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Ahmed, S. (2008). Wisdom Poisons Life. Philosophical Frontiers, 3, 2, 1-11. By Saladdin Ahmed
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Ignorance is a necessary condition for life. The will to truth is against the will to power. There is a contradiction between understanding and strength, or knowledge and action. In other words,... More > knowledge prevents life. The more you know, the less you are capable of action. Life is there to be lived not to be known. In my paper, I try to show the contradiction between wisdom and life in Nietzsche’’s writings. I especially concentrate on Beyond Good and Evil and, to a lesser degree, some of his other works. I will show how this very contradiction makes Nietzsche’’s own project of overman impossible. Is the overman a wise person or a strong person; a sage or a hero; a philosopher or a king? The overman cannot be both wise and strong, and hence, the philosopher-king is a paradoxical term. In the end of my essay, I suggest a solution to the problem within the Nietzschean understanding of philosophy.< Less

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