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A Home for Alice By Alice Matusiak
Paperback: $12.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Alice, being separated from her father from infancy after her mother died, was shuffled from one home to another until she married at the very young age of fifteen.
Amos (The Mountain Man) By Alice Matusiak
Paperback: $20.92
Prints in 3-5 business days
When Amos McKenna came down from the mountains to take his cache of furs to the trading post, he never dreamed his life was about to change forever. He took two young men under his wing to teach... More > them right from wrong.....that is, after they tried to rob him on the trail. This was change enough for a man in his seventies who did not have any children of his own, but the changes in his life had only begun. Amos, former mountain man and trapper, found he was about to change the lives of many people as he set out to tame a town.....and a woman.< Less
Shannon By Alice Matusiak
Paperback: $24.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Shannon O'Connor was left orphaned at seventeen when her parents died during a cholera epidemic that swept through the state in 1866. She was left destitute and answered an advertisement to be the... More > mother of two little girls. She married Noah O'Malley the same day they met. Her faith in God helped her to prevail during the tragic events that occurred in her life. She found that God is faithful when circumstances turned her life around.< Less
Julia (The Half-Breed) By Alice Matusiak
Paperback: $21.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
Montana became a state in late 1889; changing some of the government laws regarding the Blackfoot tribes in the state, but the Indians still remained on reservations. A powerful rancher, Big Harry... More > hawkins, purchased a fourteen-year-old girl from her Blackfoot family. He was a cruel and angry man who physically abused his young wife until finally it took her life. She left behind her half breed daughter, Julia, who at the age of thirteen had to take over as housekeeper and cook. Julia was sixteen when Big Harry died suddenly from a heart attack. Her story is a frightening one as she strives to hang on to the ranch against those who wanted to boot her back to her people on the reservation. This is the story of Julia's young life, her misguided love for a man who suduced her and then left her pregnant and alone.< Less
Yeh (An Indian Maid) By Alice Matusiak
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Thirteen year old Yeh, of the Chippewa tribe, ran away to marry Julius LeVere, a trapper. He had an underground Soddy on an island in the middle of the Straits of Mackinaw which lies between Upper... More > and Lower Michigan. It was a perfect love match between Yeh and Julius and a child was conceived. However, tragedy struck and she found herself alone with a child to raise. She was determined she would not return to the Chippewa tribe where her child, a half breed, might be treated as an outcast. The skills she learned from Julius became her means of survival. She trapped and transported the pelts by canoe to a trading post in the Upper Pennisula. She grieved the loss of her husband and was lonely, but five years after his death, Maurice Bouchard, a young trapper decides to be her protector and builds a cabin on her island. At first she resents the intrusion, but eventually she accepts the fact he is there to stay. Maurice falls in love with Yeh, but she clings to the memory of her dead husband.< Less
Ella Mae Forrest (A Frontier Woman) By Alice Matusiak
Paperback: $20.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ella Mae, a lone woman took up the challenge of registering for the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1893. She was skilled with the use of a bull whip, pistol, shotgun and a Bowie knife, and used these skills... More > to survive. She also used the skills she learned on her parents farm to settle on vigin land untouched by human hand. Her section was two thirds forests, but she cleared enough to build her a shelter, plowed the fields, planted seed and then harvested her crop. This is truly a story of a Frontier Woman who considered herself to be an Old Maid......but Romance did lurk just around the corner.< Less
Roy Bernard (A Texas Ranger) By Alice Matusiak
Paperback: $16.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
When the Rangers assigned Roy Bernard to the job of tracking down two bank robbers who killed the banker and escaped with $50,000, it turned out to be the worst case in his entire career as a Texas... More > Ranger...because normally, he got his man. This time, he found himself in a blistering hot desert, minus his horse, guns and food. They even took his boots. To make his situation even worse, one of the outlaws shot him in both legs to ensure that he couldn't walk. It would seem he was a goner, but Roy was not one to give up easily. It's true that he had some help in surviving his ordeal, but he was a Texas Ranger and he was tough.< Less
Gretchen By Alice Matusiak
Paperback: $22.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
Gretchen married Will Solenski at the age of fifteen and they traveled by wagon train to homestead in the Ohio Valley. The love they had for one another was 'a gift right straight from the good... More > Lord' as Gretchen put it. They were disappointed they had no children than lived, but they still had their love that grew with the years. When Will died, Gretchen longed for death too, but at seventy six years old, three small children came to her for help after their parents were killed by Indians. It changed her whole life. She no long longed for death; just the opposite as she prayed that God would allow her to live long enough to see her adopted family grown.< Less
Grace McIntyre (The Captive) By Alice Matusiak
Paperback: $18.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Northern Santee Sioux had an uprising in Minnesota that spread to South Dakota. They raided homesteads, killing, raping and scalping all those they came upon. When they hit the McIntyre farm,... More > they killed the parents and stole the youngest daughter, taking her with them on their rampaging. Grace was only sixteen and terrified, but she had one consolation, and that was her sister Liza, who had not been in the cabin at the time of raid. Grace hoped and prayed that God would give Liza the courage and skill to find and rescue her. She never lost faith even though it took months and hundreds of miles through the Black Hills of South Dakota.< Less
Starvation Island By Alice Matusiak
Paperback: $16.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
An old woman and two children were the only occupants of a life boat when a cruise ship sank. After weeks at sea they beached on a deserted island. The old woman was determined to keep the children... More > alive in spite of lack of food and the danger of snakes.< Less

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