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WORKMAN STREET: Wretched Lives In A Land Of Plenty By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
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This is the sad story of a people living a life without expectations mainly during the Thirties, Forties and Fifties in urban ghettos of poverty in southwest Montréal – people condemned... More > by circumstances to live a life of misery without history and future. A situation here observed through the eyes of a boy, also caught up in the same poverty trap and wounded intellectually for a few years with a massive indoctrination program of servile obedience and enforced acceptance without question of a dogmatic belief system – in this case the French-Canadian medieval version of Roman Catholicism of olden days. As such then this is by necessity a brutal and at times vulgar exposé of the cold reality of life in greater Saint-Henri – particularly its Sainte-Cunégonde and Sainte-Irénée sections – in southwest Montréal during the early life of that little guy, called Ti-Jean.< Less
SECRET DAUGHTER: A Pathology of Intended Circumstances By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
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All of Jean Ovide Bourdeau's previous works were, among other things, attempts at answering the savagery implied in the demotion of women as a group - a crucial element of domination everywhere in... More > the course of history in all cultures and ethnic groups to this day. This work although very different from all the others has been faithful to that same mission, purpose and objective. This novelized biography is a narrative demonstrating the singular callousness and cowardice within one dysfunctional family in particular and by extension within larger groups, as well as an attempt to highlight the wounding and crippling of a child’s sense of self-worth and self-expression. Helen, the central character to this story, is an integral and admittedly small part of the worldwide savagery of which, the demotion of women has been a shameful, constituent and continuing part of our human history. Here then are the muffled cries of a child in extreme pain many years ago, now still suffering through severe panic attacks.< Less
UNFINISHED... : A Gathering of Embryonic but Never to be Completed Essays By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
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The unfinished essays gathered here consist of, both, related and remotely allied topics about the general notion sup-porting the theoretical and practical pursuit of happiness within a plausible,... More > pleasurable and non-threatening environment in the midst of the short life allotted us. These more or less embryonic essays are assembled here in a somewhat helter-skelter way, because I have little time left and no longer possess the inclination to complete them as separate essays. Overall, they also provide personal examples of a life tremendously appreciated and modestly lived in seclusion, simplicity and harmony.< Less
ETHICAL SELF: On The Nascent Ethical Age Now Beginning By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
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When we are simultaneously faced with the extraordinary luxury of making a deliberate choice between kind and hurtful acts, ethics then becomes de rigueur – unless I am already insane or by now... More > deliberately malevolent. Indeed, integrity of intent and purpose in an atmosphere of sanity and kindness in everything is absolutely essential to become an ethical person. That is why: We must continuously avoid meaningless pronouncements, absurd statements, pompous quotes, false erudition, glib presentations, sloppy generalizations, theological pontificating, politically-correct talks, ambiguous proclamations, doctrinal imperatives, ideological assertions, exaggerated conclusions, managed confusion between facts and values as if the same, trendy biases, pretension of pseudo knowledge about unverified and unproven allegations, unquestionable obscured text, and other pernicious anti-intellectual strategies and tactics meant for the conquest of our minds.< Less
PRIMAL IMPULSE: On the Yearning for Eternal Life and Other Social Concordats By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
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We have an extreme fear of death and feign to have discovered the ultimate source of power, authority and knowledge to compensate for it. We also act like spoiled children absurdly rebelling against... More > provable facts, preferring insane, cruel, destructive and unquestionable illusions. We often mask our intentions in order to camouflage missions and objectives of conquest at all costs based on dogmatic beliefs. We also possess an irrepressible compulsion toward that universal yearning for “Eternal Life” beyond our Earthly existence and other unexamined social concordats. Yet, life can be so much more. So interesting, so joyous, so rewarding, so pleasant and so safe, on the only Cosmic globe (in who knows how many light-years around us) able to supports the sort of biological life form making our precarious existence possible. That is why among other things; we have to survive as sane living self-aware entities. And in the mean time try to rationalize if there exist something beyond our Earthly existence.< Less
PURPOSE UNKNOWN: On the Ambiguity of Earthly Existence By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
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We at last move on to a more positive outlook - a cosmic one this time - about the unearned, most ambiguous, mysterious, rarest and privileged opportunity of being both alive and self-aware. And as... More > we do so, we examine a few fundamental themes and metaphysical premises, which, we, members of this species, tend to ponder over in the course of our life, as we cumulatively gain more wisdom across the generations, elevating that astuteness to the level of ethics, as we begin this 21st century CE, based on the total respect of all of our 'Inalienable Individual Rights'. So, this is a basic exercise in defining some logic to our Earthly existence in the apparent infinite vastness of the cosmos, since we seem caught up in what appears to be an undecipherable mission and purpose. As if we had been produced for a 'Purpose Unknown' to us all – at least at our present level of understanding.< Less
TABOOS and TOTEMS: Biased Conventions To Be Challenged By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
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We are all subjected to accept prepackaged beliefs to a lesser or greater degree by the society to which we belong – including the smaller groups constituting it, once we become a member of a... More > such social unit. While without a doubt several of those beliefs are necessary elements in the form of temporary taboos and totems to create and re-enforce the membrane of cohesion essential to societal constitution and continuity, many among them, however, are permanently prejudicial to the sane functioning of an ethical society generally and the individuals constituting it particularly. That is why: It is our duty as sane individuals to question all unproven claims or mythologies imposed upon us – whatever forms they take. It is part of our 'Inalienable Individual Rights' - nothing less.< Less
DOMINATION: Global Totalitarianism and 'The Most Special Group on Earth' By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
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This third essay continues to cover again in the briefest way possible the obvious and ongoing issue of planetary leadership in the implementation of the worldwide program of supremacy now in... More > progress — including more precisely this time the following proposition: We will eventually be led and managed by the most powerful, yet the smallest and the richest group of people on Earth gathered as a single, coherent and coordinated management unit—a group of highly privileged owners and stakeholders of everything of importance and of greatest value with which they will control everyone and everything. This is the group, which has been referred to since the beginning of this series as ”The Most Special Group on Earth”.< Less
JUST A FEW: Ideas That Could Not Be Expressed in Words By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
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The thematic literary series titled separately as “Politics of Despair” and Politics of Integrity” had a cousin in the form of artworks before, during and after their... More > publication. These were originally produced in a hurry for commercial purposes and with the least concern for fully developed works and for the minutiae required in the tracing back of administrative record keeping associated with keeping a data base of such works – except on a few occasions. Art whatever its forms is an expression of existence – real, sensed or imagined – that cannot be articulated though the written word. Whether it emerges in extremely meticulous and ultra-realistic details or simply in a rush without emphasis on the minutiae of that reality. it is after all merely a representation of sensations transfixing and absorbing the intellectual world of its creator.< Less
ETHICS OF ONE: Debunking Dogmatic Morality By Jean Ovide Bourdeau
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The purpose of this essay and others to follow in a series called “Politics of Despair” is intended to elucidate the extraordinary planetary-wide anomaly of purposely refusing to... More > understand the world as it really is; the reasons behind our human history of wars, genocides and general violent confrontations; the demotion of women in nearly all cultures and their treatment as slaves, a servant class and chattel in the course of history to this day; the creation and nurturing of pools of poor and dependent people to serve those in charge at the lowest possible costs—the best being slavery; the totalitarianism of religion and secular fascist governance, which despite all claims to the contrary steals from us through guilt, naivety and by means of tax exemptions and other financial schemes in order to maintain their existence — and yet we let them do it.< Less