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Alf King in the Costa del Sol By Eric Brady
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Alf King and The Gang go to the Costa del Sol on holiday. They meet glamorous Flamenco dancers (Esmarelda and Margaretta) and join in a Plan to steal a Spanish Duke's antique watches. The Gang foil... More > it, but Jim Cooke shouldn't have tried to use Esmarelda as a hostage.< Less
Alf King - Gang Boss By Eric Brady
eBook (PDF): $6.22
Alf King, a small-time London Loser, decides his way to Gangland Success is to set up his own Gang. With his two-man Gang and the 'assistance' of some real villains he makes it, in spite of his... More > domineering wife Martha and making an enemy of PC Cuthbertson who (unintionally) gives Alf's criminal Rep. a big boost early on.< Less
Operation Sintar By Eric Brady
eBook (PDF): $6.19
Jim Atkins and Ali Mukbar are tasked to be Close Protection for Princess Clyra on a Diplomatic Mission to the warlike Sintar System. They find themselves not only battling Sintars, Jano Dagar and... More > mammoth flesh-eating 'Crabs', but joining in a desperate life-saving mission as the Sintar sun is about to go nova. (The third SPACE REBELS adventure: Space Rebels; Warriors of Kharlor; Operation Sintar).< Less
The Haunted Castle By Eric Brady
eBook (ePub): $6.45
When Dee is told that there is a haunted castle close to the School Camp Site in the Highlands of Scotland she just has to go to investigate. And Trevor's school will be there too. But the pretty... More > Sandy Griffiths, Dee's rival for Trevor is now going to Trevor's school and is coming too. But there are other mysteries besides the ghost. Why has the Castle and a cave to it got such strong doors? What about the second ghost that appears in the hills? And the silent motor boats on the loch? Are these all connected with the spate of robberies in Inverness? And how will Dee and Trevor escape from being tied up and gagged in that cave?< Less
Earth Rescue By Eric Brady
eBook (ePub): $4.56
A Coded message is sent to Jim Atkins and Ali Mukbar at the Kharlor Space Academy by Professor Atkins on Earth. The Emperor sends the FTL Battle Cruiser with Jim and Ali. The danger is far greater... More > than had ever been thought. To Kharlor if the Dagar Confederation successfully mine the laser-weapon enhancing mineral, Dwarfmite. And to Earth itself. If Jano Dagar's Plan succeeeds the planet Earth will be shattered. It takes all the resources of the Aurora, Earth and Jim and Ali to find out the details of the Plan, but can they stop it in time as the last minutes tick away?< Less
Comet Impact By Eric Brady
eBook (ePub): $6.57
When Commanders Ali Mukbar and Jim Atkins get the chance to visit a new planet about to be impacted by a Comet they seize the chance. Locating the presence of a Canergorm Warflyer they have to... More > enter the sun's Chromosphere to get holograms of the WarFlyer to prove Jim didn't imagine the sighting - and nearly die in the attempt. When Ali, Princess Clyra Vergred and a team of scientists are captured by the sadistic Canergorms, somehow Jim and others have to locate them and then rescue them. Huge Spiders are not the only deadly alien Life-Form they encounter. Later Jim is caught by Flying Life-Forms with some similarities to Earth's prehistoric Pterosaurs. Now Ali has to rescue him - but that means he will face Court-Martial.< Less
Treasure Trove By Eric Brady
eBook (ePub): $6.38
Spurred by a Celtic Exhibition, Dee and Trevor go Treasure Hunting with Trevor's granddad's Metal Detector and guidance at Willowtree Farm. They find a cache of coins - that vanish by the time the... More > Finds Liaison Officer attends. The farmer is suspected but there's no evidence. Dee and Trevor investigate. The Police get involved and follow Dee's idea of a 'Sting' but move too quickly letting the farmer get away with the evidence. More treasure hunting at Grainger's farm next door see Dee, Trevor and 6 yrs. old Nellie Grainger trapped in flooding cave. Escaping through a nuclear bunker just in time the do more treasure hunt, making finds of Celtic jewellery. The police raid Willowtree Farm but the farmer and his son escape. They crash into a parked police car, are trapped unconscious and the vehicle catches fire. Dee and Trevor try to pull them free but it takes Dee's stronger Dad to succeed. They find the stolen coins in the car.< Less
First Encounter -(Pocket Edition) By Eric Brady
Paperback: $12.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
Jim Atkins and Ali Mukbar and Trigger, Jim's dog, never expected that their camping trip would result in their rescuing a Princess of an interstellar Empire being pursued by a cruel Rebel (Jano of... More > Dagar)intent on capturing her to blackmail her father and the Empire. But they got the backing of the Army and Air Force in her defence when besieged. Could they really hope to beat the resources of an interstellar Battle Cruiser as a forcefield covered the Cruiser, the Research Station and even individual Space Marines that totally stopped all their weaponry? A Hyper-space radio, built from scratch by the scientists at the Station got a message through to the Emperor, but it seemed impossible for him to get to Earth in time. And Jim was about to be shot by Jano, when Trigger, Jim's dog, took a hand.< Less
Off to Sunny Spain By Eric Brady
eBook (ePub): $6.40
The second of Dee's Diaries that Dee is writing, she and Trevor (her boy friend, and their parents go to Spain for a Photo-shoot for advertising a new luxury holiday complex. Their first mystery is... More > Abdul the waiter. Who is he hiding from? And why was Maria so terrified of that man at Ronda?When Trevor finds on the Internet that that man is the rich Ravin Salib, the mystery deepens. And why was Skipper Miguel so worried about rescuing people from that sinking boat in the Med.? Was it only the storm rushing towards them, or something more sinister?< Less
Warriors of Kharlor By Eric Brady
eBook (PDF): $6.19
Teenage Science Fiction in the Space Rebels series. Jim Atkins and Ali Mukbar are the first Solarians to visit Kharlor-Prime. They are to train to be Commanders in the Emperor's Space Navy.... More > However, they soon find themselves battling for their lives - and the future of the Empire - with their old enemy Jano Dagar.< Less