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Getting the Hell out of Here By Geoff Cutler
Paperback: $6.99
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Geoff Cutler has spent much of the last sixteen years researching what is known about life after death. This short booklet should serve as a simple guide to those who would like a framework that will... More > help evaluate other works on the subject. This is a summary of the spheres and planes that we encounter after death, and what happens in each. Based on a significant number of published and unpublished sources of channeled material, this book is a concise summary of what we can expect after death. It includes some descriptions of the Astral Plane, the Hells and the Seven Spirit Spheres which lead to the entrance to the Eternal Realms. The immediate post-death phase is discussed in detail, as also the initial arrivals areas. The requirements for progression are detailed, as also how to get out of the dark planes. Each Sphere is discussed and the role of that Sphere in the overall progression scheme is noted. All of this book is included in "Is Reincarnation an Illusion?" as Chapter 16.< Less
Is Reincarnation an Illusion? By Geoff Cutler
Paperback: $13.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This book is a tour through most of the significant spiritualist literature from the last 100 years. It also includes a significant amount of material that is not well known, even though it has been... More > around a long time. This book covers: * Eastern beliefs. * The Bible. * Where is the mind? * Past Life Memories. * "Past Life" researcher Ian Stevenson. * The Law of Attraction. * Trying to Reincarnate. * The soul and the spirit body. * Sleeping Survivors. * Non-survivors of death. * Hell. * Getting out of Hell. * Progress in spirit. * Hearing from famous spirits. * Indwelling Spirits - the perfect Guide. * What really happens after death? Please note this book contains all of the content from the separate publication entitled: "Getting the hell Out of Here"< Less
Hardcover: $38.10
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In the years 1914 to 1922, James Padgett received some 2,500 communications including over 200 from Jesus of Nazareth, and an even greater number from his apostles. If your interest is why we are... More > here, what we should be doing, and what difference it will make for those that do, and those that don't, this is the book to answer the questions. If one is looking for a short description of what this book is about, one might term it a "Philosophy of Progression." From a spiritualist perspective, it goes into great detail about the next realm, and how one can progress from sphere to sphere, and what the major differences are between each sphere. Looked at from a different perspective, it is a careful review of orthodox Christianity, pointing out where this is based on misunderstandings. One could indeed claim that this work is Bible based, but it's not the explanation you will hear in church.< Less

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