight and kill, Ruth sets out to avenge the death of her mother at the hands of Colonel... More > Bridgeport and his army of killers. During her epic journey through some of the most violent and lawless towns of Colorado, Kansas and Texas, she makes many friend and enemies though wherever she goes trouble follows often resulting in violence and death. In her troubled and often confused mind, she sees herself as a victim and knows only one way to deal with threats, that is to kill which she does often and in a cold and remorseless way, until she finally reaches her goal and her quest comes to a bloody, violent and tragic end.< Less