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How do We Know? Applyimg theories and methods for Anthropology By Cyril Belshaw
Paperback: $30.00
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Cyril Belshaw likes to explore outside the box. He has been called “the anthropologist of anthropology”. He has been told “You are not really an anthropologist.” Whether or... More > not such statements are accurate, he does like to find new paths so that often his contributions appear away from the main roads of publication. Thus in the hopes of stimulating discussion, perhaps mew applications, and debate amongst graduate students and colleagues alike he has brought some of them together here. He is now approaching his nineties so that some of his ideas date back as far as the ‘forties while some follow is retirement. The ethnographic base for his theoretical constructs and explanations is derived from the Pacific Islands, Canadian society, Switzerland, and widespread travels, influenced by the belief that a major objective of anthropology is to use explanation to improve the world.< Less
Just Do It ! By Cyril Belshaw
Hardcover: $51.00
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Let the global spring begin. Cyril Belshaw challenges us to get on with the job. Don’ just imagine. Get on with it. Use the growing power of the populace. MANIFESTO FOR THE NEW AGE argues that... More > global society is the result of all our individual decisions. If we choose to behave differently the world can be the kind of place we all desire. But what to choose? The Manifesto checks out the possibilities. In doing so the author binds the subject chapters together with a holistic method so that each relates to the others. He moves as seamlessly as he can from family and education all the way up to global government via political systems and economic organization. He points out that each one of us is an inventor in our daily lives but we need networks and organization to turn invention into social innovation. He calls on international non-governmental organizations to take the lead in creating a rainbow revolution with a global spring – of all of us. Prepare the Rainbow Revolution.< Less
Bumps on a Long Road Volume II By Cyril Belshaw
Hardcover: $37.00
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In Volume I our anthropologist carried out fieldwork in the South Pacific, travelled widely to represent anthropology, and enjoyed world foods. Here he extends his life work with international... More > assignments and food studies. In an unexplained tragedy he loses his wife and faces court accusations in Switzerland. He returns to face life in Vancouver forcing himself to complete his international work. He completes his term as editor of Current Anthropology and discovers new challenges on the internet where he establishes a multimedia anthropology journal and a guide to his city’s exceptional restaurants. Throughout his writing he presents vivid accounts of unique experiences – people, lands and foods.< Less
Remuera: Memories of a New Zealand boy between the wars By Cyril Belshaw
Paperback: $24.40
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A Neew Zealand boy grows up but doesn't know it is in the Great depression. He has mixed result in his schools, recalls his friendships, his mother who takes care of the domestic life and his... More > professorial father sho shares his interests with his son. The war intervenes as the youth falls in love. Army ser5vice takes him away from his own country. It turns out to be for ever ane he wonderss who he is beneath the label New Zealand-Canadian. This is a story and a seldom recorded social dosument.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
Paperback: $21.60