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In 2009 after publication of my last book - National Service, Elvis & Me! – I planned to write another book. But fate intervened and after self-publishing my previous books demand grew from... More > others who wanted help to get their own books into print. Whilst we were busy publishing books for others, I appealed for anecdotes and stories to include in Why Should England Tremble. Over 60 people generously submitted contributions, but it was only in March 2012, on a tranquil island, near Luxor in Egypt, that I was able to start shuffling the entries and putting the book together. Why Should England Tremble? is the result - a Miscellany of Anecdotes, Facts, Humour & Memories which have come from many individuals and sources. I do hope you enjoy reading this book which I feel it is the sort of light hearted book you can pick up and laugh at and put down in between reading the more serious stuff.< Less
God Bless the Prince of Wales By David Fowler
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'God Bless the Prince of Wales' is the story of the town of Scarborough and the Prince of Wales and other hotels in the town during WWII. Hotels were requisitioned to train RAF aircrew. Some of the... More > 6,000 aircrew who trained in the town, recall their training and what they went on to do. Blackouts, rationing, evacuees, queuing for silk stockings, young men who rowed across the North Sea to assist our War effort, heroism, air raids, incendiaries, injury, and death are mentioned and there are many touches of humour. Also mentioned is the Lancaster bomber which ‘buzzed’ the town; the Lysander plane which crashed killing both pilots; pilot training on Oliver’s Mount for clandestine operations; bravery and heroism in the air and on the ground; the Resistance in Italy near Monte Cassino; and did Hitler really instruct the Luftwaffe not to bomb the Grand Hotel as he wanted to make it his Reich Chancellery had he won the war? With 240 pages and many photographs this book is a fascinating read.< Less
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The story starts in 1541, then moves swiftly forward, weaving a fascinating web including World War II; The Long March (sometimes called The Death March); the first UK jet plane flight; wiping out... More > very early TV signals; what was possibly then the world’s smallest radio; National Service; Ouija boards and creepy feelings; meeting Elvis Presley, and Freddie Trueman; banking anecdotes; mailing £15,000 through the GPO; how banking has altered over the years; holiday visits; Clubs and organisations in which the author was involved; losing a bet and appearing in the ballet SleepingBeauty; ‘dropping the latch’ at Castle Howard; superb wines with La Jurade de Saint–Emilion; meeting HRH Prince Charles; a holiday island in the middle of the Nile; a Crown Court case; meeting the Lord Chief Justice; and so on… All the above and much, much more is interwoven into this story.< Less
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National Service, Elvis and Me! is a serious but light-hearted look at the 13 years of peacetime National Service which led to the call-up of around 2.3 million men in their late teenage years. Most... More > men served for 2 years between 1949 and 1961. Every alternate Thursday for 13 years 6,000 men were called-up and allocated to either the Army, the RAF or the Royal Navy. Elvis Presley was on manoeuvres in Germany with the US Forces when he entered the story, and Sir Alan Ayckbourn, Harry Corbett, Brian Clough, Kenny Lynch, Bill Wyman and other personalities also feature. Serious in some parts, and hilariously funny in others, there are tales of training in the UK; square bashing and ’bulling',war games the antics many of the testosterone charged men got up to; humour; and the camaraderie which arose from men being thrown into a massive pond and having to sink or swim. With 425 pages and many photographs this book is a fascinating read for anyone.< Less
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The Clock Café story relates the history of Clock Café, perched on the cliff side over the South Bay at Scarborough. The café was built in 1913 so 2013 is its centenary and this... More > book has been written to celebrate that , with all proceeds going to a worthwhile charity.< Less
DON ROBINSON- The story of a High Flier By David Fowler
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Don Robinson is a self-made businessman, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. After National Service in the RAF he set up trampolines on Scarborough’s beach. He 'launched' pirate radio ship... More > 270. He brought Little Richard to Bridlington. He organised the first Charter flights between the UK and Las Vegas. In Scarborough he was involved in Flamingoland, Zoo and Marineland, Waterscene, It’s a Knockout and Mr Marvel’s Theme Park. Don took up wrestling then became a wrestling promoter. He bought and successfully ran Scarborough’s Royal Opera House and became chairman of Scarborough Football Club and later, Hull City FC. He was President of Scarborough Cricket Club. Don was involved in the Live Aid Charity and, in London he owned Winston Churchill’s Britain at War exhibition, and the London Dungeon. When Bulgaria left the Eastern Bloc he was one of the first western businessmen to knock on the country's door and negotiate new business. Don Robinson, now 80, is indeed a High Flier!< Less
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‘Living in the past. It’s always said pejoratively, as if the past is necessarily inferior to the future, or at any rate less important; nobody’s ever condemned for looking... More > forward, only back. But the truth is that we live in the past, whether we like it or not. That’s where our life takes shape. Somewhere ahead, however near or far, is the end. But behind, shrouded in clouds of forgetting, lies the beginning’. This book about Scarborough IS unashamedly about looking back from the first mention of Scarborough in 8000 BC to the present day. It is not a formal history; rather a miscellany of interesting facts culled from many sources stretching back over the years.< Less

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