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The Tregerthen Horror By Paul Newman
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THE TREGERTHEN HORROR: Aleister Crowley, D. H. Lawrence & Peter Warlock in Cornwall. Involving murder, mayhem, espionage, sexual scandal and the Beast 666, this bizarre and tragic investigation... More > into the death of Ka Cox at a lonely, haunted cottage in Zennor is one of the strangest stories to have ever come out of Cornwall. Involving a large and larger-than-life cast of characters, including the 'handsomest young man in England', Rupert Brooke, the climber George Mallory, the mad, babbling psychotherapist, Meredith Starr, and the rip-roaring composer, Peter Warlock, the narrative unwinds a tangled tale that enlists the embattled remnants of the Bloomsbury Group, the decadent acolytes of Fitzrovia, a young woman's involvement with a notorious magician, occult orgies in the grounds of a great house climaxing in a flourish of grand guignol when Bob Fabian, ace sleuth of Scotland Yard, joins the ensemble as he seeks to find the perpetrator of the horrific 'witchcraft murder' of Lower Quinton.< Less
Under the Shadow of Meon Hill By Paul Newman
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On February 14th, 1945, Charles Walton, aged 74, a hedger and ditcher of Lower Quinton, Warwickshire was found dead on Meon Hill in Warwickshire. He had been subject to the most brutal attack. A... More > pitchfork had been thrust through his neck, pinning him to the soil and what looked like the sign of a cross slashed across his chest. The police classed it as a major murder enquiry and called up the most famous detective of the day, Inspector Robert Fabian of Scotland Yard, to investigate. Employing the most modern techniques, Fabian combed the crime scene and surrounding area, using surveillance aircraft and metal detectors in a search of clues. He interviewed locals, POWs from the camp at nearby Long Marston and individual soldiers, but found no convincing leads, until someone suggested that the killing of Walton had a ritual or 'sacrificial' aspect, and from then on the enquiry became more and more bizarre, involving witches, black magicians, folklorists and social historians...< Less
Shalakite - A Drama By Paul Newman
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The action of this drama takes place amid a family during a spell of freezing weather. The father, Gregory, labours under the delusion he is a ‘great comedian’ and that his desperately... More > unfunny routine has the ‘true paranoid despair’ of the twentieth century. To the chagrin of his careworn wife, Mabel, he pins his future on that vain hope; and she also fails to realistically connect to her present situation, harking back constantly to the barren bleak relationship she formerly had with a sinister scientist called Robert Garstin. And Gregory and Mabel’s daughters, too, have problems: Daphne is involved with a brash young American salesman, Bill, while Alice has a mysterious fiance, Derek, who permanently wears a bowler hat and insists on eating only icecream. When Derek is invited to tea, both parents are alarmed to find out he is a snowman. But despite his dismal, short-lived prospects, Derek burns with a hard gem-like flame and terrifies and entertains until the temperature rises...< Less
The Silver Swan By Paul Newman
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In the tradition of the Gothic tales of Wilde, Poe and Hoffman, the Silver Swan is the story of a hunter who seeks out a fabulous bird, hoping to make it the prize piece of his collection, but finds... More > that he has to pay a terrifying price for his obsession.< Less
That Summer At Lamorna By Paul Newman
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First commissioned by the Film Fund nearly five years ago, this long-awaited script is at last made available. It amplifies a little-known incident in the career of the Beast 666. In 1938, Greta... More > Selleira, a wealthy, attractive heiress, visits the secluded but beautiful valley of Lamorna to continue her long-standing affair with the painter, Lawrence Beech. But another man is in love with her, the poet and magician, Aleister Crowley, whose young mistress also lives near Lamorna. Crowley fascinates and provokes the locals, tries to win Greta over to his well-centred philosophy, harasses and terrifies the poet, Dylan Thomas, and takes up painting. But as these many intrigues are taking place, the shadow of war spreads its stain and gradually it becomes apparent that the small, cut-off community of Lamorna is a doomed Edwardian paradise whose values and way of life are about to be swept away.< Less
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This is the last Abraxas Unbound featuring Colin Wilson on the enigma of Shakespeare's Dark Lady and Mr WH of the sonnets, Tony Shaw on Lionel Britton's background and intellectual ethos, Adam Daly... More > on Lord Rochester and Richard Savage, Paul Newman on Frank Baker, Mark Valentine on L.H. Myers, Anthony Harrison Barbet on E.H. Visiak, plus many other articles and poems and stories.< Less
Things I'd Never Do By Paul Newman
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Desire is all about breaking risks and limits and these stories explore both its dreadful and fertile potential. 'Love is Colour Blind' traces a passionate affair between a young man and a... More > lighthouse. Similarly 'Loving Another' shows a married woman abandoned and uncertain of how to come to terms with the fact that her former husband is having an affair with a geometric formation. 'Foundation' describes a string of tragic, historically shattering incidents revolving around a corset. 'Leda' retells the celebrated Greek myth, sharing briefly the swan’s angle, and 'Buttoned Up' sensitively voices the anguish of a conscientious young button collector whose father wants to bully a sexual education into him. 'Disgusting' deals with revulsion as a reflex rather than an authentic reaction and 'The Running Man' shows necrophilia in a more positive light. 'Education' is set in a school where teacher and pupil are attracted and 'Things I Would Never Do' takes place on the Mendip Hills.< Less
Whatever... By Paul Newman
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A collection of poems and stories that include 'Forever Falling', 'Sanctorum', 'The Bleeding King' and 'Stricken'. The author Paul Newman won the Peninsula Prize for his novel 'Galahad' and is noted... More > author and essayist who formerly edited Abraxas and Abraxas Unbound.< Less
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Many of the poems in this anthology have already appeared in well-known literary magazines. Surreal, bitter and comic, they range from Paul Newman's first book 'In Many Ways Frogs' to his most recent... More > 'The Ass's Shadow'. They vary in content from fungal scrutinies like 'Ogre Observing Mushrooms' to investigative audacities like 'Who Killed the Lightning?' Philosophical reflections such as 'Eternal Recurrence' stand beside curious dilemmas that challenge the imagination. 'Indecision', for instance, depicts a man uncertainly poised between acquiring a giant lobster or a bicycle while 'Orpheus Ascending' transplants the musician to a contemporary urban setting. Some of these poems do not reflect reality so much as the hallucinations provoked by the phenomenal world. The collection is supplemented by three short stories: 'Forever Falling', 'The Bleeding King' and finally 'Sanctorum', an account of a sinisterly potent medieval perfume and how it interfered with the life of a university lecturer.< Less
THE MAN WHO UNLEASHED THE BIRDS: Frank Baker & His Circle By Paul Newman
Paperback: $23.64
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This is a pioneering biography of the novelist Frank Baker (1908 - 1983) whose most famous novel was called 'Miss Hargreaves', but he also wrote a dystopian visionary work called 'The Birds' thirty... More > years before Daphne du Maurier wrote a short story of the same title.< Less

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