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Isabelle and Antoine By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
Paperback: $6.07
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A short story that simply began with a serendipitously, propitiously unintended, and unplanned meeting. A short story suggesting that: It is never too late to love and passionately live with... More > someone you never met before and this late in life, and yet do so in absolute serenity, while being able to enter in opinionated discussions with passion and discernment without compromising such a precious friendship and relationship.< Less
SECRET DAUGHTER: A Pathology of Intended Circumstances By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
Paperback: $28.14
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All of Jean Ovide Bourdeau's previous works were, among other things, attempts at answering the savagery implied in the demotion of women as a group - a crucial element of domination everywhere in... More > the course of history in all cultures and ethnic groups to this day. This work although very different from all the others has been faithful to that same mission, purpose and objective. This novelized biography is a narrative demonstrating the singular callousness and cowardice within one dysfunctional family in particular and by extension within larger groups, as well as an attempt to highlight the wounding and crippling of a child’s sense of self-worth and self-expression. Helen, the central character to this story, is an integral and admittedly small part of the worldwide savagery of which, the demotion of women has been a shameful, constituent and continuing part of our human history. Here then are the muffled cries of a child in extreme pain many years ago, now still suffering through severe panic attacks.< Less
WORKMAN STREET: Wretched Lives In A Land Of Plenty By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
Paperback: $14.67
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Although highlighted by a premeditated murder this is nevertheless the story of a people living a life without expectations during the Thirties, Forties and Fifties in urban ghettos of... More > Montréal, condemned by circumstances to live a life of misery without history and future. Observed by a boy, caught up in the same poverty trap and wounded intellectually for a few years with a massive indoctrination program of servile obedience and enforced acceptance without question to a dogmatic belief system – in this case the French-Canadian medieval version of Roman Catholicism of olden days. In the end, it brings out a ray of hope by suggesting that, similar to the first group of entrepreneurs of the Beauce region – those original and inspiring ‘can do’ people of Québec – a generalized underground movement has at last begun an original creativity and economic development, bypassing the previous limits of language, stifling religion, and the ideological self-imposed traditional barriers to entrepreneurship and business.< Less
TOTAL MYSTERY: On the Ambiguity of Conscious Existence By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
Paperback: $21.19
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The complete silence from the Cosmos along with 'The Marvelous' and 'The Extraordinary' surrounding us all everywhere and invading our existence from a source and a logic hidden from us all has set... More > fear in many about of our origin and purpose. Our short temporal life has emphasized a sense of nothingness on our part in the vastness of an apparent unending world, and an obvious infinite ambiguity in all things. Sadly, the scared ones seek arbitrary, concocted, and proprietary metaphors of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, which in their case of course must never be questioned – lest those already in fear of everything be-come ever more fearful of everything. Yet, despite all the total mystery in which we exist, we are provided with life and self-awareness as instruments for an existence lived in joy, kindness, ever-increasing knowledge, and sanity, should we choose to do so. The choice being ours, we must become ethical despite the total mystery about our existence and ultimate destination.< Less
TOTAL POSSIBILITY : Open-ended Imagination and Infinite Potential By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
Paperback: $23.26
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Like a ‘search and rescue’ helicopter, we will again be all over the place, hovering here and there, as we focus on one thing after another, trying to discover loose ends to unravel,... More > patterns to identify, similarities to observe and so on. Again, we do this through series of other ad hoc thoughts and questions now gathered into other broad subjects under the biggest of all intellectual umbrellas — trying to decipher if possible the purpose of humankind and the idea that all is possible if we could only decode the Cosmic process that created us and gave us self-awareness.< Less
PRIMAL IMPULSE: On the Yearning for Eternal Life and Other Social Concordats By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
Paperback: $21.10
