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Mary Go-Round By Ken Ludden
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"Mary Go-Round" began as a serial publication in Michael's Weekly Entertainment Guide in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. The column became an instant success with a nearly cult following... More > in the alternative, LGBT communities on the east coast of the United States. In time the column grew into screen play form and a pilot was shot on location in San Francisco, using the offices of then City Supervisor Gavin Newsom (later Mayor of San Francisco, and then Lt. Governor of California) for the Congressional scenes. The AIDS scare plot line from the story was later turned into the stage play "A Time Below" which was met with critical acclaim at the AIDS Theater Conference. This is a story of the clash of cultures: the old south of Knoxville, TN; insider Congressional Washington, DC and gay sub-culture. Ludden's point of view and vast life experience takes you into these worlds as nobody else can. This is the ride of a lifetime!< Less
A Time Below By Ken Ludden
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"A Time Below" was first presented in 1999 at the President's AIDS Update Conference in San Francisco, as the centerpiece of the AIDS Theater Festival. The play, taken from the popular... More > novel Mary Go-Round, made waves at the time as controversial. Set in 1982, the play deals with the fact that many in those early days were so afraid to be tested they ended up paying with their lives. But the play goes deeper, showing that every life into which AIDS comes is a full and complex. Courtland Kendoll works for his Congressman, a homophobe and bigot. He falls in love with a black man, which sends his family into a tail spin. Amidst this culture clash, young Cory suddenly finds himself in a head on confrontation with AIDS and his Southern roots. This play is an excellent case study from a recent historical past that speaks to all eras of prejudice, fear and the truth of the heart.< Less
Mystics Dictionary of Spirit Language LPE By Ken Ludden
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For Spiritual communication with mankind the only thing of importance is that the message get through in tact, without being altered by belief, attitude or even intellectual certainty. Spiritual... More > living, and the kind of vision that comes with it, is often opposed to that which the mind believes is logical. This dictionary gives the meanings of images and ideas when they come from a purely Spiritual source. Definitions in this dictionary are based on the Essential Function of the person, place or thing relative to those other persons, places and things that surround and come into contact with the original. With this work, it is possible to find out what dreams mean, should they be communication from spirit. But that is not its primary intention, for this Dictionary has the main purpose of assisting students of Mystic Traditions, primarily Ankahr Muse apprentices. Now it a helpful large print version.< Less
A San Francisco Journalist By Ken Ludden
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From an international career in classical ballet ended suddenly by an on-stage accident, Ken Ludden found himself perfectly suited to journalism. Follow this prolific writer’s quirky path to an... More > art form of communication—the written word—that had been so difficult for him to master as a student. His experiences in life, beginning with international travel at a young age and vast experience on stage, led him to write on a wide range of subjects: Classical Ballet -- Activism – AIDS/HIV – Alcoholism – Relationships – Celebrities – Sexuality – Employment – Politics – Family – Fashion – Health – Obituaries – Exercise – Cooking – History – Art – Education – Mysticism -- Entertainment and more. With more than two dozen books currently in print, Ludden’s work chronicles life from the mid-1970s to the current, with a building authority along that route.< Less
Mystic Apprentice: Volume 4 - Clairvoyant Skills By Ken Ludden
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The Mystic Apprentice series is the companion text to the study and apprenticeship program of Ankahr Muse training. Uncovered in Hungary at the onset of World War II, this mystic tradition is among... More > the oldest traditions of mysticism in Eastern Europe, and by some estimates predates even the ancient Egyptian civilizations. This text deals with the 4th Level of training, the Clairvoyant Skills. In this book you will find a vast wealth of knowledge to support your study as you progress to use your ability to attain vision and messages to help guide others on their paths. NOW IN LARGE PRINT.< Less
Level 3 Color Supplemental: Symbols and Glyphs By Ken Ludden
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This color supplemental is to be used in conjunction with Mystic Apprentice Volume 3: Meditative Skills of the Ankahr Muse apprenticeship textbook series. It contains reference materials printed in... More > full color to assist the apprentice in learning ancient and modern symbology.< Less
Mystic Apprentice Volume 4: Clairvoyant Skills By Ken Ludden
Paperback: $24.95
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Level 4 of the Mystic Apprentice textbook series presents more advanced levels of readings, and deeper levels of trance work. It looks at the historic development of the world's religions as they had... More > impact on these practices, and on how governments have found some of our mystic practices of interest. This is intended as a textbook companion to the Ankahr Muse mystic apprenticeship program.< Less
Mystic Consul II: Assurance Secondaire - Messaging By Ken Ludden
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Text book for second phase of Mystic Consul training. In this book is the complete guide to translating message from Spirit, and includes abridged dictionaries of both Spirit Speaks Language, and... More > First Language. For the serious student of mystic traditions, who wishes one day to be able to assist any priest, pastor, rabbi, guru, yogi or any other religious leader or speaker as they perform their ministry in the world.< Less
Mystic Apprentice Volume 1: Manifest Skills By Ken Ludden
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A complete basic introduction to ancient Eastern European mystic traditions, never before published. This ancient system has been an oral tradition thus far, only passed down from Master to... More > Apprentice. While Ankahr Muse still adheres to this tradition, this book supplies the Mystic Apprentice with a reference guide to their studies, and unlocks the mysteries of Mystic traditions to all who read it.< Less
Mystic Apprentice Volume 6: Mystic Skills By Ken Ludden
Paperback: $21.95
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Volume 6: Mystic Skills, completes the textbook series that supports the Ankahr Muse Apprenticeship Program. This book is meant to serve as a meditation guide. Centered on the 22 tenets of... More > Spirituality that form the basis of most early mystic traditions, this text works through each of these with a focused meditation. These texts are meant to be koans in nature, provocative to the heart, and inspirational for the mystic voyager. The 6th and final level of training takes the Apprentice beyond space-time, and allows for each who goes there to have free access to all that is 'other' to our conscious awareness of all that is in manifest form. It is the highest form of Spiritual practice during the life phase of the soul. Those who master these meditations have taken the first small step toward the potential all beings have for enlightenment.< Less