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Creation or Evolution: Does It Really Matter What You Believe By United Church of God
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Why has evolution become so widely accepted, and why has the Bible come to be viewed with such hostility? What has changed? Inside this Bible study aid: -- Science, the Bible and Wrong Assumptions --... More > The Testimony of the New Testament -- Scientists, Creation and Evolution -- Ancient Near Eastern Concepts of Creation -- The Greek Concept of Creation -- What Does the Fossil Record Show? -- The Problem of "Living Fossils" -- The Fossil Record: Expectation vs. Fact -- The Case Against Evolution -- Darwinism Is Not the Same as Evolution -- Microevolution Doesn't Prove Macroevolution -- Competition or Cooperation: How Symbiosis Defies Darwin -- Oddities in Nature That Defy Evolution -- The Scientific Evidence: In the Eye of the Beholder -- Earth's Age: Does the Bible Indicate a Time Interval Between the First and Second Verses of Genesis? -- Genesis 1 and the Days of Creation -- The Societal Consequences of Darwinism -- The World Before Man: The Biblical Explanation< Less
Beyond Today: 100 Years of Communism the Failed Revolution By United Church of God
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Beyond Today Magazine -- November/December 2017 -- A century ago the Russian revolution toppled Czar Nicholas II and led to a communist takeover of the Russian Empire. How did that revolution come... More > about? What was it like for the people who lived under the communist system? What were the results of this misguided experiment to create a human utopia without God? And why is it so hard to create a human government that really works? Inside this issue -- The Problem With Human Government -- 100 Years of Communism: The Failed Revolution -- The Soviet Union: The Dream and the Reality -- Today’s Economic Systems: Are They Biblical? -- Russia’s Influence on America and the World -- The Balfour Declaration: 100 Years Later -- Living the Dream: What Will It Be Like? -- Why Is Perfect Government So Elusive? -- Why Some Christians Don’t Celebrate Christmas -- The Sin of Lying -- Follow Me: Three Gardens With One Purpose—the Culmination< Less
Beyond Today: In Our Modern World, Can We Trust the Bible? By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Beyond Today Magazine -- January/February 2018 -- Can we believe the Bible? With so many criticizing it for so long, is it trustworthy? What does the evidence from history, science and archaeology... More > reveal? It’s about time you heard the truth about what the evidence really teaches us—and it’s far different from what the critics say! Inside this issue -- The Bible: Controversy at the Nation’s Capital -- Can We Trust the Bible on Christ as the Only Way? -- A Visit to the New Museum of the Bible -- Can We Believe the Bible? -- Does Archaeology Confirm the Existence of Specific People Mentioned in the Bible? -- What Is Hell? -- 4 Different Words Translated “Hell” in English Bibles -- God’s Challenge to Trinitarianism -- A World in Need of Rescue -- When Respect Is Gone, Rebellion Prevails -- The Fear of God: Seven Attributes -- “Amen. Even So, Come Lord Jesus” -- Where Are the United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy? -- Naboth’s Vineyard and a Latrine in Lachish< Less
Jesus Christ: Saved By His Life - A Bible Study Aid Presented By By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A Christian's walk is challenging, and trials can be overwhelming at times. But through the birth, perfect life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we have hope in the ability to overcome life's... More > challenges. Find out how we are saved by His life. -- Inside this booklet: -- Introduction -- "He has risen!" -- The resurrection of Jesus Christ: Miracle of the Ages -- Christ's Resurrection: Bigger Than Easter -- A defining teaching -- Sign of the Messiah -- Christ our Passover -- "We shall be saved by His life" -- Conclusion< Less
Who Is the Antichrist? - A Bible Study Aid Presented By By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Who is the Antichrist? Bible prophecy of the end time talks about this mysterious figure. Is he the one identified as the “man of sin” and the “false prophet”? Or is there... More > more to the story than that? The answer is deeply personal and forces Christians to examine the very core of their relationship with Jesus Christ. -- Inside this booklet: -- Standing against Christ -- Heresies denying Jesus as God in the flesh -- A man who would make himself as God -- The coming "Abomination of Desolation" -- Jesus Christ is coming as conquering King -- What the Bible really says about antichrist -- The ultimate antichrist -- Stand strong with Christ< Less
