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Five hidden mysteries behind sex By Joseph Okeahialam
eBook (PDF): $8.00
Sex is one of the most beautiful things created by God for man to enjoy, and at the same time one of the major destroyer of lives and marriages because of perversion. Sex is more spiritual than... More > physical, in fact, what physically manifest in people’s lives most times is because of what took place in the spiritual realm during the act. Many destinies, dreams, and visions had been swallowed up by sexual pervasion, reducing the carrier to a “crust of bread”. In this book, the author traced the origin of many marital problems, homosexuality, difficulty in finding a marriage partner, financial difficulties, and non fulfillment of destinies to mention but a few to the demon behind sexual perversion called Jezebel spirit. This book is a must read for all teenagers and singles to understand the spiritual significance of virginity and hymen, and for the married to understand how the enemy can use the power of sexual perversion to change even the very character of their spouses.< Less
The Mystery Of Delayed Marriage By Joseph Okeahialam
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Do you feel ripe or perhaps “over ripe” for marriage? Are you confused why you are still single, or why it has become a burden, and your tears become your food? Your marriage is as... More > important to God as His purpose for your life is. Going into it in a hurry or with a wrong person can endanger purpose. Therefore preparation and packaging by God becomes a necessity, having purpose in mind. In this book, Joseph used his personal experience to explain why God has kept you single regardless of your desire to marry and faithfulness to Him.< Less
THE FOURTH MAN By Joseph Okeahialam
eBook (PDF): $3.99
This book will help you understand at what point our situation can attract God’s divine presence for our deliverance and exultation. There are times when God sit and watch us go through... More > difficult times in the hands of our adversaries without saying a word or making any move to help us, despite how much we cry to Him. However, when it gets to a certain point, God can’t help but come down to deliver us as His children, even if we did not call on Him to help us. When God’s integrity is at stake, He comes down in His majesty to deliver.< Less
GOD'S COVENANT OF PEACE By Joseph Okeahialam
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Are you searching for peace of mind? Have you tried everything and yet peace is still beyond your reach? Do you know that in spite of all that you are going through right now, enjoying peace of mind... More > is very possible? In this book, the author explained how to be connected to God’s covenant of peace, how this covenant can be violated (broken), and the consequences of violating this covenant.< Less
WHEN DESTINY CALLS By Joseph Okeahialam
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Are you going through tough times? Is your life characterized by sad stories? May be you are one of those that says, “Life is not fair to me.” Well, has it ever crossed your mind that the... More > force behind your DESTINY might be responsible for your experiences? One thing that is very common in the life of every destiny carrier is stories; I mean very tough life experiences that could make one wonder if God is still aware of their existence. Nevertheless, those tough times serves as God’s fire that refines them, not only physically, but spiritually too. God must train every destiny carrier in His fire, which often brings him or her to the place of loneliness. In this book, the author explained why destiny carriers must go through God’s fire (training) and what this fire is.< Less
15 Destiny destroyers youths play with By Joseph Okeahialam
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Do you want to fulfil your destiny and make a positive contribution to this generation? Then you must be careful with the choices you make in life. As God provides opportunities that can help you to... More > fulfil your destiny and make a positive contribution to this generation, so Satan provides opportunities that can help destroy your destiny. The choice of whom you obey his voice is entirely yours. This also means that your destiny is in your hands! In this book, Joseph exposed some of these opportunities Satan provides to youths and young people to destroy their destinies.< Less
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Many people wonders why after sowing the seed their Pastor told them to sow they never saw the harvest their Pastor promised them. Many has left the church for this reason and many that are still in... More > the church are very confused about this. Sowing and harvesting has laws that guide them, and when you do not meet the conditions of these laws, you will have your hands burnt despite the promises and assurances of your Pastor. In this book, you will understand these important laws of harvest and why you sowed even your very best but never harvested. This book will deliver you from the manipulations of some church leaders whose belly is their god.< Less
Understanding the Goliaths within you By Joseph Okeahialam
eBook (PDF): $2.00
We are often quick in pointing fingers when it comes to the enemies of our lives, without realizing that fighting the Goliaths (enemies) of our destinies starts from us. Until we overcome the enemy... More > within, we cannot overcome the enemy without. David was able to defeat Goliath (the enemy without) because he first defeated one of the greatest Goliaths within, which is fear. However, the rest of the Israelites were unable to do so because the enemy within called fear was in full control of their lives and that made the enemy without (Goliath) to reign until David came into the scene. How long the enemy without reigned is determined by how long the enemy within reigned. The Goliaths out there can only be rendered powerless when the one within you is conquered. In this book, you will understand these enemies within you, which you must conquer first before conquering the ones out there. Your ability to be victorious in life depends in your ability to overcome these Goliaths within you.< Less
The fruitful branch By Joseph Okeahialam
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Fruitfulness is an evidence of a branch that is truly abiding. It is impossible to claim to be an abiding branch if there are no corresponding fruits to show. Abiding in Christ doesn't mean absence... More > of adversities; in fact, adversities are parts of the signs to know that we are indeed abiding in the Vine, which is Christ Jesus. As abiding branches, bearing much fruits is necessary, hence, the adversities. This book will open your eyes to know what it actually takes to be an abiding branch.< Less
How To Receive Answers To Your Prayers By Joseph Okeahialam
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Prayer is good, but praying without receiving answers makes the very act of prayer meaningless and frustrating. This is why it takes a righteous man to pray and receive answers. In this book, Joe... More > gives us guidelines to follow in order to receive answer whenever we prayed.< Less

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