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Earth Rescue By Eric Brady
Paperback: $17.92
Prints in 3-5 business days
A Coded message for help from Jim's father on Earth sent to Kharlor, naming Jim and Ali. The FTL Battle Cruiser Aurora is sent. They find Jano Dagar is planning to wreck Earth by mining for the... More > laser-weapon-enhancing mineral Dwaafmite. But Jano is planning more. He aims to completely destroy Earth by exploding Planet-buster bombs in Yellowstone Park to create a super-volcano and explode more at places in the Ring of Fire to shift the Tectonic Plates. It takes all the resources of the Aurora and Earth to have any chance of stopping him. Jim and Ali are in the front line in fereting out Jano's plans and combatting them, even when they are taken prisoner< Less
Alf King in the Costa del Sol By Eric Brady
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Alf King and The Gang go to the Costa del Sol on holiday. They meet glamorous Flamenco dancers (Esmarelda and Margaretta) and join in a Plan to steal a Spanish Duke's antique watches. The Gang foil... More > it, but Jim Cooke shouldn't have tried to use Esmarelda as a hostage.< Less
Alf King - Gang Boss By Eric Brady
eBook (PDF): $6.22
Alf King, a small-time London Loser, decides his way to Gangland Success is to set up his own Gang. With his two-man Gang and the 'assistance' of some real villains he makes it, in spite of his... More > domineering wife Martha and making an enemy of PC Cuthbertson who (unintionally) gives Alf's criminal Rep. a big boost early on.< Less
That Wonderful Coach Trip By Eric Brady
eBook (ePub): $6.08
When a nostalgic coach trip for wartime veterans is extended to a two-week trip to Austria open to all, a potent mix of passengers board. Competing photo-fanatics, a quarrelling couple about to... More > divorce, Show-biz ambitious teenagers and two Theatrical Agents - and a love-struck poet among them. And the Courier travelling with this driver for the first time has her own problems. A decades-old puzzle becomes a sinister mystery after a visit to a 'Diamond Factory'. Ambitious Show-biz passengers perform in a Talent Contest - a traumatic experience for one but delight in the end for others. The love-struck poet bumps into the harsh realities of Life - but there is a possible way out. Humour is mixed with drama and nostalgia with reality as relationships have unexpected solutions.< Less
Alf King Behind Bars By Eric Brady
eBook (ePub): $6.06
The fourth in the 'Alf King' satirical series. At last DS Harry Cuthbertson has got Alf King and The Gang behind bars in prison. Never mind his methods. But to ensure that he says he 'suspects King... More > of connections with Mafias and Triads. But that boosts Alf's criminal Rep.still more that he then uses Inside to make life even more comfortable. A more dire threat hangs over them - Martha's Takeover of The Gang. When the Appeal Judge is 'got at' he Remands just Alf for another month 'for Reports'. Simpson, Alf's solicitor decides to check this. Never mind his methods. He is appalled when he finds out the truth - and even more appalled when Alf welcomes him into 'the criminal classes' for the way he did it.< Less
Alf King - Politician By Eric Brady
eBook (ePub): $5.98
When Fred tells Alf King of Myrtle's idea of his getting Elected onto the Council and Police Authority, Alf is aghast. Until Fred tells him (inaccurately) that that will make him a 'Boss of the... More > cops'. Aided by Eleanor's Ladies Group, some Regulars and even Martha, Alf wins a massive victory beating the Governments Candidate into a bad third with another independent coming a good second. But DS Cuthbertson is also aghast at Alf getting onto the Council (he reveres all politicians)and even more when he learns of Alf's plans for the Police Authority. Enlisting the Home Secretary's aid (she sets up a Focus Group), they solve nothing Alf is keen to solve all the area's Housing problems in a few days, he is bamboozled by Officials. The Focus Group is recalled but can thing of no way to stop Alf till Tarquin (the Home Secretary's Personal Secretary)produces a brilliant solution. But to Cuthbertson's fury it means Alf 'gets away with it' yet again.< Less
Alf King - Juryman By Eric Brady
eBook (ePub): $6.05
Alf King and The Gang are horrified when they are called for Jury Service seeing it as a Plot to ruin their (Criminal) reputations. Eleanor comes up with a cunning plan to hide this - which... More > necessitates two cover-plans. One for the Regulars - and police informers, the other for Martha and Myrtle. She arranges for The Gang to be Security Guards supporting her in 'house-sitting' Mr.Carmichael's mansion while her Boss is away on holiday. On almost their last day they are on the Jury for the trial of the Hon. Michael Seafrood - with whom Alf had had dealings in the past. The mansion is raided by a bunch of Protesting Students, then by a Mob of Masked Raiders. The Students, now defending the mansion, capture all the Masked Raiders but police, including DS Cuthbertson and DC Wilde suddenly arrive on the scene, arrest everyone including the Students, Alf and Eleanor. Mr. Carmichael arrives home early but it still takes all Alf's ingenuity to get all the 'Deserving' let off.< Less
Alf King and the PCG By Eric Brady
eBook (ePub): $6.25
Inspired by a TV Programme Alf King decides to set up a car-ringing operation under the cover of a Car Re-spray business. But his 'Expert' is on Parole and has to be careful then Fred demands the... More > 'targeting of victims' eg only coppers, politicians and lawyers. The cover is successful, legit, and otherwise. Alf has the idea of 'nicking' the Home Secretary's official limousine. By a stroke of luck they succeed. It has a Tracker - but that can be switched off. Alf decides it to give it to the Duke and Esmarelda, but finding it has a Tracker the Duke comes up with a plan to 'get' 'Tubby' Grimshaw who had planned the theft of his watches. DS Ford and DC Cuthbertson of the PCG go to Spain to co-operate with a Spanish policeman there. They go undercover as criminals wanting to 'launder' £2M. Grimshaw falls for it. When the money does not come he goes to London to get it. But is trapped by the Tracker and DC Cuthbertson using smart detective work. Which gets him promoted.< Less
Operation Sintar By Eric Brady
eBook (PDF): $6.19
Jim Atkins and Ali Mukbar are tasked to be Close Protection for Princess Clyra on a Diplomatic Mission to the warlike Sintar System. They find themselves not only battling Sintars, Jano Dagar and... More > mammoth flesh-eating 'Crabs', but joining in a desperate life-saving mission as the Sintar sun is about to go nova. (The third SPACE REBELS adventure: Space Rebels; Warriors of Kharlor; Operation Sintar).< Less
The Haunted Castle By Eric Brady
eBook (ePub): $6.45
When Dee is told that there is a haunted castle close to the School Camp Site in the Highlands of Scotland she just has to go to investigate. And Trevor's school will be there too. But the pretty... More > Sandy Griffiths, Dee's rival for Trevor is now going to Trevor's school and is coming too. But there are other mysteries besides the ghost. Why has the Castle and a cave to it got such strong doors? What about the second ghost that appears in the hills? And the silent motor boats on the loch? Are these all connected with the spate of robberies in Inverness? And how will Dee and Trevor escape from being tied up and gagged in that cave?< Less