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Camille and Emile Second book By Cristina Contilli
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This second book sees Camille alongside two other prominent women, the sculptress Jeanne Bardey that was the last student and lover of Rodin and Dr. Madeleine Pelletier... Camille and Madeleine...... More > two women who can not seem more different because the first had of love relationships that have marked his personal and artistic life , and the second by what she said and from what I have reconstructed the his biographers did not have love stories important and has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of women and the medical career... and yet it seems to me that one thing in common Camille and Madeleine were angry: a bad relationship with their mothers, one of those conflicting reports that lead a woman to create an identity completely different from that of her mother just from the point of view of both sentimental is working, not the normal rebellion of the adolescent girls in relation to their mother...< Less
Camille and Emile A romantic and unknown love story between the sculptress Camille Claudel and the pharmacist Emile Boulanger By Cristina Contilli
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Camille Claudel is for art critics a discussed and fascinating sculptress, but, after the break with her teacher and lover Auguste Rodin, manage alone a studio is not easy for a woman and so Camille... More > slips little by little into a psychosis of persecution until to hospitalization in a mental hospital in 1913, but is it really all over? It's been six years since her hospitalization and Camille receives in the clinic near Avignon, where she is, a visit to one of her former neighbors, a pharmaceutical industrial, the doctor Emile Boulanger, with whom she had a brief relationship and probably also a daughter, Aurore, born in Reims in 1907. Now that the First World War finished, Emile hopes to be able to do something so that Camille is taken care in the best way as possible, but he will met the opposition of Camille's brother and mother who think that Camille is incurable...< Less
The port of Calais Series of Alain and Juliette 1 By Cristina Contilli
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In 1804 was discovered an attempt of coup d'etat against Napoleon, who then held the post of first consul. The responsibility of organizing the plot was attributed to the Duke of Enghien Louis... More > Anthony Henry of Bourbon, the last descendant of the family Condé, who lived in exile in Baden and who was done by the French secret service, to be judged in Paris by a military tribunal, chaired by the General Pierre Augustin Hulin. The duke always declared to be innocent, but he was condemned to the firing squad, while the other 42 plotters, finished on trial and then in prison. “The Port of Calais” is a reconstruction of the episode, made from an unusual point of view, the view of the Count Alain de Savoia-Soissons, colonel of the French Navy and a cousin of the Duke of Enghien. During the organization of the conspiracy Alain meets in an inn of Calais Juliette the last Marquis De Sade's daughter, forced into prostitution after the arrest of her father...< Less
Gli intrighi di Albine / The intrigues of Albine By Cristina Contilli
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Albine De Montholon, mistress of Napoleon to the island of St. Helena from 1815 to 1819, is the protagonist of this new novel of the series of Alain and Juliette. Returned in France in 1819 Albine... More > fails in her purpose: to find some French politician willing to intervene with the British government to mitigate the exile of Napoleon, allowing to spend in a place less inhospitable than St. Helena. Become, instead, the mistress of a former Navy medical officer: Dr. Nicolas De Blégny, friend of the Colonel Alain de Soissons, by the time, in 1804, in which he was the doctor of the Coast Guard station in Calais, led by Alain... NEW EDITION FOR KINDLE...< Less
The Joséphine's secret daughter Second edition By Cristina Contilli
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The Empress Josephine had, before her marriage with Napoleon, an intense love life was also told in an erotic novel, published anonymously in Paris, entitled " Zoloé et ses deux acolytes... More > ou Quelques décades de la vie de trois jolies femmes" attributed to the Marquis de Sade, however, always he denied being the author. The protagonists of this book are Josephine Desirée, born in Paris in 1794, alleged daughter of Joséphine and the revolutionary general Lazare Hoche, the Count Armand de Polignac, Juliette (daughter of the Marquis De Sade and the actress Constance Marie Quesnet) and the Count Alain de Soissons, a colonel in the French Navy, husband of Juliette. The plan of Armand De Polignac, who decided to take revenge on Napoleon, who sentenced to 2 years in prison and condemned his brother Jules to 9 years and of Juliette, instead, who wants to revenge on Joséphine, deemed responsible for the arrest of her father, will be hampered by deception and unexpected twists... in collaboration with< Less
