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The Spiritic By William Higham
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If they can't destroy Esadov - they'll have to outthink it! A biologist and a diplomat are all that stand in the way of a sentient and lethal bacterial entity's invasion of the known worlds. This... More > is the journey of Dr. Romayne Quanadeen, half-Numorkian (human émigrés from mid-21st century Earth) and half-Sed (forest folk of Numork, in the Cronal Tura star system). Though an atheist, Rom was born with a stigma on her hip, a spiritic caused by a tribal enemy’s spear wound that, on Esadov’s orders, killed her spirit-guide Suvana and unborn child three generations earlier. With Esadov set to reach fission and multiply, Suvana hauls star marathon runner Rom out of her university life of research and athletics and thrusts her into a race to save millions of lives. To help her, the fates recruit Kru Sigor, retired Numorkian military identity turned reclusive artist and, on separate paths, Rom and Kru head for a showdown with their blood enemy.< Less
The Hammarskjold Killing By William Higham
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Louis Montagne, a high-profile identity in Europe's financial world, and a covert sponsor of the recent European-American Protocol against Terrorism, hears that a civilian EAPaT techno worker in Sri... More > Lanka, Srian Davis, has evidence to link him with the 45-year-old mystery plane crash in Africa that killed U.N. Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold, a man known for his commitment to peace, a love of poetry, and a mystical muse. Montagne's orders: 'Stop her at all costs'. Trusting no one, not even the anti-terror forces she worked with, Srian's best defense proves to be something she has in common with the late Dag, a mystical trick of her own up her sleeve. That, and two unexpected allies in Zimbabwe, a couple of 'bush monkeys' - Nick Thorn and Kapessa Nyogwe< Less
Nakada's Touch By William Higham
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1990 - A watershed year in South Africa’s tempestuous history. Police emergency powers are lifting, apartheid laws are finally crumbling, and Nelson Mandela walks free after 27 years in... More > detention. Into this volatile mix walks political journalist Sally Kaplan, a New Yorker on a working vacation in Natal’s Port Farewell. A risk-taker, her work permit under threat by a white government struggling with a new sociopolitical reality, Sally is taken off the political desk by Natal Crier editor Deek Delany and reassigned a story in red-light district Baysend, domain of the night people. People like stripper Elsa van Els, nightclub owner and Elsa's lover Clair Wilson, and young street hustlers Wayne van Els and Danie Marais. Together, they take Sally on a journey into a killer’s madness... _______________________________________________________________ 'Screenplay adaptation a 2004 SEMI-FINALIST in American Accolades Screenwriting Competition!'< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
Paperback: $19.00