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Presentation of a number of obscure previously published articles, unpublished reports and new research of significance to Alberta Archaeology. McKean Lithic Technology, Archaeology of the... More > Cremona-Sundre area, Cluny Earthlodges, Cree Burial Practices, Donalda Buffalo Pound field report, Early Man and the Ice-Free Corridor, F.M. Buffalo Jump, Gull Lake Heritage Assessment, Ice Retreat and Glacial Lakes in Northern Alberta, Medicine Hills Assessment, Medicine River Crossing Cree Settlement, Battle River-Meeting Creek Land Use, North Peace Historic Settlement Sites, 111 St. Burial (Edmotnon) independent assessment, Pelican Lake Culture, Prehistoric Population Reconstructions, Trail Pattern Studies, NE Red Deer Land Use study, Rissdale Historic Cemeteries, Tail Creek Metis Settlement, Alberta Moundbuilder Culture, Battle River-Souris River Corridor, Silver Creek Ranch Site and surrounding area, Unfinished Projects, Western Cree Tipis, Ethics in Alberta Archaeology. 344 pages. Illustrations.< Less
Alberta History: West Central Alberta, 13,000 Years of Indian History - Pt. 2, 1750-1840 By Joachim Fromhold
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The aboriginal history of Central Alberta from 1750 to 1840, a period that saw significant changes in the Indian history and land uses in the region.
2001 INDIAN PLACE NAMES OF THE WEST, Part 2: Listings by Nation By Joachim Fromhold
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A partial listing of the aboriginal place names in western Canada and northwestern United States for the Assiniboin, Atsina (Gros Ventre), Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Chinook, Chippewa, Cree, Crow, Deh... More > Cho, Dene, Dene Tha (Beaver Slave),Flathead, Gwich'in, Haida, Huron, Illinois, Inuit, Iroquois, Kaw Cha Wo Tine (Hare), Kutenai, Louchoux, Nahani, Nakoda, Nez Perce, Nisga'a, Ojibway, Okanagan, Salish, Sarcee, Sekani, Shoshone/Snake, Shuswap, Siouan, Soto, Tatasn Wo Tine (Yellowknife), The Kene, Tli Cho Tine (Dogrib), Tsuu T'Ina, Tutchone, Tza Tinne, Ute. 532 pages. Numerous phots.< Less
Western Canadian People in the Past 1600-1900 A-C By Joachim Fromhold
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The only listing of historic persons and births, deaths and affiliations for western Canada and adjacent areas for the Fur Trade eras of 1600-1900
Index - Red Deer And Area, 13,000 Years of History Notes By Joachim Fromhold
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This is the first of the Index listings for the Alberta History and Western Cree History series. The intent is that an Index listing will be available for each publication, and a comprehensive Index... More > for the entire series.< Less
Fur Trade Brigade Schedules 1804-1874 By Joachim Fromhold
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A look at the Fur Trade Brigades in western Canada and the Brigade Schedules. Year after Year the brigade could be counted to show up at specific places - and more importantly, at their terminal -... More > within a day or two of a scheduled date. This publication lays out the schedule of these various brigades. In turn, these schedules can help us to know where particular persons were at a given time, and what events they were part of.< Less
The Western Cree (Pakisimotan Wi Iniwak) - Ethnography: Index By Joachim Fromhold
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An Index reference to the publication THE WESTERN CREE (Pakisimotan Wi Iniwak), Ethnography, the most comprehensice ethnography on the Cree (and Nakoda) Indians and their neighbors to date .
Alberta History: West Central Alberta - 13,000 Years of Indian History Pt. 1: to 1750 By Joachim Fromhold
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A look at the Indian history of Alberta from the ice age on up to the begining of historic times. The volume covers the deglaciation history and archaeological history of CentralAlerta, tracing the... More > development of the Algonkian inhabitants of the region to their development into the Blackfoot and Cree of today, as well as other peoples who have at one time or another occupied portions of this land. The volume also covers extensive prehistoric population/denisty reconstructions and presents considerable detail on the Pelican Lake culture and the prehistoric populations of the Cremona-Sundre area. We address and debunk some common stereotypes and misconceptions, and introduce some information previously known only to the Indian inhabitants, as well as some intriguing archaeological finds that have been generally unknown.< Less
Alberta History: THE OLD NORTH TRAIL (Cree Trail) - 15,000 Years of Indian History: Prehistoric to 1750 By Joachim Fromhold
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In the 1890's stories were circulating that at one time there had existed a 'North Trail', used by the aboriginal population and extending from the Arctic to Mexico. Historians generally... More > discounted this as a myth. As late as the 1970's the OLD NORTH TRAIL was said to be a myth. In 1971 the Author published research that indicated that such a trail did in fact exist and had a documentable history. This publication takes that documented history back to the prehistoric period and on to the early historic period of Alberta and Montana. The book describes the trail and the location of the trail, suplemented with photos, and documents the events and use of the trail and portions of the trail as known to 1750 with numerous photographs. 203 pages. A following publication will cover the more recent history of the trail. known to< Less
Alberta History: The Moundbuilder Culture in Alberta 1100 A.D. - Alberta's First Farm Communities By Joachim Fromhold
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This is the first documented discovery of a Moundbuilder/Temple Mound Culture settlement in Canada, 1000 km. from the Moundbuilder homeland. This is contrary to the accepted archaeological history of... More > Alberta. To date 40 sites, including several village/ceremonial sites related to the Mississippian Temple Mound Culture, including major earthworks, have been found. This is a northern relation to the Cahokia Temple Mound city remains. An introduction to six of the major sites to date and an attempt to identify who these early farming people were, where they came from and where they went. Photos. 155 pg.< Less

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