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35 Pages from the Heart By Josh Rear
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So here you want me to sing a song, well how do I come along, what if I say something wrong? Then Ill lost a personal holacost, and at what cost? A record deal, well what a steal, for my lyrics are... More > real. Just give me that 30 bit, and Ill freestyle it, with no s&*$, only ligit, sticken with it. Haven to change up my beat, for Im already starten to feel my own heat, I aint here to cheat, just defeat. So here what I say, words aflay, along the way, here to stay. For Im here on a test, to do my best, and not worrie about the rest. Just flowin, growin, never knowin, where Im goin, only showin. BUt its hard to come up with somethin new, sittin here feelin like a screw, well singing to you, woundering what to do. Ill have to end this soon, for its almost noon, and Im off to the saloon, before I turn loon, and screw up this toon. So now would be a good time to end this ryme, that is mine, and I hope you find it devine, like sweet wine. For if not, what have I got? Ill lost a personal holacost, and at what cost?< Less

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Cardboard Cardboard By Patrick G. Redford
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