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The Spiritual Laws of Creation: The Crucial Knowledge for Humankind By Charles S. Brown
Paperback: $10.70
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The perfection of Creation-Law offers us the mechanism of automatic and self-acting immutable Law in which parameters we, through our free-will attribute, bring upon ourselves joy or pain, harmony or... More > hardship. Each one of the six primary Creation-Laws [known in their entirety by “only the few” and therefore not taught in any Church, religion, culture, school, university or scientific discipline anywhere], nonetheless unfailingly fulfils its immutable outworking in our individual lives and our societies. The interlinked outworking of all six Laws drives all of our free-will decisions to their commensurate outcomes, both in our individual lives, and within the global collective. Thus, through their automatic activity and outworking, we – in the final analysis – judge ourselves through The Law.< Less
The Gathering Apocalypse And World Judgement: What It Brings - Even Now - And Why! By Charles S. Brown
Paperback: $19.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters could kill millions in the world’s mega-cities and time is running out to prevent such catastrophes, the United Nations warns... In Kobe, the... More > Japanese city still nursing wounds from a deadly earthquake that struck a decade ago, UN emergency relief director Jan Egeland painted an apocalyptic picture. “Perhaps the most frightening prospect would be to have a truly mega-disaster in a mega-city… Then we could have not only a tsunami-style casualty rate as we saw on Boxing Day, but one that’s one hundred times that.” (from "UN Warns of Apocalypse Now") This book, the fruit of many years of inner seeking and deep delving, offers all serious seekers of the Truth a comprehensive understanding of the intrinsic processes comprising the World Judgement. It explains the cosmological and most natural processes that unite in perfect harmony to result in the long-since prophesied Apocalypse and World Judgment!< Less
Whither Cometh Humankind? (The Origins of Man) Genesis and Science Agree! By Charles S. Brown
Paperback: $9.90
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Creation versus Evolution: The great debate that rages on. Theory after theory after theory is proposed, with not even a hint of “middle ground” from either of the two opposing camps. To... More > not be able to come to a definitive answer or conclusion for our human origins quite simply means that “they” do not know. It’s all guesswork. The sticking point in this whole debate is perhaps not actually that of Creation versus Evolution, but probably more that of the time-frame required for both together! For if a time period for such a thing as “Evolutionary-Creation” can be logically established then both viewpoints can be accommodated in perfect harmony. In our view, therefore, the one key question in this debate that must be considered – yet rarely is – is: “Can Creation also be Evolution?” And/or vice-versa? Our reply is an unequivocal: — Yes, it can. And, moreover, it is!< Less
Les Deux Fils de Dieu: Ce Que La Bible Dit Réellement By Charles S. Brown
Paperback: $11.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
LE FILS DE DIEU ET LE FILS DE L'HOMME Pendant 2000 ans les chrétiens, théologiens , érudits et historiens ont interprété ces deux appellations comme se rapportant... More > a UNE PERSONNE. Cependant, tel que Charles S. Brown nous l’explique de façon irréfutable dans cette analyse simple et concise de la Bible, ces appellations ne réfèrent pas a UNE mais a DEUX PERSONNES différentes. Tout ce qui est requis pour arriver à cette simple mais profonde reconnaissance lorsque l’on puise profondément dans ce que la Bible nous offre, est un esprit alerte et réceptif. Voyez la Vérité qui a échappé au Christianisme pendant 2000 ans pour enfin reconnaître l’Autre Fils Qui a apporté à l’humanité en désarroi la Dernière Parole de Sauvetage et également, par le fait même, le Jugement du Monde!< Less

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