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America, Christianity, And The Forgotten Link By Allen Wooten
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Prov 18:17, "He who tells his story first makes people think he is right, until the other comes to test him." For almost seventy years now, we've been taught American history primarily from... More > a secularist's viewpoint, with seemingly convincing arguments for a Godless America and Constitution that it sounds right. Yet, Christian Americans have heard enough. And we're now stepping up to cross-examine their claims with books like this one. What were the religious beliefs of most of our nation's founders? Was America founded as a Christian nation and what does this mean? Where did the concept of religious freedom originate; and, how did it evolve into what it is today? If we started out as a Christian republic, then what went wrong? How can we restore our founders' original intent to America? This book highlights the Christian influences in America's exploration, colonization, national formation, and progression. Once you've heard this other side of the story, you must make up your own mind and then act on it.< Less
Kingdom Nuggets By Allen Wooten
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Matt 13:44 "The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field." The Bible... More > is the treasure map to discovering the redeposited Kingdom of God on Earth through Jesus Christ. We can spend a lifetime exploring the deeper labyrinths of God's Word, as we mine the nuggets necessary to live life abundantly. But just like the worker in the field, it will cost us everything to pursue it. "Kingdom Nuggets For Mind Renewal" is a devotions-style book designed for just that purpose - to mine deeper truths from God's Word which, when applied, can help us fulfill our combined temporal and eternal purpose. Join me on an expedition more far-reaching than a Sunday morning pew or a weekly checklist of religious disciplines. It's truths like those found inside this book that can help renew your mind and truly set you free. Are you hungry for all that the Kingdom has for you? Then let's dig in together!< Less
Kingdom Mechanics By Allen Wooten
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The entire Bible is about a King, his kids, and a Kingdom. Without understanding Kingdom principles, you cannot understand the complete message of the Bible. God is not interested in abandoning... More > Earth like most churches teach. His heart is to restore it. This is why we return to Earth in the Book of Revelation. God is saving souls so he can in turn salvage their purpose. God says neither he nor his purposes ever change. So, why do we teach that they did? This Bible study expands our limited salvation message to the full message of the Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus preached, returning us to meaningful and powerful lives advancing his Kingdom on Earth. Join me in understanding how to operate in God's Kingdom right here, right now!< Less

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Rayisms Rayisms By Ray Shufelt
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