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Grand Prix of Denmark By Justin Tully
eBook (ePub): $3.25
Grand prix of Denmark is a work of fiction based on the 1968 grand prix season. Taking place in March of 1968 Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill and all the rest line up to take place in the... More > first ever grand prix around the new Copenhagen track. The bright sunny weather soon gives way to much more trickier conditions where only the best could progress. The only question is who would win the event...< Less
The London Few & The Blueprint Menace Of Chiswick By Justin Tully
eBook (PDF): $2.36
The London Few & The Blueprint Menace Of Chiswick is the story of a group of mystery hunters being called to Chiswick in West London. The local residents have reported people as going missing, so... More > the London Few go out into the field where they were abducted from only to find that the beings that had abducted the people have had a change of heart and given them back, but not before tagging them with the Blueprint Menace. This is just a smokescreen for while the London Few think that the beings have gone back to Outer Space they have changed tactics. They abduct and tag more than three hundred people with the Blueprint Menace. Eventually this leads to a showdown at Chiswick House with the London Few knowing that unless they can stop the beings from escaping back to Outer Space the people who have been tagged will never be in control of their own lives. Can the London Few actually stop the beings from Titan escaping from Chiswick Bridge in their spacecraft?< Less
The London Few & The Howling Fear Of Brixton By Justin Tully
eBook (PDF): $3.13
The London Few & The Howling Fear Of Brixton is the story of a group of young mystery hunters being called to Brixton in South London. A number of unsavoury incidents have been taking place.... More > All things point to a Werewolf having been responsible for injuring and killing people. The London Few's job is to try and track down the Werewolf and eradicate the howling fear currently gripping Brixton. The London Few are also joined by a number of other people looking to help out wherever they can, but can they stop the Werewolf before it finishes off its mission? Find out in this latest adventure in the London Few series...< Less
The Diamond Trail of Stockholm By Justin Tully
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The Diamond Trail of Stockholm is the story of a diamond that disappeared from the old King of Sweden some two hundred years ago. The loss of the diamond was then covered up by the author Thomas... More > Gunnarson who wrote a book about a monster hatching from an easter egg and somewhere along the lines the two incidents merged until the diamond was forgotten about. The Easter Demon was a mystery that then grew dorment for many years before Thomas Gunnarson's great-grandson Bjorn was found by his old schoolfriends. They did what they could to persuade him that there was a real diamond that was lost and after some persuasion he agreed to look for it. The group of five travel around Stockholm hunting for information and looking for clues that might tell them where to find the long lost diamond. All the while they're being watched by the police and agents that are also interested in recovering the lost diamond. Can they find the diamond?< Less
Case Computer Marilyn Monroe By Justin Tully
eBook (PDF): $3.92
Case Computer Marilyn Monroe is the story of a specially designed computer that was wrongly sold to a member of the general public. Gracie Holden invites her three friends round for an evening of... More > discussing what really happened to Marilyn Monroe on that hot August night of 1962. Unfortunately for Gracie, Tommy, Mitch and Sheryl the case computer reacts to the crime scene and throws them back to two days before Marilyn died. They are now presented with the problem of knowing what's about to happen while wondering who will believe them when they tell them what's about to happen to the most famous and glamorous movie actress of all time. Will they be able to unravel a mystery that still remains to this day...find out in this latest installment in the case computer series!< Less
The London Few & The Demons Of Finchley By Justin Tully
eBook (PDF): $2.75
The London Few & The Demons Of Finchley is the story of a team of mystery hunters being called to Finchley in North London. They have been called in to help, because a few thousand people have... More > disappeared over the past few days. Including Reverend Holmes. Todd Robbins and his girlfriend Ruth McDonald advise them about what is going on before Mayor Newton finds them at the church. When they reach the Town Hall everything is explained to them, but it's not until they reach Reverend Holmes house they find out what's really going on and what's behind all the disappearing people of the past few days. What they are dealing with is Demons using the power of the Meadow Diamond to steal the reflection and soul of anyone that is foolish enough to touch it. Once they have the Demons hunt them down before allowing the Meadow Diamond to force the victim to disappear. The London Few are faced with a challenge unlike any they have seen before, as they face off against The Demons Of Finchley.< Less
The Case Computers By Justin Tully
eBook (PDF): $3.13
The Case Computers is the story of a group of highly sophisticated new computers designed by a professor for use by the police and other law enforcement agencies. They are instead accidentally sold... More > to members of the general public, which leads to an amazing adventure for one of these members of the public. Jack Spencer is catapulted back in time to February 1956 to a few days before the movie starlet Jacqueline Davies is found murdered in West Echo Point, New Humberside. It's a fifty-two year old unsolved murder, but can Jack Spencer solve the case in this spectacular and thrilling new mystery/sci-fi/crime novel by the author Justin Tully. This is his third novel following Show Me Something (2007) & Orlando's Secret (2008).< Less
The Grave Dispute of Warsaw By Justin Tully
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The Grave Dispute of Warsaw is the story of an adventurer arriving in the capital city of Poland in search of the mysterious urban legend of whom might be buried in plot 22a. It's an enduring mystery... More > one that many had tried and failed to find out about. Join Hatch Rowntree, as he attempts to track the mystery down once and for all...< Less
Case Computer Bobby Kennedy By Justin Tully
eBook (PDF): $2.35
Case Computer Bobby Kennedy is the story of a specially designed computer produced by Professor Greaves. Only the computers themselves were accidentally sold to members of the public instead of being... More > given as planned to police to use as training tools. Daniel Young was seated at his new computer with his friends Melissa and Ryan, but after viewing the crime scene of Bobby Kennedy the computer recognised the crime scene and then sent them back in time. Back to before the crime had even taken place and they now found themselves in Los Angeles California in June of 1968. They have some of the facts of the case, but can they stop history from taking place or will they just leave history to do what it has to? Fine out in this latest adventure in the Case Computer series where science-fiction strikes in unexpected fashion.< Less
Hunter of the Bigfoot By Justin Tully
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Hunter Of The Bigfoot is the story of a couple of tourists staying at a hotel in Portland, Oregon. Their only interest over the past few months had been trying to hunt down the legendary Bigfoot, but... More > so far they've had little success in doing so. Just before they are set to go out into the forest to look for more evidence one of them received a telephone call warning them against going into the forest. When the warning isn't heeded the caller takes matters into his own hands with consequences for both the tourists with one in hospital and the other about to be charged for the crime. The police are sure that they have the right man, but suddenly lose their cheif suspect after he's apparently attacked by a Bigfoot. They gather a search party for him, but are wary about the threat that could come their way from something that's become far more than just an urban legend...< Less

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