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Brief Lines By Paul Quintanilla
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These modest lines which I wouldn't dare call poetry for lacking the power of art may at least bring a smile or a new thought into bold momentary relief for being something new, unexpected, though... More > not very deep or certainly profound. My voice may be odd, too and may not harmonize immediately or comfortably with your own inner voice or what you expect or hope for in lines like these. And you may be right! But if there's any worth in these words and if they touch a few hearts and minds and spirits perhaps a certain commonality may have briefly come to life here among us and the foolishness and vanity of wasted time, wasted days pursuing art may not becomemy epitaph.< Less
Something Meaningful By Paul Quintanilla
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This novel attempts to examine the nature of innocence and of living fully without it. Dereck Kramer, recently released from prison, is constantly tortured by his past. And haunted by the past,... More > pursued by it, driven on by the unending combined furies of guilt and shame and disgrace he struggles to begin again, to find a new way. This novel aks: can there be a new beginning or any true redemption for those who have irrevocably "lost their innocence?"< Less
Doors By Paul Quintanilla
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Positive and negative, negative and positive, the two competing forces within Carlton Phillips. This is a novel about how he is violently rocked by these forces. And finally surmounts them.
Hemingway's Beard By Paul Quintanilla
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Ernest Hemingway stood out in a significant manner back in the fifties. He had a beard. And he went about flaunting his beard in an "I don't give a damn" manner. We should remember that the... More > fifties were a time of great conformity. Those who flouted society by wearing a beard could be severely punished. Today such a rigid display of personal conformity may seem odd. Few people would care about such facial hair. But that's the way it was back then. This then is a novel about the ridiculous. Through a variety of deviations we, the human race, continue to create a great deal of needless suffering for ourselves. For the same senseless strife in human affairs seems to appear over and over again.< Less
Faces at the Office By Paul Quintanilla
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Most novelists consider the daily routine of a menial job in an office to be too dull and uninteresting to merit the treatment of a full length novel. How can such an unchanging dull monotony hold... More > the reader's attention, they may ask? Though the clashes of the titans at the top have been fully explored often enough. The daily experience, though, of being at work in an office is one of the most common experiences of everyday life. And for that reason merits our attention. What's more, these basic realities should be more openly dealt with. Abuses which are not covered in any union contract occur. Great ambitions flourish. And petty cruelties can abound all within a larger framework of a deep boredom and monotnoy. This is a novel about the simple daily experience of being on the job. Of going to work everyday. A drama which is large enough on its own.< Less
In the Land of the Dacks By Paul Quintanilla
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If travel is "broadening" then John Sawyer's adventures in the Land of the Dacks, an ancient third world country, are quite transformative. And he becomes a new man. This is also a novel of... More > ideas.< Less
Jamie Budlow - Books Four & Five By Paul Quintanilla
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This is Book Four and Book Five of the five book novel, Jamie Budlow. Jamie is a freshman in college whose world is rocked by both romance and the ongoing campus protests against the Vietnam War. A... More > coming of age novel.< Less
Jamie Budlow - Books Two & Three By Paul Quintanilla
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It is 1967. Jamie Budlow is a freshman in college, in love, and his world on campus is rocked by student demonstrations against the Vietnam War. This is a coming of age tale. These are books two and... More > three of a five book novel.< Less
Jamie Budlow By Paul Quintanilla
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Jamie Budlow is a freshman in college. It is the sixties and campuses all over America are protesting against the Vietnam War. Coming from a small town in the Southwest Jamie discovers city life,... More > student protests, and the joys and pains of love. This is a coming of age novel.< Less
The Port of New Destiny By Paul Quintanilla
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Life is good. And Michael Howard believes he has been uniquely chosen by fate for there is a singular brightness about the world he uniquely enjoys. All he has to do is continue choosing correctly.... More > Part anti-war novel, part love story, part coming of age adventure, this novel is yet another exploration of the "American dream."< Less