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The Cold Yellow Eye of Fate - A Short Story By Steven Newell
eBook (ePub): $2.10
Somewhere in space and time a story mostly of images and feelings forms this reading, perhaps as a warning? You try to be true to yourself and family. You try to show that you listen. No matter... More > what you do the world will happen to you and we are never prepared for everything.< Less
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Goddess Revolution and Allon By Steven Newell
eBook (ePub): $2.89
The feminine presence among the cosmic intelligence of the immortal Android beings called the Regents governing the Allon Space Travelling Civilization, begin to show a new change. The voice of their... More > concern for the ecology of Earth builds a great new resolve to stop the pollution of industry. Even as untold progress on space exploration is being achieved, massive change is mandated by these powerful beings. With so much ancient history behind them the truth before them is to take care of the Earth. There can be no compromise of the Earth as Space is explored and developed. His pride doesn't prevent her humility because she knows that the Earth, her child, must not parish. She will stop their war. She will protect her child. And eventually, he will listen to her. It's always been that way.< Less
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Shadow of My Dreams: The Allon National (Revised) By Steven Newell
Paperback: $20.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Although his seeking to accomplish great things in the goal of the "American dream" is fallen before his eyes, there is a meaning which is new. As he faces the truth before him, a kind of... More > cosmic connection grows more apparent in his awareness. He finds new ways of being, and a mindfulness in expression that does work for his life anyway. While he may never be and Admiral in the US military, he feels a growing awareness of his leadership as his ideal of being an Astronaut become more clear to him. And his resistance to advice on how to be "a man" has kept his friendship and good relations with others in the arts who are also non-conformist to antiquated ways of dealing with their humanity. He sees a bigger dream that he understood as a teenager, and he lives well in the shadow of his dreams.< Less
Shadows and Allon Lovers By Steven Newell
eBook (ePub): $1.04
Sci-Fi "what if" speculating that through the galaxy all humans are artificially modified? This is the fourth book of Allon Sci-fi. What would humanity do in a billion years given rapid... More > growth in technology we see, in a universe 13 billion years old? Are they here now? Alien machines made of molecules and work with flesh as if molding clay? An individual living for thousands of years has mellowed, not bothered by Gay affection. Immortal living still protects body health perhaps even more. Anger holds new dimensions before an Internet technology grown over a billion years! Jealousy and anger still can risk disaster. Advanced science can not prevent a war of revenge. Does love conquer all, even here? There are reasons to believe it does!< Less
Out of the Islands of Fear By Steven Newell
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Book Seven of Allon Sci-Fi, is a story of experiencing a life centered in the subtle aspects of the time/space reality of quantum physics, like seeing it as linked to an old singularity. It is the... More > purpose of the sustaining of biological life in this solar system and through this galaxy as a social value? They view the Earth as going wrong as it evolves toward nuclear war? Taking a virtual 3D image of the functioning brain, the connectome of 1000 sample leaders is the solution. They run a simulated Earth based on reliable sample data to decide what to do. In the process, they discover one of their own has tried to use their science industry here to exploit personal social power and goals. Tragedy results and confession of mistakes must happen. Yet through the journey lessons will be learned, and even reparations for universal salvation. God never deserts us.< Less
Allon's Brush-fire in Time By Steven Newell
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Book Five in Allon Sci-Fi shows what physics does to existence is amazing, and yes even offers healing to our very Souls. Our mastery of space is our mastery of time as well. Yet as we explore the... More > challenges out there, we keep discovering the challenges and burdens actually harbored within us. Still, there is much to look forward too. We begin to see how the politics of power and hate extend from our own primal fears. If we discover more of our inner selves, will we be ready? Because we can't use our fascination and exploring of what's out there as an evasion of what we are carrying within ourselves. And "They who from the Heavens to the Earth do come" will not have labels on everyone as that is not a need they have. After many centuries, you evolve to self-transcendence.< Less

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