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The Fourth Eye: A Spiritual Primer By Lisa Raphael
eBook (PDF): $9.99
The Fourth Eye: A Spiritual Primer is a visionary work of art, an expression of the author's mature wisdom and insight, inspired by unseen forces. Lisa Raphael presents a totally unique view of the... More > Creation, "God", and our place in Creation; one that incorporates knowledge of intelligent life beyond our universe, other dimensions of consciousness, and universal spiritual principles. Much has been kept hidden from us. With THE Fourth Eye: A Spiritual Primer, Lisa Raphael effectively bridges the gaps between scientific, psychological religious and/or spiritual approaches to the great questions of life, in clear and cohesive manner. .Lisa's insights into hope, fear, responsibility, purpose, mystery, and the implications of inter-galactic life serve to open the reader's fourth eye.< Less
Princess From Maldek: A Visionary Exploration of The Fifth Realm By Lisa Raphael
eBook (PDF): $11.00
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A brilliant interweaving of personal and transpersonal experiences, Princess From Madlek is in two sections. Visions, Part One intimately captures the essence of inter-dimensional, inter galactic... More > experience as Lisa Rapha El shares memory of events in the past and future in various places in the universe. Way of the Soul, Part Two provides a context for her experiences by introducing new in sight into time, space, density, dimension, consciousness, purpose and soul evolution. “The Princess From Maldek: A Visionary Exploration of the Fifth Realm is a profound step into the world of spiritual understanding...." Lynn Andrews< Less
O-Becoming Trilogy By Lisa Raphael
eBook (PDF): $11.00
The O-Becoming trilogy is an intimate sharing of one woman's spiritual odyssey from fear to enlightenment. The first volume, O-Becoming One, Transformation Beyond Survival (1998] details Lisa's... More > transformation of emotional scars from her childhood. O-Becoming Other: Survival Beyond Transformation,(1999) the second volume introduces us to her etheric Self or Other, and profound insights into hope, fear, expectation and faith emerge in intimate dialogue with the Brotherhood of Light. The third volume O -Becoming One with the Other, Handbook for the New Millennium (2001) demonstrates how to transcend the duality of survival and transformation. As her dialogue with The Brotherhood of Light continues, Lisa's experiences expand her consciousness to incorporate knowledge of other dimensions of reality and the effect of extra terrestrial influence on the evolution of the soul.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
Paperback: $20.00