Forgiveness is Possible - A Bible Study Aid Presented By By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Forgiving others can be very difficult to do, especially when we’ve been deeply hurt. It can also be hard to admit wrong and seek forgiveness when we are at fault. But both are absolute musts!... More > Forgiveness is at the core of Christian faith, belief and action. It’s only by God’s grace that we can be saved, and His grace is the foundation of His forgiveness of our sins. That forgiveness was made possible by God’s love and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. We must never take that lightly. We must do everything that’s necessary to receive God’s initial forgiveness of all our past sins. And then for the rest of our lives, we must daily ask God for His forgiveness for any new sins we have committed. -- The Spiritual Need to Forgive Others -- How is sin forgiven? -- Baptism’s role in repentance and forgiveness -- God Can and Will Forgive You -- Jesus Christ’s perfect love and sacrifice -- Burying the past -- Live a New Life in Christ< Less
Christ's Reign On Earth: What It Will Be Like - A Bible Study Aid Presented By By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Just as He promised, Jesus Christ is returning soon. When He comes He will replace the human governments of the world with His own Kingdom of peace and joy. Find out what Jesus' reign on earth will... More > look like and how you can be there to see it. -- Introduction -- The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil -- A Dream Come True -- Causes of War -- The Way of Peace -- The Entire World is in Need of a Heart Transplant -- Changing Hearts and Minds -- The Wonders of the World Beyond Today -- Jesus Chris is coming with His Kingdom - Choose life today!< Less
Beyond Today -- The Handwriting on the Wall: A Warning for Today By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Beyond Today Magazine - Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow - January/February 2016 - Inside this issue: -- The Handwriting on the Wall -- Babylon Stands Against God -- The Bible’s Prophetic... More > Puzzle—Can You Put It Together? -- When Terror Strikes: Where Is God? -- Europe at a Crossroads:What Lies Ahead? -- A Dangerous New Trend: Police Under Attack -- The Chance to Be Unlimited -- The Smallest of Beginnings -- Learning to Love All Over Again -- Bible Answers for . . . Coping With Stress -- Mini-Study: Are We Living in the “Time of the End”? -- Questions and Answers -- Current Events and Trends -- Letters From Our Readers< Less
Beyond Today -- What Is Real Leadership? By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Beyond Today Magazine - September/October 2016 -- Inside this issue: -- A Little-Known Feast of the Bible -- What Is Real Leadership? -- God’s Instructions for Rulers -- The Immigration... More > Threat -- A Christian Perspective on Immigrants -- Brexit: What Does It Mean for Your World? -- God’s Greatest Miracle -- Celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles in Today’s World -- How Do Christians Celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles Today? -- God’s Feast-Steps of Salvation -- Lessons From the Parables: Are You a Wise and Watching Christian? -- Follow Me... Don’t You Know Christ Is in You? -- Are You Running on Fumes? -- Bible Prophecy and You: Amazing Examples of Prophecies Already Fulfilled -- Current Events and Trends -- Letters From Our Readers< Less
The Rapture Versus the Bible - A Bible Study Aid Presented By By United Church of God
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Christians all over the world are looking for a sudden rescue - a Rapture - to save them from the coming time of trouble. But does this Rapture teaching come from the Bible? Explore the roots of this... More > doctrine and discover the wonderful hope of resurrection God has planned for all mankind. - Inside this booklet: - Countering the rapture error - A definition of common terms - Graphic: We'll meet Christ in the air - but when? - Graphic: Timeline of End Time Events - Graphic: Chapter Outline of the Book of Revelation - The seventh trumpet - the return of Jesus Christ - Popular Rapture teachings obscure Biblical truth - The hope of the resurrection< Less

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