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CORP 2006 Proceedings/Tagungsband By Manfred Schrenk
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Main Topics REAL CORP 2006: * Intelligent Urban, Environmental and Transport Technologies * Environmental Policies & Climate Protection Measures * ICT contribution to Sustainable Mobility * Top... More > Real Estate: Development, Finance, Management * Housing the Information Society * Strategic Projects and Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) * Geo-Information-Technologies & Information-Infrastructures * eGovernment, eGovernance, eDemocracy in Spatial Planning * Gender Aspects in Urban and Regional Development ___ Themen REAL CORP 2006: * Informations-Infrastruktur: Wissen, Werkzeuge und Daten für lebenswerte Städte * Intelligente Stadt- und Umwelt-Technologien * Der Beitrag von IKT zur Lösung der Verkehrsproblematik * Wohnformen für die Informationsgesellschaft * Strategische Projekte und Public-Private Partnerships * Moderation, Mediation, Beteiligung - gemeinsam zu besseren Projekten * Die "Digitale Spaltung" und ihre räumlichen Aspekte * "Räumliches Denken" für bessere Lösungen< Less
CORP 2008 Proceedings/Tagungsband By Manfred Schrenk et al.
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Where many people come together, information and knowledge is exchanged and new ideas are created. Airports, train stations and motorway rest stops are not only transportation hubs but rapidly... More > develop as transportation hubs because: * many people with different needs and ideas interact and take new ideas into the world; * the reliable functioning of such hubs has to be ensured, so such hubs can push technical development; * urban and transportation planning, architecture and real estate development face special challenges. Transportation hubs rapidly develop as business centres, "airport cities" are noteworthy examples of this development.< Less
CORP 2009 Proceedings/Tagungsband By Manfred Schrenk et al.
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Major topics of REAL CORP 2009: * climate change and environmental issues as well as rising energy consumption and competition on scarce natural resources, * ongoing globalisation with fundamental... More > changes in economic and working environment around the globe, * demographic changes, like aging population in Europe and rapid urbanisation in Asia. ___ Themenschwerpunkte REAL CORP 2009: * den Klimawechsel und Umweltangelegenheiten, steigender Energieverbrauch und Wettbewerb um knappe natürliche Ressourcen, * die weitere Globalisierung mit grundlegenden Änderungen bei der Wirtschafts- und Arbeitsumgebung rund um den Globus und * demographischer Wandel, z. B. alternde Bevölkerung in Europa und rasche Urbanisierung in Asien.< Less
CORP 007 Proceedings By Manfred Schrenk et al.
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The main topic „To Plan Is Not Enough“ focuses on the relationship between urban development and real estate business, some of the sub-topics are >> From abstract plans to realized... More > projects: co-operation of urban planning and real estate development in cities; >> PPP – Public-Private Partnerships in urban and real estate development; >> Private and public space in the city of the future – who pays and who benefits; >> The needs of information and knowledge society for the urban fabric; >> Housing the info society; >> Transport and logistics buildings: the underestimated live veins of the city; >> Urban, environmental and transport technologies and their role in successful project realization.< Less
CORP 2010 Proceedings/Tagungsband By Manfred Schrenk et al.
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CITIES FOR EVERYONE Liveable, Healthy, Prosperous Promising vision or unrealistic fantasy? The role of urban planning and urban technologies on the path towards improved quality of life, health,... More > sustainability and prosperity in our cities. Cities are places of competition, stress, inequalities, traffic jams, environmental stresses and strains and permanent struggle. Cities often are an aggressive environment, not only for children, the elderly and the weak. But on the other hand cities are centres of economy, culture, creativity, science and innovation and therefore provide excellent perspectives and a lot of chances for many people – cities are attractive places! Meanwhile more than 50 percent of world population lives in cities, soon it will be about 70 percent.< Less
CORP 2012 - Proceedings/Tagungsband By Manfred Schrenk et al.
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RE-MIXING THE CITY – Towards Sustainability and Resilience? There is nothing permanent except change. (Heraclitus) Cities worldwide are facing rapid social, economic, environmental,... More > technological and cultural changes such as: rapid urbanisation, aging of society, security issues, housing emergency, new solutions on mobility, integration of immigrants, food and water shortage, etc. Especially in times of economic crisis and demographic changes in cities, it is necessary to think about how to best handle what we have, and therefore “RE-MIXING THE CITY” is a challenge to manage and re-combine the elements which make our modern cities in order to better respond to change.< Less
CORP 2011 Proceedings/Tagungsband By Manfred Schrenk et al.
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Changes and diversification are ubiquitous in cities and regions. The quest for continuous renewal and improvement is a driver towards a thriving development, as well as land use impact, displacement... More > and “constructive destruction” with all the side effects. Urban development is not a one-way street leading towards an ideal end. Changes of the framework – like revival or crisis of economic sectors, the change of social ideals or ecologically driven challenges – demand the adaptation of the system of aims and development strategies. Also changes of the infrastructure and targeted interventions of planning (lighthouse projects, major events, …) lead towards elementary changes of the dynamics and trends of development. Permanent change takes place – often as continuous, evolutionary development, but sometimes also with huge, dramatic turning points.< Less
REAL CORP 2016 – Proceedings/Tagungsband By Manfred Schrenk et al.
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Smart cities go hand in hand with evolvement and improvement of digital technology. They are a post-industrial reaction to the economic, social and political changes and challenges the world has been... More > facing throughout the last decade – like the demographic change, the financial crisis or scarcity of resources. In cities there are plenty of players with very different tasks and interests. Many of them are trying to own the term "Smart city". There are lots of methods to achieve smartness, and there are lots of approaches to define proper smart indicators that tell us something about the smartness of a city. What are their advantages or disadvantages, which approach may claim to be the right one – and why?< Less
REAL CORP 2015 - Proceedings/Tagungsband By Manfred Schrenk et al.
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PLAN TOGETHER – RIGHT NOW – OVERALL From Vision to Reality for Vibrant Cities and Regions Cities full of life, commited citizens, visionary politicians, a strong economy, attractive... More > universities, a rich arts and cultural scene, joy and fun in the streets, prosperity, curiosity, inclusiveness – dynamic and stable and of course everything sustainable and resilient and “smart” ... REAL CORP 2015 dealt with the questions: How to make VIBRANT CITIES and REGIONS a REALITY? What is the role of PLANNING and PLANNERS in the development of vibrant contemporary and future cities?< Less
CORP 2014 – Proceedings/Tagungsband By Manfred Schrenk et al.
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PLAN IT SMART CLEVER SOLUTIONS FOR SMART CITIES “Smart Cities” has become a widely used term for the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) into the processes... More > of cities and the built environment, aiming to improve the integration of the physical assets as well as social and environmental capital. Fired by several rankings there seems to be a competition for the title of the “Smartest City”. Can we PLAN IT SMART and find CLEVER SOLUTIONS FOR SMART CITIES?< Less

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