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Five Golden Rings and a Diamond: Part One: Ireland. Passion and Pain. The Curse of Cain. 1968 - 1971 By E Marie Seltenrych
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Niamh Murphy belongs to a people group called tinkers or Tinceards: folk who roam Ireland doing odd jobs, such as mending pots. Their greatest love is bright copper. Niamh has been used used... More > frequently by her stepmother, Maura, to earn money by begging. Now, Niamh has seen that others live in real houses, with biscuits and milk, her one desire is to find a husband who works, and to live in a house, finally defeating the curse of Cain. She does a runner to find her dreams, ending up almost drowning. Love comes to greet her but her father needs his daughter for the price of a keg of beer. Niamh fights desperately for her rights, but is overpowered and eventually yields to her father's wishes, marrying an abusive, drunkard. Niamh feels defeated for a time, but her yearning for true love gives her courage to once again leave her clan after her husband disappears. Now, she is despised by her step sister and friends, so with nothing to lose, she takes her two children and heads to Cork...< Less
Five Golden Rings... By E Marie Seltenrych
eBook (ePub): $3.75
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The curse of Cain was a glib description for the tinkers of Ireland, who wandered across the land, homeless, begging for food and finding shelter wherever they could. Niamh Murphy wants a better way... More > of life but the obstacles to stop her almost destroy his spirit. Will she survive abuse, discrimination, lack of education or will love take her heart and life to a new level. Will she defy the curse of Cain and find true happiness and passion that she longs for?< Less