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exclusion of a monad By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: $14.99
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An auto biograpy about the processes of a monad during his development till this moment he truly became one.
Debt & Penance By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: $54.16
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Has the economic crisis really to do with finances and money ? Mankind lost sight on its own identity. Economics have become just substitutes of that without ethical values. Now it is the moment to... More > regain your own identity and free yourselves of the destructive power and control that money initiates. Based upon lots of (ancient) philosophers I reconsider the phenomenon and integrate as far as applicable the discipline of Psychology in it. Shall we succeed in re-identify, dis- and re-cover ourselves ?< Less
emergence of integrity By Wilfred Bastiani
Hardcover: $124.34
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TRIOSCOPY ~ hard cover version Book 1 ~ Psycho~Sophy ~ manual for humanity Book 2 ~ Debt & Penance ~ morality & integrity Book 3 ~ My~KeY ~ EnCycloPaedia 4 Life
My-KeY By Wilfred Bastiani
Hardcover: $48.44
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This book contains the book "integral holistic metapraxis" and also articles based upon Plato's "Forms & Ideas", David Bohm's "Implicated Order", Henri Bergson's... More > "Creative Evolution", Sigmund Freud's "Psycho Analysis" and Carl Jung's "Red Book" and finally "High Five" about e.g. the Metallic Means.< Less
Psycho~Sophy By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: $67.81
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Manual for Humanity This book represents a large personal research combined with science, knowledge and experience. These years of human’s suppressions ~ although it doesn’t appear to be... More > like that ~ show how the world of today is ordered and controlled. That is not even the end of it. Our financial economics create more dependent behavings than ever before. Dependent behavings mean for lots of people anger, frustration, fear and disappointments. In the opposite world view it means maximum control and power. Based upon the theories, empirics and hypotheses of several biologists, philosophers and psychologists I take you through the world, their innovative looks and ideas to make this a better place. Is it possible ? Perhaps, the answer is enfolded within each individual. Read this book of mine and find out for yourself. Regain your true identity by acknowledging the higher source.< Less
YES By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: $9.82
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This book is the summary of the Dutch book “Een Jeugdig KiesSysteem” and its title is translated literally into the English language. The original book was written in February, 2011 and... More > is based upon the idea of S’ace de Groot’s. The idea for a new election system emerged out of a competition request by writing an essay proposed by some Dutch daily newspaper “New Rotterdam’s Courant” ~ the NRC. The title of this competition of NRC’s was “Is everything said that needs to be said ?” ~ 1990. The request of NRC's was based upon the frustrations that the current political governments evoked then. The book explains what the system exactly is, why the pluri points system ~ YES ~ is better than the old 1 vote system and how it can be accomplished.< Less
integral holistic metapraxis By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: $40.05
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This book is a manual, a metapraxis. It gives you the opportunity to learn and experience the content immediately in your daily life. Principally it is a study book for very curious people who wish... More > to know more about Human Nature. Perhaps this is not very important for you personally, it may be important when people deal with huge problems based upon their intercommunication. Discover your preferential way of perceiving and interpreting or your own world view and find out about the ones of other people around you. That will help you to understand the world better and communicate more purely. As you may find out as well it is about identifying yourself, afterwards it will be possible to identify the people around you and make the world a better place. This metapraxis will help you.< Less
the Theory is the Theater of the Mind By Wilfred Bastiani
Paperback: $14.11
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“the Theory is the Theater of the Mind ” Based on the quote of David Bohm Concepts, Theories and Philosophies by : Gottfried Leibniz / Sigmund Freud / Ludwig Boltzmann / Jacques Lacan /... More > Franz Brentano / Henri Bergson / Albert Einstein / Gilles DeLeuze / Héléna Blavatsky / James MaxWell / Peter Ouspensky / George Gurdjieff / Carl Jung / Will McWhinney / David Bohm / Kazimiertz Dabrowski< Less
Van bovenkamer naar onderbuik By Wilfred Bastiani
Hardcover: $53.49
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Dit boek is bedoeld voor de organisatieconsultant, communicatieadviseur, opleider en/of coach als ook voor de account manager, werkzaam binnen de werving- & selectiebureaus. In dit boek neemt... More > de schrijver u mee op zijn verkenningstocht voor sociale innovatie binnen organisaties. Hij laat u zien op welke wijze intuïtie kan worden ingezet om oorzaken en verstarringen te traceren, te identificeren en weg te nemen. Als analysemethodiek wordt de MBTI-methodiek toegepast. Behalve de MBTI worden nog enkele analysemethodieken zoals Belbin en Kolb geanalyseerd en uitgebreid toegelicht. Ook worden kwaliteit- en organisatiemodellen zoals het INK-model en het 5-Force-model geanalyseerd en beschreven in casussen. Samengevat geeft dit boek een brede uiteenzetting op intuïtie, voor wie mensen en organisaties graag op de meest natuurlijke wijze ultieme prestaties wil laten leveren. Met dit boek heeft u daarvoor een goede handleiding met alle benodigde ingrediënten.< Less
Van Nomade tot Monade By Wilfred Bastiani
Hardcover: $53.92
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Consciousness & Intelligence Wat heeft de reis van de mens met de boektitel te maken en wat heeft de subtitel hier mee van doen ? Als we voorop stellen dat de monade de hoogst haalbare status is... More > van de mens, dan bedoel ik daarmee dat dit individu zeer dicht diens bron benadert, diens creator of voorbeeld. Immers elk individu is daar een fractalisatie van. Een deel dat grote congruentie vertoont met die bron, echter als fractaal een pad te gaan om daarin op gelijksoortige wijze diens verantwoordelijkheden te kunnen bepalen en te nemen. Dit traject kun je bewustwording noemen met als ultiem middel het gehele spectrum van intelligentie. De mens wordt daarmee deelgenoot en getuige van de schepping van zichzelf, anderen, de natuur en het hele universum. Hoe dat er allemaal uitziet, welke andere aspecten daarbij van invloed zijn, waarvoor je zelf weer de initiator kunt zijn lees je in dit boek. Weet jij hoe ver jij bent op het traject na het lezen van dit boek ?< Less