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The Beech Tree That Was By Mary Gonzalez & Joan Brickley
Paperback: $8.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the story of the life of, not just an ordinary beech tree, but a very special one. Whilst on a visit to a school grounds, Jessica and her twin brother, Matthew, come across the tree that... More > appears to have something magical about it. With the help of Miranda, a doll who has special magical powers, they travel back in time, accompanied by Teddy, Miranda's friend, to past centuries and discover how the beech tree has been useful through its life to many different kinds of people. Even, when it seems that the tree has no more to give, Miranda and the twins, have other ideas.< Less
The Knotty Ash Village That Was By Mary Gonzalez & Joan Brickley
Paperback: $7.92
Prints in 3-5 business days
Great Gran Bunting, in this story, pays a visit to Jessica and Matthew's school to talk to the children about her childhood spent in Knotty Ash. As she insists on taking her pet parrot with her, much... More > to the dismay of the teacher, all chaos breaks out in the classroom when the parrot escapes. After her visit, Miranda, Jessica's magic doll, takes her, Matthew her twin brother and Teddy back to the old village of Knotty Ash in the eighteenth century when the rich merchants from Liverpool, built their mansions there and they discover how different life was then compared with the present day.< Less
The Town That Was By Mary Gonzalez & Joan Brickley
Paperback: $6.45
Prints in 3-5 business days
Twins, Jessica and Matthew have another adventure with the help of their magic doll, Miranda. This time, they travel, once more, back into the past. They find themselves in the time of Shakespeare,... More > experiencing what life was like at that time. Apart from meeting Queen Elizabeth I, they find themselves helping with the props and sound effects of one of Shakespeare's performances. Unfortunately, because of their mistakes, the play ends in disaster risking the wrath of both the Queen and William Shakespeare himself. Nevertheless, all is well that ends well and, eventually, all is forgiven.< Less
The Victorian House That Was By Mary Gonzalez & Joan Brickley
eBook (PDF): $7.81
Jessica and Matthew are twins who visit their great grandmother. While in the attic they come across old fashioned dolls and a Victorian doll’s house. One doll magically comes to life and... More > introduces herself as Miranda. Miranda tells the children that the fan she holds is magical. By shaking it she can whisk herself back in time and the twins with her. The twins agree to go with Miranda into the doll’s house where they will find themselves back in the Victorian times. Miranda gives one shake of the fan and the twins find themselves magically transported into the house. The figures in the house all come to life and interact with the children. They have fun with the chimney sweep, get on the wrong side of cook and make an enemy out of the butler. They get to know all the characters in the house and they learn about how they live before being whisked back into the 21st century.< Less
The Kingdom That Was By Mary Gonzalez & Joan Brickley
Paperback: $6.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is one of a series of children's books in which the main characters, Jessica and Matthew, are taken back in time by the power of a magic doll called Miranda. For their latest adventure, they... More > are taken, by their mother, on an exciting trip to the Jorvik centre, in York, With their mum. They find themselves in some trouble when they are whisked back to the time of the Vikings. They join a Viking trader and his friends on a fantastic journey to Norway. The children end up explaining all about England, returning there later with the trader and his family. After an unexpected meeting with King Mop Head and a challenge with a Warrior King, they get home just in time to return to Wigan with their mother. This book is one of a series which has been written to give children an interest in history in a pleasant and fun way.< Less
The Mersey City That Was By Joan Brickley & Mary Gonzalez
Paperback: $10.35
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is one of several stories which have been based in the city of Liverpool. The two main characters, Jessica and Matthew, are taken back, in time, with help of a magic doll, to the early... More > twentieth century. Whilst they are there, they become involved with a poor family, finding out how the various members of the family helped to scrape a living in those hard times in the city.< Less
The Cottage That Was By Mary Gonzalez & Joan Brickley
Paperback: $11.69
Prints in 3-5 business days
Once again, we meet Jessica and Matthew, from the "That Was Stories", and their magic doll, Miranda. This time, Miranda, with a wave of her magic fan, takes the children back in time to... More > Bryn, on the outskirts of Ashton -in- Makerfield, Lancashire,a place, known in the past, for its coal mines. Having met a Welsh family who have come to live there, at the turn of the twentieth century, they experience life as it was working at the mine head and have an adventure on the local canal with two of the local barge men.< Less
The Everton Village That Was By Mary Gonzalez & Joan Brickley
Paperback: $9.20
Prints in 3-5 business days
After attending an Everton football match with their father, Matthew and Jessica take up an offer from their magic doll, Miranda, to take them back in time, for another adventure. They return to... More > Everton, when it was still a village and the rich merchants of the time had their mansions on Everton Hill. They meet a Master Mariner, captain of a merchant ship and his family, the lady who first made the Everton toffees and they attend a celebration of the creation of the first Everton Football Team.< Less
The Mersey Ferry That Was By Mary Gonzalez & Joan Brickley
Paperback: $5.04
Prints in 3-5 business days
Jessica and Matthew are twins who have found an old fashioned doll in their great grandmother’s attic. The doll is called Miranda who turns out to be a magical doll that comes to life. She,... More > also, has a magic fan. With one wave of the fan, she has the power to transport herself, and the twins, back in time, to another century. In this story, the twins go on a school trip on the Mersey Ferry. Miranda appears to them and whisks them back to the twelfth century, the time of the first ferry across the River Mersey. They have adventures with characters that they meet, even interacting with the inhabitants of an old castle. Matthew gets dressed up as the court jester and tries to entertain the lord of the castle who begins to think that the twins are really spies and orders them to be arrested. They are chased through the castle passageways but escape with the help of Ned, a boy who befriends them. Finally, just in time, they are whisked back by Miranda into the twenty first century.< Less
The Bootle Village That Was By Mary Gonzalez & Joan Brickley
Paperback: $6.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
Once again the twins Matthew and Jessica are whisked back in time to experience history. Miranda the magic doll with her magic fan takes them back to Bootle in the nineteenth century. They see the... More > water front the way it was then, a bathing and health resort for the wealthy people, with its own castle near the beach. They meet a miller and Matthew helps to distribute flour to a sailing ship. Jessica helps out by baking biscuits for a sea captain. Teddy who has been whisked back with them goes up in an air balloon. They are then chased by a ship’s captain and hide from him. He finally catches them but to their surprise he rewards them before they are whisked back once more to the twenty first century.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60