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We have an extreme fear of death and feign to have discovered the ultimate source of power, authority and knowledge to compensate for it. We also act like spoiled children absurdly rebelling against... More > provable facts, preferring insane, cruel, destructive and unquestionable illusions. We often mask our intentions in order to camouflage missions and objectives of conquest at all costs based on dogmatic beliefs. We also possess an irrepressible compulsion toward that universal yearning for “Eternal Life” beyond our Earthly existence and other unexamined social concordats. Yet, life can be so much more. So interesting, so joyous, so rewarding, so pleasant and so safe, on the only Cosmic globe (in who knows how many light-years around us) able to supports the sort of biological life form making our precarious existence possible. That is why among other things; we have to survive as sane living self-aware entities. And in the mean time we try to rationalize if there exist something beyond our Earthly existence.< Less
ETHICAL SELF: On The Nascent Ethical Age Now Beginning By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
Paperback: $15.28
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Unless I am already insane or by now deliberately malevolent: I must avoid meaningless pronouncements, absurd statements, pompous quotes, false erudition, glib presentations, theological... More > pontificating, politically-correct talks, doctrinal imperatives, ideological assertions, exaggerated conclusions, managed confusion between facts and values, trendy biases, pretensions of pseudo knowledge, unverified and unproven allegations, unquestionable obscured text, fuzzy meanings, values and standards, stupid or unsupported or plainly absurd analogies, subversive intellectual aggression against open-ended reasoning, appeals to manufactured authority instead of lucid and rationally consistent logic, and other pernicious anti-intellectual strategies and tactics meant for the conquest of our minds. I must also insist to live in bliss in an environment wherein all 'Inalienable Individual Rights' are respected, because it is the absolute respect of these rights that guarantee we and our society become ethical.< Less
QUEBEC 5.0 By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
Paperback: $15.29
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The is above all an exercise of tough love addressed to my very own people, French-speaking French-Canadians from the province of Québec. Tough indeed it is, I admit, but a love of my people... More > nonetheless, sadly expressed in English, since my community of the Forties and Fifties did not see to it that I receive a French education – except for a very limited one in primary school. I was after all too poor and not Catholic enough (if I ever considered myself religious at all) in that small world of Ste-Cunégonde within the St Henri area of my origin, so well described by Gabrielle Roy. It is also and above all an expression of hope for the future, as I peer into what I believe, we, as a community, can contribute to the generations following us as well as for the rest of the world. Two interconnected and intermingled themes are discussed here throughout by means of unorthodox political discussions that only two older mature soul mates are capable of.< Less
ASTONISHMENT: A Few Moments of Wonder By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
Paperback: $13.81
Prints in 3-5 business days
A few embryonic texts are assembled here in a somewhat helter-skelter way, because I have little time left and no longer possess the inclination to complete them as separate essays. Leftover texts... More > that belonged nowhere specifically, but which I decided to put under a same cover simply because – like a precious child – I did not want to lose them. They can be seen as connected to an appreciation of the life awarded me and which I do indeed enjoy daily — an opportunity exceptionally offered me, since I am lucky enough to have been born and spent my life in Canada. They nonetheless continue to hint at the general notion supporting the theoretical and practical pursuit of happiness within a plausible, pleasurable, and non-threatening environment in the midst of that short lifespan allotted us. Overall, they also provide personal examples of a life tremendously appreciated, occasionally recalled, and now modestly lived in seclusion, simplicity, and harmony.< Less
IMMACULATE PERCEPTIONS: Marketing and Selling of Dogmas By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
Paperback: $28.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
The overriding premise invoked in this series implies, if not proposes altogether, that the “Brave New World” has already begun, and that Aldous Huxley’s estimate of 600 years was... More > far too optimistic and generous, if we continue with our hateful attitude and malevolent comportment.The underpinning argument in this series now beginning advocates, if not strongly testifies, in the midst of hundreds of multi-faceted thoughts and comments that: Nearly all of us are seriously hampered when not severely crippled by our dogmatic belief systems, because the unquestionable, arbitrary, immutable, and proprietary logic they contain make it right and dogmatically moral to commit horrific acts of shame and horror sublimated in genocides and wars as proven by our world history. Yet, we are only for the moment luckily in the eye of the storm of terror that is all around us, although series of events at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st are beginning at last to get us out of our hypnotic trance.< Less

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