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Malaria 9 By Chaz Wood
Paperback: $8.56
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The year is 2023. In the city of Londinium, a strange plague known as Malaria-9 ravages the streets. The mysterious Plague Doctors appeal for calm, and profess to keep the matter under control. In... More > the meantime, a curfew is in place, keeping all citizens inside during the hours of darkness. As a result, most people choose to lose themselves in the virtual escapism of The Scene. Enter professional mercenary bounty hunter, Angela 'Dawnrazor' Saxon. With law and order stretched to its limits, the police have come to rely on individuals like Dawn and her colleagues to crack down on violent and dangerous criminals whenever they can. A botched job to bring in the ringleaders of a vice ring leaves Dawn almost dead and with the plague now into its third month and showing no signs of alleviating, she decides to find out more about the strange disease and the so-called 'ToxDocs' who patrol the streets after dark. What she begins to discover hints at a secret almost too terrible to comprehend...< Less
Lochglen 1 By Chaz Wood
eBook (PDF): $2.36
Scotland, 1933... Recently ensconced at St. Saviours' University, young William Stanley MacFaddyen has desires to become a romantic poet, an author of historical adventure novels, and above all, a... More > successful student. Unfortunately, Robert Burns' views on the "best laid plans of mice and men" soon prove to be correct. Starting badly when the puritanical dean of St. Saviours', MacKillick, orders him to cut his flowing hair, things quickly start to run out of control. Trying to escape reality by retreating into the world of his own novel, "The Sword of Lochglen", the two worlds of fact and fiction collide. And when he is introduced to St. Saviours' newly-arrived first lady lecturer, Dr. Jean MacKenzie, life becomes very complicated indeed. Mature readers only. Contains some Scottish dialect language which may be incomprehensible to non-natives.< Less
The Black Flag By Chaz Wood
eBook (PDF): $2.28
The queen of the battle-slain, the Morrigan, walks the streets of London. The king of the ravens is on the wing, and calling his clansmen to the skies. Soon, a great battle will commence, in which... More > the tangled threads binding the Kingdom will be broken... A dark, violent and modern reworking of the myths and history of the British Isles starrig Georgina Buadach Macdubhgaill - environmental activist, urban guerilla, and possible goddess. Written and drawn by Chaz Wood. (c) Fenriswulf Books 2010< Less
Sword of Lochglen Issue 2 By Chaz Wood
eBook (PDF): $2.36
Scotland, 1933... Recently ensconced at St. Saviours' University, young William Stanley MacFaddyen has desires to become a romantic poet, an author of historical adventure novels, and above all, a... More > succesful student. Realising he has fallen hopelessly in love with his tutor, Dr. Jeanette Mackenzie, MacFaddyen finds a finds a serious obstruction to his romantic ambitions in the form of her stoic and snobbish husband, Gregor. Deciding to use the grim facts of his life as fuel for his fantasy fiction, MacFaddyen casts those around him as the heroes and villains in his epic novel, 'The Sword of Lochglen'. As reality begins to blur, life begins to get very complicated indeed... This is the second part of the complete and utterly unexpurgated confessions of William Stanley MacFaddyen.< Less
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Wish & the Will: Sundancer's Regret Episode 2 By Chaz Wood
eBook (PDF): $1.57
In the world of Middengarth, where fairytales and folklore are history, and magic still lingers in the air, strange things are afoot... Outlaws Jeth Sundancer, Renzo K. Castello and Claudia have... More > been chased out of Middengarth City by the forces of law and order, and now struggle for survival in the harsh realm of the Outlands. Herein, they have to contend with a crusty riverboat captain and his rag-tag crew; a psychopathic First Mate on board a trading vessel and an incredibly ill-fitting corset, all on the road to the 'biggest bank job ever'. Things are further complicated when Renzo & Jeth's old friend, Smiffy Smurkin, takes an instant dislike to Claudia on account of the colour of her hair and threatens their entire operation. How can our hapless anti-heroes hope to throw a spanner in the clockwork wheels of the tyrannical Daemonlords against such continued opposition?< Less
Wish & the Will: Sundancer's Regret Episode 1 By Chaz Wood
eBook (PDF): $1.57
THE CARDS ARE STACKED The world is in turmoil! In the solitary city of Middengarth, the strange and sinister Daemonlords rule the inhabitants with ever-increasing firmness. The great City Clock... More > stands still at one stroke before midnight, and the whispers on the street say it shall soon strike - to signify an event that none could ever foresee. In the Outside, the untamed lands far beyond the City, a cruel warlord known only as the Moderator kills or enslaves all those who wish a new society free of the Daemonlords. But one insignificant human is worrying only about his own skin. That is, until Fate decides to lend a hand. When down-on-his-luck gambler Jeth Sundancer reluctantly teams up again with old partner Renzo K. Castello to perpetrate the 'biggest-ever bank job', the brainchild of the appealing but mysterious Claudia, he soon wishes he had stayed within the city's Warrens. For Jeth Sundancer; sardonic, weary and distrusting of his only friends; the cards do indeed seem to be stacked.< Less
Folio 2010 By Chaz Wood
eBook (PDF): $1.89
Chaz Wood's 2010 folio