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System By Tim Norwood
Paperback: $15.27
Prints in 3-5 business days
Life is about to get complicated… It is an age when anything seems possible. Augmented humans can live many lifetimes, often taking on different bodies as their old ones wear out…... More > Synthetic life forms were once used as slaves, but have now earned their freedom… Artificial minds organise everything, but have they been given too much power?… A man is washed up on an empty beach, and can’t remember who he is. He’s lost and alone, but he may hold the key to a global crime which threatens the lives of millions — and the fragile peace of the System itself… Welcome to the System In this book, Tim Norwood explores a possible future, in which our ability to create and adapt life has become extremely advanced. Along the way he touches on ethics, love, technology and politics... System is a crime/mystery/thriller which weaves speculative science fiction into a very ‘human’ story. It's serious fun with a twist of real life.< Less
Red Spring By Tim Norwood
Paperback: $8.72
Prints in 3-5 business days
For thirty years the small colony on Mars has been ruled by the Alliance. The locals have now declared independence and are trying to create their own Martian society. It's a time of new beginnings,... More > but powerful forces back on Earth want the planet back and the balance of power is shifting... This is the story of ordinary people caught up in a conflict which will decide the future of the solar system. History is being written around them and each one will be called upon to play their part as events unfold... ***** Red Spring is a novel set in the twenty-second century, as a small colony on Mars struggles for independence. It's a book about freedom, identity and life against the context of the human exploration of the solar system... The book was inspired by The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. Tim wanted to write a story about how human beings from Earth might become Martian, as they made the new world their own. The experience changes them as it changes the planet.< Less
The Pirate Maze By Tim Norwood
Paperback: $18.21
Prints in 3-5 business days
On an island in the Circle Sea, Jim and Polly dream of adventure, but they are caught up in a web of mystery as some unusual visitors arrive in the harbour... The Pirate Maze is set in the Circle... More > Sea. Caught between swirling currents and unending storms the islanders have built homes for themselves but their peace is threatened by those who turn to piracy... In this story, we meet Jim and Polly. Surrounded by a cast of pirates, drunkards and villains they will begin their journey into a frightening world of magic and mystery in which they will uncover the secrets at the heart of their world... The Pirate Maze is a fantasy adventure story with pirates for people from 9 upwards.< Less

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Genius Matters Genius Matters By Angela Maiers
Paperback: $22.00