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They Shimmer Within: Cognitive-Evolutionary Perspectives on Visionary Beings By Bruce Rimell
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The use of psychedelic drugs plants is rising, and with it the number of reports narrating encounters with otherworldly visionary beings. Approaches to these experiences have often been literal,... More > archetypal or dismissive. Evolutionary psychology and the cognitive science of religion suggest innate and non-imagistic mental foundations for these phenomena arising from easily-triggered evolutionary functions during emotive periods of high cognitive demand. Such functions include agent detection, social intelligence faculties and metacognition. This wide-ranging book explores how our deepest mental processes predispose us as humans to believe in supernatural agents, and presents a new hypothesis of how these same cognitions facilitate the emergence of those agents to become present when psychedelic drugs and plants are ingested. Bruce concludes that visionary beings shimmer within as awe-inspiring products of the mind, an experience which rests at the heart of what it is to be human.< Less
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From cosmogonies and half-remembered memories to mythical mandalas from the ancient past, this collection of surreal poetry charts the soul’s journey from the daylight waking world into... More > Xibalba, the Realm of the Dead and Archetypal. But in doing so, it also mirrors the death of mythical and non-rational modes of experience in our modern society: the grey emptiness of Xibalba as experienced here is the bleakness of a society deprived of a mythological heart. Xibalba Songs asks a simple question: can we honestly say that if we let our ancestral mythological heritage pass into permanent nightfall, that we will be able to retain the true depth of our humanity, our experience and our much-celebrated curiosity and inspiration? Should we simply stand by, record its demise, and then move on to a future at best purposeless and at worst pitiless and bleak?< Less
Ink & Marker Visions - Images Of Playful Archetypes 2004-2009 By Bruce Rimell
Paperback: $55.93
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In 1997, after suffering visionary migraines for many years, Bruce Rimell made the momentous decision to become an artist. This book charts what happened next. Following his artistic development from... More > inspired outsider to professional artist, Bruce narrates his career from nascent shamanic images to the vibrant psychedelic works he now produces, focussing on the ink & marker medium which has become his staple method. Ink & Marker Visions is a journey both visual and textual into this unique artist's world, into the domain of the 'watcher behind the eyes', and is delightfully presented with over 90 full colour illustrations and accompanying texts which capture the essence of his work. Come and see, look within: what will you find?< Less
Liminal Contact: A Cognitive and Anthropological Response to the ‘Death’ of Painting By Bruce Rimell
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The alleged ‘death’ of painting has shaped the recent course of art, but the model of the human mind upon which it rests is no longer considered accurate. Cognitive science has shown that... More > the mind is not a blank slate but content-rich, and as such humans bear an array of innate expectations of reality and non-reality, which apply to painting as well as other human behaviours such as religion or music. This creative thesis takes in a series of case studies tracing the prehistory of painting in light of these cognitive propensities, from the beginnings of human culture, to Bushman rock art and the experiences of painters today, to uncover a perennial function for painting which cannot die: the ubiquitous sensation of an ‘otherworld’ beyond the canvas or rock face. This approach to painting demands its rehabilitation as a humanising self-expression in a world increasingly estranged from art, abandoning artistic ideology in favour of an image-based communion with human nature.< Less
Minver Stories By Bruce Rimell
Paperback: $15.50
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Playful, archaic and confusing, this illustrated collection of bizarre song-chant poems narrates in riddling language the story of Minver, a flashing-eyed sprite who became for the author the very... More > embodiment of ecstasy. Emerging from the dance club culture of the late 90s, but set in an archetypal landscape, Minver Stories is a deeply idionsyncratic take on psychedelic experience. Delightfully designed with 20 illustrations and commentaries.< Less
Eleusis By Bruce Rimell
Paperback: $26.56
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A visionary and artistic exploration through the greatest of the Mystery traditions of Antiquity, 'Eleusis' follows the winding path that leads from the kidnap of Persephone and Demeter's grief at... More > her loss to the transformation of mankind through the Epiphany of an Ineffable Female Godhead. Drawing from several years of mythological, experiential and visionary research, and delightfully enfolded with 25 colour and monochrome art images, Bruce attempts to move beyond the Eleusinian veil of secrecy to enter into the very Heart of the Mystery. A final illustrated essay also explores the meaning of the Eleusinian Mysteries for the modern day.< Less
On Vision and Being Human: Exploring the Menstrual, Neurological and Symbolic Origins of Religious Experience By Bruce Rimell
Paperback: $27.74
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Visionary and religious experiences are ubiquitous among human beings, but why do we experience them as coming from a hidden reality beyond the senses? Why should we believe in the existence of... More > deities despite the mundane evidence of our own eyes? Why do we as intelligent primates ascribe any importance to these ‘imaginary’ realities at all? This creative and speculative thesis seeks to answer these questions in a new way, gazing into the content of visions themselves and exploring the various inner realities that gave rise to these transformative and meaningful aspects of our humanity. Focusing upon symbolic cognition as a fundamental organising principle of human experience, a diverse series of musings upon the nature of reality, consciousness, and our evolutionary origins seeks to transcend our modern artificial boundaries to arrive at a holistic, and delightfully playful, human image for the twenty-first century. An original visionary thesis illustrated with 30 beautiful drawings.< Less

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