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Feng Shui: 'The Cosmic Dance' By Steve Krajacic
eBook (PDF): $39.00
I have taken what Masters would like us to take a lifetime to learn and have put it into a practical Western-Context that allows one to get it and apply it now. You do not need to understand anything... More > about Feng Shui to engage this Work. It is a stand alone Course of Study that embraces all of what Feng Shui is and stands for. Why wade through the maze when you can have my life’s efforts crystallized into one practical and applicable form? Literally, one is walking into another reality and bringing his or her personal experience with him, thus unfolding his life; regardless, it will be a life changing experience – one that will bring harmony in your life.< Less
KINDERGARTEN: 'Planet Earth' By Steve Krajacic
eBook (PDF): $29.00
“Everything I need to know about Love I will learn at Kindergarten: Planet Earth!” If you have a desire to see through the Physical so you may touch the living Spirit, within the... More > Cosmic Flow of Life, then this Work is for you. It is a course of study that will allow you to pass through what is presently controlling your life to become one with the Spirit of Life, for Mother Earth and Father Universe are about to change the scenery, and only those who are in sync with the Spirit of Life will graduate. If this feels right for you, I welcome you to enter Life Basics #101, 201, 301,& 401 and Graduate Work 501, & 601, and then, start your Practice 701, 801 & 901.< Less
The Way By Steve Krajacic
eBook (PDF): $17.50
With a BA in Theology and 52 years of living within the civilized world under my belt, I set out to understand the Spiritual World with an ‘Open-Mind’ and a ‘Sensitive-Heart.’... More > Ten years later, my Journey has taken me through the vast dimension of ‘Spiritual Evolution;’ 1) The Way of the Tao, 2) the Yogi, 3) the Buddha, 4) the Tantric, and 5) the Christ Consciousness, all to arrive at a place, where my question has found an answer: “Why am I living my life the Way I am?” Discover these answers and more, and then, live your Way -- not Religions, Societies, or the Worlds!!!< Less
The Journey into Love By Steve Krajacic
eBook (PDF): $17.50
What is your hit on ‘The Transformational Process called: “Your Life?” Have you reached the point where your life seems larger than being an individual, being in partnership,... More > working, paying bills, buying things, going to Church, Ceremony, and Retreat, studying for Enlightenment, or, saving for retirement? If so, then this Work is for you; for it will assist you, step by step (as a self help guide,) to head you in the right direction, and then take you in hand, all the way to the beginning of a completely New Life: ‘A Journey into Love.’< Less
My Journey into Love By Steve Krajacic
eBook (PDF): $17.50
52 years of living by the numbers has thrust me into a New Life. This transformational change has created a Heart Centered Life where I am now present with my ‘Journey Within’ to discover... More > and become Love. Come along with me; we are all the same, just pilgrims on a pilgrimage, here on Planet Earth, to Journey Within, discover our True-Character, and bring it forth within the In-Body-Experience of Love. That’s as simple as I can make 175 pages. In-between each page you will learn how to unfold Love into your life. If I am close to being realistic, these pages are worth their weight in Gold and more. Enjoy!< Less

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Mariposa Mariposa By Joseph Huerta
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