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Reap What You Sow By Matt Kirkby
Paperback: $22.32
Prints in 3-5 business days
Centuries ago, the Empire of Salidaraselom overthrew the Elven Kingdoms and established the rule of men. Elves became slaves and persecution sent many into exile. Time passes and now the empire's... More > borders have been overrun by the Keli'cairn Horde and civilization is falling into chaos. Within the capitol, a group of alchemists and sorcerers conduct desperate experiments in a last desperate attempt to find some weapon with which to save the crumbling empire. But, as riots sweep through the city and the Imperial Court seethes with schemes, thoughts turn more to escape and thoughts of sanctuary beyond the Horde's reach. A lost Elven Kingdom known as Solace.< Less
Empress Of All The Stars By Matt Kirkby
eBook (PDF): $0.00
She Schemed to Rule the Stars! From the author of the bestselling novel of military sf, The Price to Be Paid: A Novel of the Stellar Republic, comes a book set in a distant solar system where... More > aristocratic forces that lost to the Republic have set up their own little empire. Now, centuries later, the Cadian Lords wage seemingly endless Resource Wars over control of their system's natural resources. Political scheming and constant raiding on far-flung shipping routes have prevented outright warfare from consuming the Freeholds? tenuous grips on civilization. But, one brilliant, ambitious woman, Yvonne Thibeau, schemes to make her House supreme and all the other Cadin Lords its vassals. With the power of an ancient technology at her command, Yvonne is willing to wage a full-scale war, risking the very civilization she hopes to rule, in order to fulfill her dream. Empress of all the Stars is a sweeping saga of war, politics, and romance that will thrill Matt Kirkby's fans and win him new ones.< Less
The Price To Be Paid By Matt Kirkby
eBook (PDF): $0.00
SPACE OPERA WITH THE HUMAN TOUCH! Fans of David Webber, Lois McMaster Bujold, David Drake, and Poul Anderson will love The Price to Be Paid, a very human novel of an interstellar culture threatened... More > by war. A civilization in decline can only be as strong as the people who support it. Alexandre Girndt is a loyal officer of the Star Navy of the faltering Republic. The demands of duty call him far from his homeworld and his childhood sweetheart. Pomp and pageantry mingle with honor and routine duty. Hunting pirates and maintaining order are vital duties among the far-flung worlds. When civil war erupts throughout the galaxy, Girndt is forced to choose where his loyalties lay. Old friendships are tested and the fate of entire worlds rest on the decisions he must make … and what ultimate price he must pay.< Less
A Wyrm In The Heart By Matt Kirkby
eBook (PDF): $0.00
IN 10TH CENTURY EUROPE, TWO VAMPIRES RACE TO SAVE THE WORLD! In a storm-wracked French tavern, Franc, one of the undead, encounters a former lover on the run. His bite turned Livia into as vampire... More > long-ago, and now she has just barely escaped with her undead life from the unknown assassins who have slaughtered most of the vampires in Paris. Before they can make plans, the pair meet Ulric, a cruel Viking chieftain and powerful sorcerer. Ulric seeks an ancient magical relic, the long-lost Sceptre of Hades, said to possess the power to restore the dead to life. With it, Ulric intends to bring his dead lover back to life. Soon Franc and Ulric become rivals on a dark quest across tenth century Europe and into the icy Norselands, as Franc strives to locate the Sceptre first, to prevent the sorcerer for using its powers fort evil. In danger from both the vengeful sorcerer and the vampire assassins, Franc discovers his greatest peril may just be the lovely Livia.< Less
High Cost Of Victory By Matt Kirkby
eBook (PDF): $0.00
"Fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Stargate Will Love Matt Kirkby's Work!" says Jean Marie Stine, former personal assistant to Gene Roddenberry. From the author of the bestselling novel of... More > military sf, The Price to Be Paid: A Novel of the Stellar Republic, comes a new saga set thousands of years later, when the Republic has become decadent. The government has lost touch with its citizens and corruption has spread throughout its bloated bureaucracy. Now the Republic is torn by the call of rebellion. Entire sectors threaten to secede and planetary rulers, military officers, and ordinary citizens alike are caught in the pull of events beyond their control. The Secession Wars are about to begin. Here are thirty-six novelettes, short stories and vignettes torn from the pages of this troubled period in future history. They paint a vivid, unforgettable human picture of what happens when a great republic loses its way and the disintegration begins.< Less
Chthonian Dragons By Matt Kirkby
Paperback: $23.76
Prints in 3-5 business days
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The rise of a new cult dedicated the Dark Mother is sweeping the countryside. Baroness Carolinka worries about the Cult, and worries about her neighbouring Baron even more. Two brave adventurers,... More > Mikel and Franz, are sent to investigate the spreading cult. Once they reach the northern villages, however, they soon discover that there are far worse things in the night. Hellish dragons like nothing ever seen are loose in the world and a young mage might be the only capable of stopping their spread.< Less
With Honour Veiled By Matt Kirkby
Paperback: $18.64
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Yoshitune is a young samurai who has ventured into the streets of Edo. While there, he soon discovers that beings out of myth are walking the streets. After meeting up with a world-weary Tengu,... More > Yoshitsune and Tomiko become involved with the centuries old plotting of the villianous Naga and the fate of the Shogunate is at stake.< Less
Kitty Kat Ku By Matt Kirkby
Hardcover: $32.20
Prints in 3-5 business days
A collection of cat views and thoughts, as captured by the elegant Haiku form.
Dewdrops or Dragonscales By Matt Kirkby
Paperback: $14.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
Take a journey through a realm of fantasy via 60 plus Haiku. Stroll through the forests with Elves, tunnel with Dwarfs, and venture deep into a dragon's lair.

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