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The Harbinger of Doom By R.W. Finlan
Paperback: $11.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
A hundred years has passed since the Companions and the Daughters passed out of knowledge, and the Realms have been at peace. Castle Llud stands empty and derelict, except for the ghosts that inhabit... More > it and keep people away. But, in one of the less advanced Realms a new power has risen. A power that could upset the Balance of Reality. A power that could mean, if not countered, the end of the Realms. The Silver Knight comes forth to seek the aid of the Mages Myrddin and Gwydion to find what this power is and who is behind it. Once more the Power of The Kin is called upon to try and redress the Balance. In the final volume of the Chronicles of the Kin, many questions are finally answered, while new and formidable foes step forward to challenge The Power Of The Kin.< Less
The Daughters of The Kin By R.W. Finlan
Paperback: $10.23
Prints in 3-5 business days
It has been twenty years since the Girl vanished into the Dark Realm and there has been no word from her or the Knight since. In the intervening years, peace has been the norm throughout the Realms... More > and two daughters have been born to the Companions of The Kin. Julia and Angela are exceptional young women who have the Power of The Kin within them. They need no weapons or artifacts and the Mages, Myrddin and Gwydion believe them to be the saviours of The Realms. With their twentieth birthdays approaching the Silver Knight reappears and sends the two women on a quest to discover what really happened in the Dark Realm all those years ago. The Daughters of The Kin face many formidable foes, make new friends and come face to face with their eventual destiny. A destiny they ultimately discover that they do not want.< Less
The Defeat of The Kin By R.W. Finlan
Paperback: $9.01
Prints in 3-5 business days
Julia and Angela, Daughters of The Kin, face their toughest task yet. Finding themselves in a world full of illusions and unreality, they learn many truths about whom and what they are. Facing... More > terrible demons and apparitions, far more destructive than the Companions faced during their trials, they must battle across a world of ancient decrepitude to rescue their parents and Azak and Eligiz, all the time facing hideous creatures and bizarre circumstances in a world where time seems to have no meaning. They learn the truth about their parents, a truth which unsettles them greatly, and face the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse in a terrifying final showdown. Meanwhile, back in the Worlds of Reality, a grave new threat appears and prepares to take up the banner of Agrippa.< Less
The Return of The Kin By R.W. Finlan
Paperback: $9.12
Prints in 3-5 business days
Accountant Stephen Parry had always lived a fairly quiet life of balance sheets and weekends at the museum until the fateful day he was called by The Kin and became embroiled in a centuries long war... More > between the forces of Good and Evil that was destined to reach a bloody conclusion. Stephen, along with an old school friend, a toolmaker, a Roman legionary and an Apache from a world where America was still undiscovered, embark on a quest to gather the remnants of the Artefacts of The Kin to fight the terrible evil threatening to overrun the Realms of the Worlds.Their epic adventures takes them from Twentieth Century Britain to Viking Norway and a super civilisation ruled by the Greeks as the forces of Good take on the power of Corrus Agrippa, Master of the Dark Realm and the embodiment of evil< Less
The Adventures of Drachir: Volume II By R.W. Finlan
Paperback: $11.05
Prints in 3-5 business days
‘So then, the city is ours. Put it to the sword. Leave none alive.’ General Enla stepped over the bodies of Prince Angra and his wife Princess Inrin and sat down behind the huge desk. The... More > bodies of the Prince Elect Undrus and his aide Marklin lay near the window where they had tried to escape from the marauding Sarkhagi. Once again Drachir and Tynal find themselves caught up in a war that they really don’t want to be in. Along the way they pick up some strays and it takes all of Drachir’s cunning and planning to overcome a nasty situation. In the other stories in this volume we meet Drachir’s latest girlfriend, attend the funeral of one of his old friends, meet some very strange creatures from a distant Galaxy and get entangled with a murderous secret society. Life is never dull when The Nevis takes to space.< Less
The Serpent and The Kin By R.W. Finlan
Paperback: $9.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Companions of The Kin were basking in the glory of their victory over Agrippa and peace had returned to the Realms of Reality. But in these many worlds of wonder, death is not always final or... More > fatal for some, and Agrippa, although dead in the physical sense, still had his spirit at large. Returning in the form of four of his greatest sorcerers, he plans a terrible revenge on the Companions of The Kin - the release of The Black Serpent; embodiment of all the evil that had beset Mankind since the dawn of history. Once again The Kin is called to give their aid to the Companions and set out through the Realms to try and prevent the four sorcerers releasing the Black Serpent< Less
The Adventures of Drachir: Volume I By R.W. Finlan
Paperback: $9.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
Drachir: gun-runner, smuggler, mercenary and the best thief in Unigal. Join him in his many and varied adventures across the known Galaxy of the 24th Century. Drachir: gun-runner, smuggler, mercenary... More > and the best thief in Unigal. Join him in his many and varied adventures across the known Galaxy of the 24th Century. In his ship The Nevis, and often accompanied by his large, green-skinned Metraxan friend Tynal he takes on the sort of tasks that others shy away from. . Stealing secrets, smuggling archaeological artefacts, fighting in wars and getting Tynal out of trouble, all these are all in a days work for the most notorious man in Unigal. In this first collection, you will discover how he came by his rather unusual epithet and how he met, fell in love with and married his first wife Vareen. And these are just the beginning…< Less
The Final End By R.W. Finlan & Darren Bowker-Powis
Paperback: $11.03
Prints in 3-5 business days
December 2012. It is a dark time for the people of The Seren Valley. Four months after the departure of the vast and mysterious phenomena known as ‘the ship,’ the local population are... More > still living under the yoke of martial law with no end in sight to their plight. The sudden reappearance - four days before Christmas - of ‘the ship,’ sparks a series of devastating events which plunges the world into a spiral of turmoil and calamity. Richard Siwop and Samantha Nicholls stand ready to face their destinies and play their part in the final battle of an aeons old Cosmic conflict, and helping prevent the unleashing of ancient and terrible destructive beings, long destined to bring about temporal Armageddon and The Final End...< Less
The Really Rough Guide To The Seren Valley By R.W. Finlan & Darren Bowker-Powis
Paperback: $7.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the definitive guide to the Seren Valley, located somewhere in the wastelands of the valleys of South East Wales. It has details on what to see, where to go and where to stay the hell away... More > from. You have been warned... Included, as special bonus feature, is Family Histories, the story of the powerful and influential local family, The Wynn Parry-Jones's This guide book includes the towns and villages of the area, as featured in the Waliens series of Novels.< Less
The Journal of Richard Siwop By R.W. Finlan & Darren Bowker-Powis
Paperback: $7.01
Prints in 3-5 business days
Late spring 2012: As a large and mysterious spaceship hangs above Mynydd Ffhagdiwedd, the Seren Valley has been sealed off to the outside world and a state of Martial Law declared. Within days, food... More > and petrol rationing have been introduced and communications cut off, while tanks and armed soldiers patrol the streets. Journalist Richard Siwop begins keeping a daily journal to record his thoughts and observations as he, his friends, neighbours and family come to terms with these new events. Many questions arise, especially around the Space theme park, Star World, where Richard finds himself sent to work. As the weeks turn into months, Richard begins wondering if there is another agenda at work...< Less

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