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Bob's Big Print Bible 2006: Words, Hooks & Anagrams By Robert Gillis
eBook (PDF): $9.99
(3 Ratings)
This is the HARDCOVER LARGE PRINT edition of the essential guide to Scrabble word knowledge. All the 2-8 letter words annotated with their hooks (one letter extensions) and anagrams (same letters... More > rearranged). Includes the brand new 2006 Scrabble Tourney words.< Less
Bob's Big Bold Bible 2006: Words, Hooks & Anagrams By Robert Gillis
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(1 Ratings)
A large print edition of the essential guide to Scrabble word knowledge. All the 2-8 letter words annotated with their hooks (one letter extensions) and anagrams (same letters rearranged). Includes... More > the brand new 2006 Scrabble Tourney words.< Less
Bob's British Bible II: 9 to15-Letter Words with Hooks & Anagrams By Robert Gillis
eBook (PDF): $9.00
(1 Ratings)
The longer words in Sowpods are annotated in a alphabetical list with their hooks and anagrams. Words are 9 to 15 letters long. British Unique words and hooks are in gray italics and words new in... More > 2006 and 2007 are highlighted. New US words and new British words are also listed in their own separate sections.< Less
Top Anamonic Stems 2007 By Robert Gillis
eBook (PDF): $9.50
(2 Ratings)
Anamonics are mnemonic devices used by top Scrabble players to give them instant recall of which letters can be added to a rack of 7 letters to form an 8 letter word. A phrase or sentence that can... More > be associated mentally with a 7 letter word is memorized. This Anamonic will be made up only of the letters that can combine with the 7 letter word to make a Scrabble acceptable 8 letter word. In the case where no vowels work with the word, a convention requires the anamonic to contain the 4 most common vowels A E I & O and optionally U. The theory is that the player will easily be able to tell that it's more likely that no vowels will work than that all of them will (the original word usually already has 3 or more vowels in this case).< Less
Bob's Color British Bible 2007 Hardcover (SOWPODS) By Robert Gillis
eBook (PDF): $15.00
(2 Ratings)
This is the ultimate guide to the Sowpods and North American word lists used in tournament Scrabble. All words are color coded, black for words that can be played anywhere, and green for the... More > additional words that acceptable in international play. This is the only book using color coding to give visual cues to tournament players who play in both the North American and World Lexicons. Each word is flanked by its front and back hooks and underset by its anagrams. The hooks and anagrams are are also color coded as well, to indicate which lexicons they qualify for. The lists are updated to the latest revisions: 2006 for the North American words and 2007 for the British words. All words added in 2006 to the US lexicon are highlighted in sky, whilst the 2007 British additions are highlighted in cornsilk.< Less
Complete 7-Letter Study Guide Volume II (Alphagrams 10001-24029) By Robert Gillis
eBook (PDF): $10.00
(1 Ratings)
The top 10,000 most likely 7-letter bingo racks in Scrabble are arranged in probability order in Volume I. In Volume II the other 10,134 7-letter bingo racks are covered. You can quiz yourself on the... More > 7-letter words they make and on the 8-letter words they can make with one extra letter. It's fun and interactive and attractively formatted for easy reading, studying and quizzing. Your Scrabble scoring power will jump by leaps and bounds as you work your way through this essential study guide.< Less
Bob's Bible Study Guide to the New Words 2006 By Robert Gillis
eBook (PDF): $3.50
(2 Ratings)
A self-quizzing guide to all the new 2-8 letter words added to tournament Scrabble in 2006 (previous update was in 1998). The format matches that of the 3-4-5 Letter Study guide and the 6-Letter,... More > 7-Letter and 8-letter Study guides. Download it for just $3.50. You can't go wrong.< Less
Bob's Bible: Words, Hooks & Anagrams By Robert Gillis
eBook (PDF): $8.75
(1 Ratings)
Bob's Bible is the comprehensive distillation of the word knowledge you need to become a superior Scrabble player. It's perfect for browsing, reference or all-out study! It's a must-have for any... More > ardent player of the game, be they beginner or World Champion. Now you can have a champion's word knowledge summarized in one convenient book. Inside: Each of the 83667 Nat’l Scrabble Assoc.-acceptable 2- to 8-letter words are alphabetically listed & annotated with all of its hooks (one letter extensions) & anagrams (words using exactly the same letters). Look up HARKENED & you'll find the obscure anagram DAKERHEN. You'll discover LUNCH & RIOT can be hooked with a G to make GLUNCH & GRIOT . PICTURES anagrams to both CUPRITES & the unexpected PIECRUST! Delightful surprises go on & on! Study sections highlight JQXZ words, vowel-heavy words, words with front hooks & 3300+ new words added in 2006. This 2009 edition adds new self-quizzes for learning and reviewing 1000s of the most likely bingos (7-8 letter words).< Less
Bob's British Bible International By Robert Gillis
eBook (PDF): $9.50
(1 Ratings)
Finally, the full Bob's Bible for International Players! All the latest Official 2-8 letter words annotated with hooks and anagrams. Geared toward the International player who plays only the... More > SOWPODS/CSW07 official English lexicon. North American players who play both TWL and CSW should probably use Bob's British Bible which differentiates the non-USA words, hooks and anagrams. Also available in coil-binding.< Less
Bob's Big Print Bible, 3rd Edition (Hardcover) By Robert Gillis
Hardcover: $35.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
New 2009 Hardcover edition includes new sections for 2-5 letter words, the words with front hooks, and the words with interesting rear hooks. Words added in the 2006 update are highlighted in light... More > gray.< Less

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