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Boxing Babysitters By Ring Angels
eBook (PDF): $14.00
When a job opening as babysitter for the well known Ms. St-John is available, it's a gig some girls are willing to fight for! And indeed, they MUST in order to decide who gets the job, and who goes... More > home battered, black and blue. It's cheerleader Carmon vs beauty-geek Dascha, in the workout room of Ms. St-John, ideal for training, heated discussions, and just fighting! The girls end up in bra and panties, and along with a knocked-out beauty at the end, a suprise ending about what it's really all about! Art by Alan Smithee Print-Ready PDF file containing Five, 8 1/2 x 11 full color pages with 23 panels.< Less
Breaking Zoey By Ring Angels
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Zoey is a pro-am wrestler who doesn't always do well in her matches, but that doesn't rob her of her enthusiam for wrestling or willingness to accept a challenge. Enter Olivia, who thinks of Zoey as... More > a wrestling toy, and challenges the buxom blonde to an anything-goes bout! Zoey doesn't have a chance, from opening bell to final pin, so be warned, there's no point in cheering for the buxom blonde, just hang on and enjoy watching Olivia do a brutal job of Breaking Zoey! 8 Page Comic, 35 images in all. Art by Alan Smithee< Less
Hit, Run... WRESTLE! By Ring Angels
eBook (PDF): $16.95
April just went out for a drive in her car, enjoying the late summer weather, no real destination, just letting the wind and the road clear her thoughts. That is until she ran into Opal - or... More > actually, until Opal ran into her... with her CAR! The sexy side-swipers pull over and have words, April clearly expecting the "in the wrong" Opal would fix the damages, but the "I don't think so" Opal offered a different theory. They would WRESTLE to decide! Soon April finds herself in skin-tight wrestling gear, with a lovely (and licensed!) referee to keep things clean and fair (yeah, right) and Opal across the ring sizing over April like a hungry bear about to plunge into the salmon stream! April finds out Opal is pretty tough... and pretty mean, too! Does this big city girl have what it takes to win - or even keep herself from getting broken in half? Illustrations by LYKAMO, story by PURPLE ROACH. 30 images in screen resolution PDF file< Less
Women Wrestling V1 (Print Edition) By Ring Angels
Paperback: $7.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Years ago British magazines on female boxing and wrestling were popular and prolific. This first issue of Women Wrestling includes: • No Easy Way to the Championship (Chiyo Obata vs Mari... More > Akagi) • The Lure of the Mat Game • Monthly Hold - Leg Spread Submission • Eyewitness Account (18th Century Fight) • Profile: Sue Brittain • Fiction: Gym Bout • Boxing: Vicky Montrose vs Sue Brittain ... and more! This is not just a series of scanned images as with most magazine archives, but a lovingly remastered edition. Text was scanned and proofed and remains as text, providing clear reading on almost any device. Images sometimes suffer from earlier "matte" pages (i.e. newsprint) due to ink absorption irregularities, and yellowing pages, but we've tried to make them as bright and enjoyable as possible. All we have omitted is a few out-of-date ads; otherwise the complete articles and images are presented. 40 pages< Less
Junior Foxy - Down on the Farm By Ring Angels
eBook (PDF): $12.95
Kentucky is known for many things - horse races, whiskey, and of course, hillbillies! Here in a remote mountain community, technology hasn't replaced good ol' fashioned entertainment... like... More > DRINKING and FIGHTING! SETH MCCOY earns an extra buck or two (and the occasional jug of local brew) by sponsoring all-girl BOUTS, CALLED "Barn bitches," and age is never an issue! if you're old enough to have TEETH, you're old enough to have 'em knocked OUT! Tonight's MAIN EVENT features flame haired TAMMIE JEAN SPENCER and LUANN WATKINS, and they'll be slugging it out for the taped fist beauty title. Accompanying them are their moms, who are likely to get a little involved in the action! So pay your two bits and pull up a bale of hay, 'cause you got a RINGSIDE SEAT waiting for you inside the barn! 8 pages (plus a cool title image!) with 34 images by our good friend CRISTO in print-resolution PDF file.< Less
Women Wrestling Volume 1 Number 1 By Ring Angels
eBook (PDF): $3.95
A classic magazine restored to digital! Here is issue # 1 of Women Wrestling, featuring articles and photos of British female wrestling from the 80's. 38 pages, PDF format.