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The Searchers By Carmenica Diaz
Paperback: $19.28
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The news of an accident in a research institute filters into the media. A man has been transformed into a woman and is now on the run, perhaps battling psychological issues. The hunt is on for the... More > victim of the accident. Amongst the chasers are the media, Special Branch and criminals hired to eliminate the “evidence” of mistakes by a manipulative scientist. Almost a thriller, this is, in the end, a romantic story of redemption and of understanding self, life and love.< Less
Dominant Wives 1: Stories of Controlling Wives By Carmenica Diaz
eBook (ePub): $10.10
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Erotic stories of wives dominating their husbands. Sexy, sensuous, shocking – as only Carmenica Diaz can create.
The Buster Nolan Scenes Book 1: Pepper By Carmenica Diaz
eBook (ePub): $7.58
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The Buster Nolan Scenes Book 1: Pepper. Tommy “Buster” Nolan thought he could control everyone, even when he was paying for a Domme to dominate him. Then, a foolish bet with Pepper... More > Collins, the Domme, puts him in a situation where he really loses control and has to endure terrible humiliation! He has to face his old enemy and, at the same time, learns to face himself!< Less
Other Shoes By Carmenica Diaz
Paperback: $19.36
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Emily and Charlie are two Brits working for a television channel in San Francisco. Emily is the perfectly groomed, beautiful young woman who presents the frothy beauty/fashion news and gossip on the... More > television magazine program, Bay Sunset. Charlie is the hard drinking, hard playing cameraman who is a law unto himself. In this case, opposites do not attract as Emily and Charlie despise each other! However, that changes when they both fall foul of what appears to be a curse and they find themselves walking in the other’s shoes! And, until they can find a way to change back, Emily and Charlie are forced to live each other’s life! A thoroughly modern fairytale! (116,184 words)< Less
Shuffle By Carmenica Diaz
eBook (ePub): $15.04
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Hugh Dickinson finds himself in a very strange position when involved in a bizarre storm in Los Angeles which results in a complete body swap with the beautiful singer, Valerie Merchant! Suddenly,... More > Hugh is now Valerie with no possible way of changing back! Another great transgender/body swap story from Carmenica Diaz, author of Other Shoes and the intriguing Alchemy Series!< Less
Alchemy Discovered By Carmenica Diaz
eBook (ePub): $13.31
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"Alchemy Discovered" is initially set in the year 2000 and then unfolds in the Alchemy world of England, 1915 - 16. King Rudolph, a Tudor, is still on the English throne, the American War... More > of Independence did not occur and neither did Bismarck's Prussia. In this parallel world, alchemy - the power to transmute metals and flesh - is a skill used by the alchemists who once occupied privileged positions in the royal courts. Alchemy is a science that was practically restricted to the ruling class but, since the transformation of Lord Hawthorne to Lady Hawthorne and the establishment of the Prince Albert Hospital for Common Folk, Alchemy is now widely used for good. Even more now that Princess Abigail, Prince Albert and the new Lady Eliza work toward assisting the lower classes. Into this startling world, two young explorers from Earth 2000 arrive and strange things happen as only they can in the Alchemy Universe!< Less
Catherine Lawrence: The Classic Transgender Romance By Carmenica Diaz
eBook (ePub): $9.33
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The classic transgender romance! Christopher Redden is a struggling actor in London, trying over and over again to win roles but he continually fails. Over and over again, he's told he doesn't have... More > the charisma or presence to be a leading man. As one of the top agents bluntly puts it, he's far too pretty for a man. He auditions for a new play and, of course, fails but then a friend of his suggests the unthinkable - why not audition again but this time as a woman The lead role in Silken Memories is for a woman and they want an unknown actor, this could be Christopher Reddens big chance, this could be the start of a marvellous career for Catherine Lawrence!< Less
Body Snatch By Carmenica Diaz
eBook (ePub): $6.96
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What if an escaping criminal stole your body and transferred your mind into the body of a young woman? What if, as that young woman, you were blackmailed by the man who stole your body who made you... More > do awful, unspeakable things? How would you escape and how would you get revenge?< Less
The Possession of Emma By Carmenica Diaz
eBook (ePub): $10.73
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Emma had everything. A young husband & a partnership in a thriving business- but Brianna wanted it all! Through deception, hypnosis and mind control, Brianna takes control of Emma and possesses... More > her mind, body and sexuality. < Less
City Life By Carmenica Diaz
eBook (ePub): $8.83
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Clair discovers her husband, Elliot is having an office affair with Bronwyn, his assistant, and confides to her next door neighbour and friend, Harriet. They come up with a plan for revenge which... More > doesn't work out quite as it should but Elliot does discover submissiveness! Bronwyn, not liking the role of the "other woman" at all, has to come to terms with her relationship with her best friend, the stunning supermodel, Rhiannon. "...a little mind control, a pinch of female domination, throw in some chastity belts and some lesbian dilemmas with a little romance and it all comes together in 'City Life'!" This novella contains adult and erotic concepts.< Less