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Freshwater Aquarium Chemistry By Kevin Ruff
eBook (PDF): List Price: $18.95 $13.27 | You Save: 30%
This book is a comprehensive guide to every aspect of freshwater aquarium chemistry. The first chapter deals with the basics of water. Why is water a liquid? What dissolves in water & why?... More > Later chapters delve into pH, hardness, and the nitrogen cycle (ammonia, nitrite, & nitrate). Every chapter explains what each water condition is, how testing for them works, how to know when something is wrong, and (maybe most importantly) what to do to fix it. The last chapter deals with aquarium setup and maintenance -- putting everything together from the previous chapters into a "how to" guide to setting up a new aquarium. The chemsitry throughout the book is described in a simple manner. Both novice & expert aquarists will benefit from the in-depth information presented herein.< Less
Freshwater Test Kit Review 2010 By Kevin Ruff
eBook (PDF): $10.95
This book is a collection of reviews of the most popular and common freshwater test kits in the areas of pH, ammonia, water hardness, and nitrite & nitrate - updated for 2010. Chapter 1 is a... More > review of eight freshwater pH test kits. This chapter deals with the most important water quality in an aquarium. ALL other water parameters affect and/or are affected by pH. Chapter 2 is a review of eight freshwater ammonia test kits. Ammonia toxicity can destroy an entire aquarium overnight. Chapter 3 is a review of eight freshwater Hardness test kits. Water hardness can have a major impact on pH (through KH) and is important for keeping stress levels to a minimum in certain species (GH). Chapter 4 is a review of eight freshwater nitrite & nitrate test kits. While nitrite & nitrate are not usually an immediate danger to your aquarium inhabitants, they are an important indicator of the "health" of the Nitrogen Cycle. The final chapter is a review of nine "Master Test Kits" from the most popular manufacturers.< Less

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