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Secrets of Invisibilty By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $19.95
First published in 1983, translated into sixteen languages and sold in pirate editions domestically and overseas as "Invisible Ninja," Ninja-Secrets of Invisibility has proven to be the... More > definitive work on infiltration, assassination and vanishing without leaving a trace. Learn for yourself the secret methods of the feared and dreaded Ninja, invisible assassins of ancient Japan, and how their techniques are still used today for military and covert operations. *The Secret of the Silent Cross Step *The Psychic Technique of Sentry Control *Passing and Avoiding Armed Guards *The Sentryhold *The Sleeperhold *The Ninja Deathlock *Commando Knife Techniques *AN SHA CHE-Death by Darkness "Now the Evil Ones will know WHY they fear the shadows lurking around every corner...< Less
Tibetan Burning Palms By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $19.95
Sensei Senzo Tanaka of the Japanese Kokuryukai, was heavily involved in the training of many famous martial artists, including the infamous Count Dante. The Count was an expert in many styles and... More > practiced with masters of every field in addition to participating in and surviving several Oriental Death Matches. He was scheduled to fight again in 1975 but his untimely death allowed his protégé Frank Dux to attend and become the first American to win the event. In the movie Bloodsport, he is asked to prove he is a student of Senzo Tanaka and therefore eligible to fight in the closed Kumite matches by demonstrating his skill at Dim Mak. He did this by shattering a brick with a technique known as the Tibetan Burning Palm. The judges knew this was a signature technique of the Kokuryukai, taught only to senior students. But, it was not Sensei Tanaka who taught Frank Dux the Tibetan Burning Palm. It was Grandmaster Lawrence Day. E When done properly this technique can be dangerous.< Less
Invisible Fist By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $19.95
"The hand is quicker than the eye" is a maxim known to every magician. Through distraction, diversion, distortion, obfuscation, and confusion a Ninja can disappear before the very eyes of ... More > his opponent, thus giving rise to the Ninja legend of invisibility. Master Ashida Kim imparts his wisdom and defines the stances and techniques required for vanishing without a trace and fighting with the Invisible Fist.< Less
Ninja Death Touch By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $15.95
(1 Ratings)
Back in Print!! Ninja Dim Mak, the Chinese Death Touch. This Unholy Science is based on the same principles as the therapeutic methods of Acupuncture. EXCEPT- they are used to inflict pain or injury... More > or death, depending on the "power" of the strike and the skill of the Assassin Overcome any attacker with fingertip pressure. Includes, Charts and Diagrams of the Vital and Fatal Points of the Human Body; times when they are most vulnerable (Law of Midday-Midnight); fistic "Hand Weapons" common to all martial arts; history and origin; even a Ninja legend. A valuable anatomical study, a self-defense must! The 21st century edition of this Dim Mak Classic contains fifteen new pages of deadly Poison Hand techniques. Including the emasculating Monkey Steals a Peach technique, and the terrifying Ripping Out the Throat method! Ninja Death Touch is simple, devastating self-defense. Learning just one of these techniques could save your life!< Less
Book of the Ninja By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $15.95
(1 Ratings)
Are You Ready For Serious Self Defense? Ninjitsu is an 800 year old system of fighting techniques, information gathering and psychological controls made famous by the feared Ninja spies of feudal... More > Japan. Japanese warlords of old relied on a few black garbed Ninja to do what would otherwise have taken hundreds of armored soldiers to accomplish. Given here are some of the special techniques that make the Ninja invincible in combat. You will see that like most “magic tricks” the “secret of how it is done” is actually quite simple. Now anyone can become a shadow warrior of the night... THIS IS IT! The little Black Book that started it all! BOOK OF THE NINJA was originally written as a DOJO Handbook by Ninja Master Ashida Kim and Sensei Christopher Hunter and was distributed to their students as a training syllabus.< Less
Secrets of the Ninja By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $19.95
