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integral holistic metapraxis By Wilfred Bastiani
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A moderation of the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders. This book is a manual, a metapraxis. It gives you the opportunity to learn and experience the content immediately in... More > your daily life. Principally it is a study book for very curious people who wish to know more about Human Nature. Perhaps this is not very important for you personally, it may be important when people deal with huge problems based upon their intercommunication. Discover your preferential way of perceiving and interpreting or your own world view and find out about the ones of other people around you. That will help you to understand the world better and communicate more purely. As you may find out as well it is about identifying yourself, afterwards it will be possible to identify the people around you and make the world a better place. This metapraxis will help you.< Less
PentaScopy - University for Life By Wilfred Bastiani
Hardcover: $209.73
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The ultimate Study Book about Human Nature Book 1 : Psycho~Sophy Book 2 : Debt & Penance Book 3 : My~KeY Book 4 : The Theory is the Theater of the Mind Book 5 : K'Now-Body Recommendation :... More > Book 'Magnetic Magic' (when ordering 'Magnetic Magic' together with the book 'PentaScopy', receive 75 % of the of price of 'Magnetic Magic' in return after sending the payment's approval to the 'University for Life')< Less
YES By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: $9.82
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This book is the summary of the Dutch book “Een Jeugdig KiesSysteem” and its title is translated literally into the English language. The original book was written in February, 2011 and... More > is based upon the idea of S’ace de Groot’s. The idea for a new election system emerged out of a competition request by writing an essay proposed by some Dutch daily newspaper “New Rotterdam’s Courant” ~ the NRC. The title of this competition of NRC’s was “Is everything said that needs to be said ?” ~ 1990. The request of NRC's was based upon the frustrations that the current political governments evoked then. The book explains what the system exactly is, why the pluri points system ~ YES ~ is better than the old 1 vote system and how it can be accomplished.< Less
Magnetic Magic By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: $52.00
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Reference book for Study book 'University for Life' IMAGES of ANIMATIONS only ! PsychoSophy ~ Geometry & Intelligence Human Design System :: Reflector The Matrix ~ Integrality of the... More > Mind Momental Movementality & the Architect Jean Gebser : Systasis & Synaeresis Berhard Riemann : the Zeta Function Alfred Whitehead : Panentheism James Maxwell : the Daemon Wilfred Leonardo : Mister Intuition René Descartes : Genesis Henri Bergson : One's esteem - S-Thymia Wilfred Leonardo : Integral Intelligence< Less
exclusion of a monad By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: $9.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
An auto biograpy about the processes of a monad during his development till this moment he truly became one.
Intelligence By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: $32.94
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This is the most exclusive book in the world for this moment. It explains what intelligence implies and in an integral way it describes why it is what intelligence is in its ontological essence.... More > Comprehending the basic essences and the relevant principles it may be the start of your own journey. This book explains the relationship of intelligence with energy, considered from the perspectives of world's most famous Mathematicians, Physiologists, Philosophers, Psychologists and Quantum Physicists. Based on Leibniz, Euler, Riemann, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Jung, Freud, Lacan, Bergson, Tesla, Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohm, Dirac and more. This 4th version comprises the little book "metaphysics" now based on the insights of Henri Bergson and his book "Creative Evolution" of 1907.< Less
intuition & metaphysics By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: $22.47
Prints in 3-5 business days
Henri Louis Bergson and his conceptional thinking about human nature starting with and respecting 'movement'. It is a summary of 2 animations based on his book "Creative Evolution" from... More > 1907. Based on the concepts of Aristotle, Pirsig, Buridan, Renselle, Dabrowski and more. (a full color version)< Less
K'Now-BodY By Wilfred Bastiani
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Prints in 3-5 business days
'K'Now-BodY' is based on the nature of the Universe dealing with Quadruples within its macro Galaxies and the micro Human Mind. Including 2 additions : the Movement & the Architect
emergence of integrity By Wilfred Bastiani
Hardcover: $100.24
Prints in 3-5 business days
TRIOSCOPY ~ hard cover version Book 1 ~ Psycho~Sophy ~ manual for humanity Book 2 ~ Debt & Penance ~ morality & integrity Book 3 ~ My~KeY ~ EnCycloPaedia 4 Life
Debt & Penance By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: List Price: $46.81 $35.11 | You Save: 25%
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Has the economic crisis really to do with finances and money ? Mankind lost sight on its own identity. Economics have become just substitutes of that without ethical values. Now it is the moment to... More > regain your own identity and free yourselves of the destructive power and control that money initiates. Based upon lots of (ancient) philosophers I reconsider the phenomenon and integrate as far as applicable the discipline of Psychology in it. Shall we succeed in re-identify, dis- and re-cover ourselves ?< Less

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