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The Gospel Of Barnabas By Rassool Auckbaraullee
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The Gospel of Barnabas was accepted as a Canonical Gospel in the Churches of Alexandria till 325 C.E. Iranaeus (130-200) wrote in support of pure monotheism and opposed Paul for injecting into... More > Christianity doctrines of the pagan Roman religion and Platonic philosophy. He had quoted extensively from the Gospel of Barnabas in support of his views. This shows that the Gospel of Barnabas was in circulation in the first and second centuries of Christianity. In 325 C.E., the Nicene Council was held, where it was ordered that all original Gospels in Hebrew script should be destroyed. An Edict was issued that any one in possession of these Gospels will be put to death.In 383 C.E., the Pope secured a copy of the Gospel of Barnabas and kept it in his private library. The Latin text was translated into English by Mr. and Mrs. Ragg and was printed at the Clarendon Press in Oxford. It was published by the Oxford University Press in 1907.< Less
Guru Nanak: The Father Of Sikhism, Was A Muslim By Rassool Auckbaraullee
eBook (PDF): $7.86
We know he went for Hajj which is only for Muslims. Only Muslims can go to Mecca. Anyone who is not would be rejected. Why travel on foot and Camael back from India to go all that way to Mecca, if... More > wasn't for a pilgremage. He looks Muslim. Mandir's look like Mosques. Where do you think the turban came from and beard? Read and see my argument and proof< Less
Dracula Was He Muslim? By Rassool Auckbaraullee
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There have been accounts that Vlad (Dracula) may have been Muslim or had some ties to Muslims. This e-Book will list all of those Rumors. This is my own research and opinion of the life and times of... More > the worlds most feared human being Vlad Dracula. He was so feared that Vampires are credited to him as the Father of Vampires. He was a Prince form a Noble family but later in life that changed to bein the devil’s own son. If you recall from the film Bran Stroker's Dracula. He went to defend his Catholic faith but you probably forget who he went to Battle. Up to that point in the movie was true, but the rest was fiction. Here lies the truth to my best ability with sources< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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