Ashida Kim is one of a handful of men in the world who have learned the true art of Ninjitsu, the Silent Way of stealth and assassination in feudal Japan. The Ninja can fight or disappear. Looked... More > for, cannot be seen, listened for, cannot be heard, felt for, cannot be touched. Now, you too can become a master of invisibility with the ability to penetrate anywhere unseen and vanish without leaving a trace. Included are: * Nine Steps for erasing sight and sound * Attacking from ambush– above, below, behind * Sentry Removal-dagger, garrote, sleeperhold * The Art of Escaping -kumi uchi and reversal * Ninja Weapons- sword, nunchaka and shuriken * The Power to Cloud Men’s Minds “Train yourself and be your own master. Dare to be great. Anyone can do the things I do if they but know how. One of your skill and determination need only follow this simple course of instruction to be certain of success.”< Less
Dance of Death By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $19.95
This is the Black Dragon Fist taught to John Keehan by Senzo Tanaka and then to Grandmaster Lawrence Day and Frank Dux. Like the Tibetan Burning Palm, this is a secret training form reserved only for... More > select students. This Long Form was developed by Grandmaster Lawrence Day and Ashida Kim from techniques they learned training with John Keehan, also known as Count Dante. It is named in his honor and practiced today by all members of our most ancient and honorable martial arts fellowship and is one of the few acceptable self-defense forms that qualify an applicant for membership in the International Fighting Arts Association and Official Black Dragon Fighting Society. “Kata Dan’te, the Dance of the Deadly Hands Long Form, is without doubt, the most savage and terrifying self-defense form known to man. It is composed of 45 of the deadliest poison hand techniques ever devised, each one of which is guaranteed to kill, cripple or maim any attacker. Learning just one of these fists could save your life."< Less
Ninja Mind Control By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $15.95
NINJA MIND CONTROL is, without doubt, the best-selling and most widely read book on Ninja Meditation ever written. The true warrior-mystic prevails without unsheathing his weapon. With his mental and... More > physical dexterity, he evades, confuses and clouds the mind of his enemy, mentally willing him into submission. Ashida Kim reveals here the meditation, breathing exercises and Kuji-Kiri hand forms that will enable you to cultivate and direct your Qi, the vital life force, as well as tune into the minds of others. This revised edition includes Mi Lu Kata, the Dance of Invisibility whereby the Ninja could vanish in an instant and strike the enemy unseen. Given here are the most passive and non-violent means of self-defense known to man. This 21st century edition contains twenty new pages, including the Secret Sword, Dit Da Jow Formula and the Shen technique with which you can change any aspect of your life for the better.< Less
Ninja Training Manual By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $15.95
Ninjitsu has been called the deadliest, most savage, and terrifying self- defense art known to Man. It is called the Invisible Fist. It relies on instinctive natural reactions to open the enemy to... More > any one of nine devastating weapon/fist counter-strikes. Each one is guaranteed to kill cripple or maim any attacker. Invisible Fist is neither for the squeamish nor weak at heart. It is instant self-defense. The effective execution time of these techniques is less than one second. This Official Ninja Training Manual reveals and demystifies many closely guarded secrets of this ancient and obscure art of invisibility: This book will broaden your martial arts knowledge no matter what your fighting style…< Less
Way of the Mind Gate By Ashida Kim
eBook (PDF): $15.95
WAY of the MIND GATE "Beyond Ninja Mind Control there is the Way of the Mind Gate...." This is a basic handbook of Psychological Warfare that can be applied on a personal level of the... More > battlefield. It teaches a single striking technique as the only means of overcoming even the strongest aggressor with minimal injury. Everything else is geared to successful Crisis Intervention and negotiation of the conflict or attack BEFORE it can come to blows. By examining the Causes of Conflict, by using Pre-Emptive techniques, by classifying the Stages of Combat, this text enables the Reader to "psychologically disarm" any opponent and to "knock him out with one punch" if necessary. Written by Grandmaster Ashida Kim, 9th Degree Black Belt, Ph.D in Martial Science; B.A. in Psychology, this book holds the key to self-knowledge, understanding of others, and empowers the individual to become a force of positive change in the world.< Less

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