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Stop Cheating Dead In It's Tracks: Ultimate Guide to Cheat-Proofing Yourself By Patricia Wanis
eBook (PDF): $12.97
If you really want to stop a cheater cold, you need the tactics the most highly paid snooping pros use. This book gives the tools you've been missing to be sure about whether or not your partner is... More > cheating on you and abusing you behind your back. You have to know for sure, and you have to know what to do about it. Your power is your mind. You have to master the art of cheater psychology, sense the clues, know when to pounce and expose...and do it all with the calm confidence that tells your cheater in no uncertain terms... In a nutshell, you have to be a master detective and psychological profiler all rolled into one. But, don't let that scare you. This book will make it a walk in the park. This is the arsenal you need to stop cheating dead in its tracks, no matter if it's been going on for years or just started...Do something about it to stop that cheater cold TODAY...< Less
How To Detect An Affair By Patricia Wanis
eBook (PDF): $12.97
Most people have a nagging feeling that their partner is cheating before they really know. But cheating is more (much more) than just a nagging feeling in your gut... Cheating not only destroys the... More > relationship you thought you had, and makes you feel used, abused and thrown away. You're probably feeling that way right now, and you don't even know for sure yet whether it's really going on. What's devastating about cheating is that it also: - Kills your happiness - Causes depression and anxiety - Wreaks havoc with your appetite and sleep patterns - Makes you feel like you're ugly, or can't measure up in the bedroom - Exposes you to much higher risk of sexually transmitted disease Cheating obviously isn't a "harmless" game. It's harming you! The only way to stop it is to know, once and for all, if it's really going on so you can put a cold, hard halt to behavior that's robbing you of the life you should have today!< Less
Overcome Jealousy Now! By Patricia Wanis
eBook (PDF): $9.97
Jealousy is a powerful emotion that has the power to destroy your relationships & make your life miserable. Trust is the bond that holds us together & jealousy attacks that bond. When you... More > stop trusting people, you enter a prison that keeps you distant from everyone around you…You can STOP Your Jealousy…And, this book will show you how.< Less

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