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The Tempo Press By Ed Anderson
eBook (PDF): $9.95
This book describes a different kind of press. Most of the time we consider a press as a method of stealing the ball or a defense to be used only in a desperate situation. However, "THE TEMPO... More > PRESS" has a slightly different philosophy, which is the utilization of "time" and "patience". In this defense no chances are taken! There should never be an easy score, either by a field goal or a free throw against the press! (This means no lay-ups or fouls). In fact, it is safer than simply retreating back into a half-court defense every time, for then the offense can set up and run their planned attack with confidence and security. This text describes all the details of this press, and it has proven it's value over time by extended use by my teams.< Less
The Answer Offense By Ed Anderson
eBook (PDF): $10.95
What is an offense in basketball today? It is a method that a team can use to obtain the best possible shot at the basket with good rebounding and good floor balance to defend against the opponent if... More > the ball is lost. It is the intent of this book to give the reader a concise, straight forward report on one phase of basketball, namely a single half-court offense. It has no "frills" or "fillers". It explains exactly what the reader wants, how to run the offense. All the details are described.  It is broken down just the way it was used, how it was described to my players, and how it was taught. If a team is going to be successful offensively, it should be dictating to the defense. If the offense changes every time the defense does, the defense is doing the dictating and will eventually get the upper hand. So, this leads us to the answer, "The Answer Offense".  < Less
The Combo Defense By Ed Anderson
eBook (PDF): $10.95
All skills in the great game of basketball are important, but in order to win games consistently, defense must surely be the most important. This statement refers to a team concept of defense which... More > includes defensive theory, defensive attitude, and, of course, defensive skills. It is the intent of this book to give the reader a complete defensive system that is time-tested and has been proven to be the "stopper" for any half-court offense. It is a team oriented defense where each individual is not only responsible for an individual offensive player but a variety of team responsibilities. It is a combination (thus the name "Combo") between man-to-man principles and zone principles, taking the strengths of both and forming them into a devastating defense which destroys the offense. "The Combo" begins as a man-to-man defense and evolves into the "combination" according to the keys from the offense.< Less
The Running Game By Ed Anderson
eBook (PDF): $8.95
The choice of the type of offense in basketball seems almost limitless including free-lance, strict patterns, or any combination of these. However, above all, the most dominating and game changing... More > has to be a fast, running type of offense. In comes the fast break, run and gun, full-court offense, the quickest way to score, or whatever way you would like to describe it. Is there a better way to obtain the best shot for the team than the fast break? The answer to this question is a resounding "NO"! In this text you will find all the details of applying the above theory to your team. Upon completion, I hope you will see and agree that the fast break is indeed the best way to offensively attack your opponent.< Less
The Ultimate Fundamental "Shooting" By Ed Anderson
eBook (PDF): $8.95
It is the author's opinion that shooting a basketball is truly the "Ultimate Fundamental"! In "The Ultimate Fundamental-Shooting", it is the intent to give the reader complete... More > details and all the fundamental steps for shooting the basketball. It is the author's opinion that the shooting skills have diminished over the years, despite great improvement in the other phases of the game. So, this book is an attempt to contribute and hopefully improve this one phase of the game of basketball.< Less
So You Want To Be a Coach (Memoirs of a Coach) By Ed Anderson
eBook (PDF): $9.95
This is a story about an "average Joe" that chose coaching and teaching as a career. It tells about his background that enabled him to reach what became his life work and all the pros and... More > cons of that particular choice that dominated his life. After going over this life of a coach, you may also want to choose to follow in his footsteps. On the other hand, this biography may enable the reader to make a choice for their career.< Less

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