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World Recipes for a Home Catering Business By Warren Brown
eBook (PDF): $5.87
This book is for those who enjoy cooking and would like to know how to prepare dishes from around the world for fame and profit. You can become an instant hit with your family and friends.Start your... More > own Home Catering Business with these delicious recipes. You can develop the talent of cooking dishes from around the world.This talent can later make you a profit from a Catering business of your own. If you or a friend have a passion and a talent for cooking,buy this book today.< Less
How to Spot Your Soulmate By Warren Brown
eBook (PDF): $0.00
How to spot your soulmate in a few simple steps. Available as a free download.
Home Cooking and Family Values By Warren Brown
eBook (PDF): $6.48
A well used kitchen makes a happy home. A woman’s pride was her kitchen. The kitchen used to be the exclusive domain of the housewife a hundred years ago. The situation has changed all around... More > the world today, with more and more women joining the work force and having the dual roles of taking care of the home and attending to career responsibilities. The kitchen is now utilized by the wife, the mother, the husband, the father and the children who are adventurous enough to try their hand at preparing meals. A home is complete when food is regularly prepared in the family kitchen. Cooking a meal for a family is the best feeling for a mother who loves her family.< Less
Storyteller- Shades of Evil- Novella and Four Short Stories Collection By Warren Brown
eBook (ePub): $7.84
Storyteller: Shades of Evil is a collection of one Novella and four short stories.William Blade the Storyteller is from the planet of Story World. He has been sent to planet Earth to save stories in... More > modern society. William uses the powers of the Storyteller to solve crimes on Earth and on planets across all dimensions, time and space. The Wisdom of the Oracle of Story: When all the stories of the world have been told and retold a thousand times, the world will run out of stories. It is then that humanity needs to discover the seeds of story which are everywhere.< Less
The Secret Vault of the Mysterious Storyteller: Case 3 Diamond Deadly By Warren Brown
eBook (ePub): $1.27
The Stolen Incan Diamond The Incan Diamond of Saphnoroc is stolen. The mysterious Storyteller must recover the Diamond of Immortality to its rightful owner. The Storyteller wears the cloak of story... More > and he or she is able to access all the stories that have taken place and which will take place in the world, we live in or in the world’s unknown to man but visited by the Storyteller. ˃˃˃ The Fiery Diamond The fiery coloured diamond of Saphnoroc is a symbol of nobility. It is considered to be the most magnificent of all the gems known to man. The magical diamond is the stone of Kings and the Queen of all the gems. There are a lot of legends of the cursed Diamond of Saphnoroc. ˃˃˃ The Eye of the Golden Goddess The Incan High Priest takes the Diamond from the Eye of the Golden Goddess on the high podium. He raises it to the heavens and yells in his native tongue, “Save Us Giant Gods” The people are gathered around him as they kneel in reverence and keep chanting.< Less
The Secret Vault of the Mysterious Storyteller: Case 2 Gargoyle Blood By Warren Brown
eBook (ePub): $1.28
* The Aging Gargoyle Virus. Fifteen residents and four of the workers were turned to stone and they were sitting at the dinner table, having had their meals interrupted. I noticed half eaten food on... More > the plates and the residents appeared to be in the process of having their meals when they were turned to stone. * In a matter of seconds she falls off the chair dead and onto the soft red carpeted floor of the recording studio. No one rushes to help her for fear of getting contaminated with the aging virus. * The Gargoyle Epidemic. The gargoyles step onto the ledge of the balcony over the open riverside and the dock areas. On the other side of the river is the City of Fedorn, a city still untouched by the Gargoyle virus. This was an epidemic which could destroy the cities and the whole population of Chalmerpolis.< Less
The Storyteller and the Universal League of Story Builders Series: Book 1 Quake Myths By Warren Brown
eBook (ePub): $1.28
Silent Earth. The Earthquake Begins.The earth was silent like it always is.We are used to the Earth being a silent witness to the events which happen on it. There was not a sound, not even a... More > whisper. The land started to crack, fissures started to appear. The earthquake had started and the hard earth was cracking like old parchment. The Universal League of Story Builders were always close at hand to save people and the world, whenever there was a story unfolding.< Less
Crime Fighter Chronicles Storyteller: Novella Series Book 1 Fiery Eyes By Warren Brown
eBook (ePub): $2.02
Mission of the Storyteller. William Blade is visited by a phantasm with a message. He needs to visit the Dimension of Lost Souls to find out who he really is. The Journey of discovery begins as... More > William Blade sets off on the quest to becoming the Storyteller. ˃˃˃ Magic in the Art He has nothing to defend himself. It would be foolish to approach the men without any form of weapon in hand. Henry is now more nervous than afraid. He is undecided about how to handle this situation and how to react to these intruders entering his home. Henry drops the stack of papers which he has on his desk while going for his mobile phone, to phone the police, when he notices something strange. It seems that the drawings which he has done on the blank sheets of paper come alive. The cube which he had drawn comes out of the paper in a three-dimensional form and grows larger and larger surrounding him.< Less
The Secret Vault of the Mysterious Storyteller: Case 1 Kraken Dawn By Warren Brown
eBook (ePub): $1.27
Who killed the Merman? Was the crime carried out at this public place done by someone who was familiar with the area and by someone who knew how to carry out this crime? It is possible, that such a... More > crime was committed before by the murderer and that the murderer was never caught?< Less
Paranormal Presence- the Supernatural Exists By Warren Brown
eBook (PDF): $1.53
This book contains a collection of paranormal and supernatural events, which will prove that the paranormal exists. A number of us believe in the Supernatural. A few of us have experienced some... More > supernatural event in our lives, while a few of us would like to experience a paranormal phenomenon. A supernatural experience could also come in the form of a dream or a vision or some memory or even a musical tune, which seems to haunts us before or after an event in our lives.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
Paperback: $19.00