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Unrealities, of Various Kinds By Yossi Faybish
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OK, so what is Unreality, you ask. Is it Fantasy, Scifi, Legend, Vampire, Ghost, Magic... and similar? Well, it is all of this, and more. Some plainly unidentifiable as a specific “genre”... More > yet... you will see. Does not mean that that Unreality cannot be anchored strongly in Reality, until at times it is quite difficult to draw the line between them. So what? Who wants to draw any kind of line anywhere? Certainly not me. Pleasure stems from the mix, not from the uniqueness. My modest opinion. And since I am the writer...< Less
Romanticalities, of Various Kinds By Yossi Faybish
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Yes, Romanticality, why not. A gender on its own, stealing from both Reality and Unreality and offering us, normal humans, pleasures uncounted. Sure, not mushy yuck. Rather everything but. Sad,... More > happy, impossible, funny, fantastic, vampiric, scific... you name it, I wrote it. I take no shame in declaring high and loud – I am an incorrigible romantic at heart. Look deep into yourself, when no one else looks, you probably are too; and if you are ashamed to declare it, then buy this book, wrap it in a brown bag and hide it under your bed. You won’t be sorry. Guaranteed or money back.< Less
Realities, of Various Kinds By Yossi Faybish
Paperback: List Price: $28.00 $21.00 | You Save: 25%
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Some of these stories happened to people you know. Some happened to people you don’t know and never will. Some to people I know, or don’t or never will. And some, yet, may never happen.... More > Maybe because they are too removed from our reality, or maybe because I and you, we all are removed from their reality. All combinations allowed – beautiful, ugly, sad, happy, moral, immoral... life is composed of a myriad of pieces that, unlike a puzzle, never fit perfectly to each other. Thankfully so. The beauty of life, yes, the beauty of life.< Less
Jewishialities, of Various Kinds By Yossi Faybish
Paperback: $18.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
I wrote many short stories in my short artistic career. Most of them of generic content - real, unreal, romantic. Yet some of them, and without really trying, seemed to be drifting at one or other... More > speed or intensity towards my roots, those roots that defined the who and the how of I. Even if with just a few words, a hint. My Jewish roots. Those that connected me quite unconsciously to parents, grandparents, tradition, to my people. The roots that the "others" never allowed me to forget. This is a collection of these stories - be they reality, unreality, romance. I wasn't aware roots could go as deep. They do.< Less
Aliens, Lovers, And Other Freaks... By Yossi Faybish
Paperback: $18.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The charm of the short story lies in its... shortness. The challenge lies in fitting this shortness with... charm. Full circle. Okay, my view, my interpretation, my implementation. So that, when you... More > buy this book, you know what to expect. Sure, I allow myself seventeen degrees of freedom in the interpretation of the word charm itself, thus you are in for surprises - nice, nasty, extraterrestrial, extra sensorial, romantic, fantastic, loving, lustful, happy, tragic... no, never trite. Sorry, I belong to that race of writers who do not believe in cheating their readers. Even at the cost of missing some and all of respectable literary prizes. Well, pleasure comes at a price. I gladly pay it.< Less
and then Annabel Lee found me By Yossi Faybish
Paperback: $19.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
I idolize a variety of short story writers - classic, modern, antique. I do not try to emulate them, I do - though, try to reach up to their ankles. Sometimes I succeed. I do not know if this is a... More > measure of quality, but... I like reading my own stories too. Actually I do it while writing them. I never plan a story, I let it flow the way it wants to flow (I am extremely democratic in this and other aspects) and it provides me, while writing, the same feeling as when reading an entirely new story: what will come next? what will be the end? Sounds kind of zany, I agree, yet if this is the way to create beauty, then... I believe and hope that I am not mistaken.< Less
Green Eyes, Little Green Men, And Spinach By Yossi Faybish
Paperback: $17.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Once one learns the pleasure in writing it, the short story, there is no stopping. Sure, some will say, it is so much easier than writing War and Peace. True. Criticism accepted, assimilated,... More > internalized and... disregarded. It does not go by what is easier, but rather by what one enjoys doing, and once one enjoys a certain art it is almost certain that the targeted audience will enjoy it as well. Yes - targeted audience. Every art has its target audience: some like ballet, some like pop music, some like sculpture. And these might or might not intermix. So - if you do not like short stories then this book is not for you. On the other hand, if you do, then... grab it!< Less
one hundred onehundredworders... By Yossi Faybish
Paperback: $21.13
Prints in 3-5 business days
Writing a full story in exactly 100 words, now - this is a challenge. Filling a book with such stories, now - this is an ever bigger challenge. Making these stories interesting to read, now - this is... More > a monster challenge. I believe I got them all nailed. Pleasure guranteed. Feel free to count the words - 100 guaranteed as well. Just for the fun of it -I made a few stories shorter and a few longer, always mentioned and always with a reason. You won't catch me lying to you. Never. One comment though - you have to be in the High Q range to fully enjoy these writes. After all - a 100 words story must propose your intellect quite a challenge too.< Less
one hundred onehundredworders, two... By Yossi Faybish
Paperback: $14.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
I thought I got over it. Wrong! I should have thought better. Then I thought I did a good job of quashing it. Wrong! I should have thought better. Then I thought I should simply disregard it. Wrong!... More > I should have thought better. It. The very very short story mania. Thus, I finally stopped... thinking. I decided to leave the thinking matter to you, dear readers. There’s a team spirit running through this association we have, I and you, and this is your job. I will just keep allowing my hand be dragged by the pen. Or keyboard. Or whatever. I cannot keep from wondering, though, who or what the hell drags the pen. Or keyboard. Or whatever.< Less
Kind of the End, and Getting There By Yossi Faybish
Paperback: $16.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
More of the same. OK, I thought I was finished after three such collections, I was wrong and happily wrong. You never finish a love story, if it is true love. I live a love story with writing short... More > stories, true love. so it will probably never finish... I mean never in the tern of while I’m alive, of course, forgive the bluntness. As said – more of the same: romance, sci-fi, life and a mix of them as per the specific mood at the specific moment I wrote them. You may hate some, you will love some – decide which of the two is the reason to read this collection. Tell me about it, after.< Less

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