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THE WEBSITE INTRODUCING A Conspiracy in Science in Progress By PSJ (Peet) Schutte
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In this website I show so clearly that there is a massive conspiracy they hide as incompatible science and it shows a clear unmistaken conspiracy taking place. Keep in mind what I am challenging is... More > unbeatable and nobody listens. Everybody thinks those I accuse of corruption are more believable than God Almighty. Those I implicate are the incorruptible pillars of wisdom. It started in 1705 and progressed while everything disagreeing about the corruption was since then swept aside. Since then science still suppresses any doubt about the accuracy of science. By visiting the website you can read how a few well-aimed questions unmask the factual credulity of science and you will see why you should feel alarmed. If you doubt my alarmist-sounding message, you answer those questions I pose. If you answer the questions then I am wrong about a conspiracy. If you can’t answer the questions ask why those in science never asked these questions. Why are these questions never addressed?< Less
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In this we investigate the role of physics in life and how life controls the body. It is very east to say the brain controls the body but what control the brain. When life end the stomach immediately... More > stops to process food. The stomach stops to use the acid to formulate what we had for a meal into what we will use as stuff feeding our body. When life seizes the body loses smell and that means life gives off a distinct small. Electricity charges the mind or so science says but that is a very outdated and backward small-minded look on the entire matter. If that is the case I can plug the brain into a supply of volts and the brain will put life back into the body and the brain will continue to control the body. Life is a separate issue that builds the body as it replaces cells and the body is not what host’s life.< Less
ANewCosmiConsept By PSJ (Peet) Schutte
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these books portray corrupt science in books bringing new science for sale
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You are going to read about how science applies a system of mind control and thought processing. Every conspiracy that Science ever thought up such as the Critical Density Conspiracy or the Dark... More > Energy Conspiracy, or any conspiracy connected to science is in place to protect this theory that those teaching science hides from anyone outside physics from becoming known. The Mother Conspiracy is in place so that students in physics are brainwashed by instigating the deliberate sanctioning of mind control on students through their practising of enforcing thought control they unleash on students. I prove that the Mother Conspiracy is in place. I reveal the Mother Conspiracy and I show why it is in place. I show how every student including you reading this has been brainwashed to believe science is true and to believe in science. I prove the Universe is formed as singularity and contains only singularity in many forms thereof.< Less
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The book that will introduce the reader to an overview of a new concept about science that was never yet understood and it will change the way science is seen. It reveals the discovery of the four... More > building blocks used to form the cosmos and these building blocks are the keys that unlocks every procedure that resulted in the Universe forming. Why did the Universe start, where is the centre of the Universe, what is a star, what is the Universe, what is the purpose of galaxies, what forms the solar system and throws the question out to you; why would you believe in science. Moreover is science correct in their assessment as it is presently portrayed? Moreover have you asked what is time and what is space and what is the difference between time and space. I prove for the first time ever what is time and what is space and moreover where to locate time before it becomes space.< Less
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Do you believe in science? Are you committed to the absolute truth we have in the factual accuracy of the facts forming science? Are you absolutely sure about the rock fast accuracy of information... More > upholding science? Are you with the conviction that every detail that forms the basis of science is well proven and supported by nature in even the smallest detail…then wake up and come to your senses. That you can do by reading further because I am going to show you that scientists are the utmost wicked cheats you have ever come across. You will see that science cheats without ever even blinking in the face of truth. What you believed in is going to be turned upside down and what you accepted as the truth will be exposed to the bear bone. Form the teacher teaching science at school to what you think is the highest scientist you have ever heard science is based on facts that does not exist. Every person connected to science either wittingly or unwittingly makes a mockery of the truth.< Less
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What is so ultimately unique about Revealing Corrupt Science is the fact that for the first time in human history there is a way to explain how the solar system forms the allocated positions in which... More > the planets are. Nature shows that Newton’s ramblings about mass pulling mass, is a hoax invented to please those with less mental abilities. It is an elaborate hoax while the Titius Bode law is how nature positions planets and now I can explain it because I prove that gravity is movement to the value of P. To do that I deciphered how the Cosmic Code works, which is what I named the four Phenomena. I wish to make one fact very clear. I base my work on formulating the working process of four cosmic principles in Nature. The 4 cosmic phenomena, which form the cosmic code, are: The Coanda effect 2) The Titius Bode law, 3) The Roche limit, 4) The Lagrangian points. I introduce new concepts that change our view on science forever. These phenomena are what nature uses in place of Newton’s ideas.< Less
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Mainstream physicists portray science by diminishing nature as “a freak (of nature)”. In that they show their small understanding about the cosmos. To belittle nature does not diminish... More > nature but reduces scientists credibility. I am writing books that will change science forever. What you are not aware of about science is by using Newton science is incompatible with nature. Newtonian science is completely unrelated to science applied by nature. In all 4 these books I show why the solar system is as it is when using nature’s natural layout and why it is positioned in accordance with the Titius Bode law. It is the first time in human history that any person could achieve this. The explaining how the Titius Bode law works as such has never been questioned by science or did any one in science try to address this issue. I am able to do it because I don’t oppose nature, or reject nature. Scientists can’t address these questions because they so smart while having no clue why nature performs as it does.< Less
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The question asked forever is “how did the Universe start” This question I answer by mathematical founded reasoning. This is not the Big Bang because by the time the Big Bang came... More > everything that form the Universe was in the Universe. I address the issue about what came about before the Big Bang was even a thought. How did things progress from the first dot to what it was when the Big Bang came in place. That is what the title says: by dismissing the nothing that was in place before the Universe came about it established the Universe with all the possibilities we now enjoy. That I prove by using very simple and easy to understand basic mathematical laws that came in place as the Universe came about. As they say: “Read all about it”.< Less
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Join me in my quest to search for the truth behind science as it is presented in the Newtonian way. Walk with me down the path of truth while sorting fable and fiction from reality that serves as... More > physics. Let's test the purity and honesty that Newton brought into science and also test modern science for infallibility. If you do this testing with me you will see that it is done for the first time in almost four hundred years and see how and why Newton fail every test put to his principles. In this we only scrape the surface of what there is hiding.< Less