The countess Julia and her lovers By Cristina Contilli
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Giulia (Julia Katarina Muravyov) is a nobler of Russian origin, born in 1826 in Turin, where her mother has taken refuge after her husband was sentenced to death for having participated in the... More > Decembrist revolution last year. In 1855, during the Crimean War, Julia falls in love for a medical officer of the Piedmontese army of Hungarian origin, the Count Theodore Von Berg, she becomes pregnant and she marries him, but, after a few years, their marriage is already in crisis and so, when, in 1859, during the War of Independence, Julia, who is at the front as a volunteer nurse, knows the correspondent of "The Times" Ferdinand Eber, who was also of Hungarian origin, she realizes that she feels something for him... in the midst of the struggle for Italian independence between battles, escapes and unexpected facts, Julia and Ferdinand will be able to trust each other and to live fully their love story?< Less
Paris is only a background By Cristina Contilli
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Historical novel setting in the Italian Risorgimento: Alessandro Poerio is an italian patriot, Lauretta Parra is a noblewoman, in Florence they were only friends, but in Paris everything is... More > possible... Paris 1832: the population revolted against King Louis Philippe, enthroned by the revolution since two years, the roads are covered by the rioters. A man, an exile, a poet, one who becomes a hero, sacrificing his life in defense of Venice, rushes at the woman he loved, fearing that she is frightened by the clamor of battle, but is quiet, serene, not at all scared, armed with a gun, too, had she not been restrained by love for their children, even small, could have become a heroine, in Greece, where she wanted to go, years before, with her lover, to fight for freedom . The two stars of this episode and the entire text, written by Cristina Contilli are LAURETTA CIPRIANI PARRA and ALESSANDRO POERIO, exiles, both in the French capital, apparently, neighbors, in rue Louis Le Grand...< Less
La giovane Sissi tra ritratti ufficiali e foto private Nuova edizione By Cristina Contilli
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Questo libro nasce da una passione personale, quella per la principessa Sissi, donna affascinante e contraddittoria a cui le regole di corte andavano strette e che nelle foto sembra rivelare... More > più di quello che il suo ruolo e l'etichetta avrebbero suggerito. La mia impressione (da appassionata, non da studiosa) è, infatti, che Sissi, abbia nelle foto un'aria riflessiva e malinconica che sembra sparire o almeno attenuarsi nei ritratti ufficiali dove appare più sicura di sé e quasi sorridente, ma quella era il volto di circostanza da mostrare ai sudditi e quindi era lei a mutare espressione in pubblico oppure sono stati fotografi ufficiali e pittori dell'epoca a ritoccare la sua immagine per dare questa sensazione di regale sicurezza allo spettatore? Ai lettori la risposta... NUOVA EDIZIONE REVISIONATA ED AMPLIATA...< Less
La Paris des impressionistes / La Parigi degli impressionisti Primo volume Seconda edizione By Cristina Contilli
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Biografie, foto e ritratti di attrici, ballerine e musiciste che sono state muse, amiche e amanti dei pittori impressionisti, da nomi più noti come quelli di Gabrielle Rejane (ritratta da... More > Giovanni Boldini) e Jeanne Samary (ritratta da Pierre Auguste Renoir) fino a personaggi quasi inediti riemersi da foto e riviste teatrali dell’epoca come le attrici di vaudeville Mlle Linda o Mlle Valerie, la musicista di origine lionese Pauline Girard o, infine, Suzanne Leenhoff, moglie del pittore Edoaurd Manet e pianista, un breve e appassionante viaggio per immagini nella Parigi artistica della Belle Epoque. SECONDA EDIZIONE CON L'AGGIUNTA DI NUOVE IMMAGINI.< Less
L'evoluzione del lavoro femminile nella Francia della Belle Epoque By Cristina Contilli
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L'evoluzione professionale non coinvolse in questo periodo solo professioni piu qualificate come il medico o l'avvocato, ma anche altri tipi di mestieri considerati "maschili" e questo... More > cambio e testimoniato da una serie di interessanti cartoline dell'epoca. E cosi, tra realta ed immaginazione, troviamo donne cocchiere o guidatrici di taxi (a Parigi ce n'erano diverse in servizio anche se la legge che permetteva alle donne di lavorare di notte causo accese discussioni politiche), donne postino in divisa con la bicicletta usata per il servizio, donne medico e persino donne sindaco o ufficiale dell'esercito... Cristina Contilli si è laureata in lettere nel 2001 presso l'Università di Macerata e nel 2006 ha concluso il dottorato di ricerca in italianistica. Dal 2010 è iscritta all'ordine dei giornalisti del Veneto. Lavora come giornalista free lance, ma si occupa anche di storia di genere.< Less