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British Army 1956 Wargame Rules By John Curry
Paperback: $16.81
Prints in 3-5 business days
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British Army Tactical Wargame (1956) These wargaming rules were restricted until recently, when they were released into the National Archives.  Operational set of rules for fighting large... More > battles 1945 - 1970  Can be played with card counters on standard 1: 50:000 Ordinance Survey Maps  Includes rules for tactical nuclear weapon strikes  Based on current military experience of World War II and the Korean War Detailed tables on hard to find information such as: o for tactical movement, casualties, engagement lengths, etc. o battle planning times o engineering tasks o night battles o effects of tactical nuclear weapons This version includes: • Proposed updates to the rules to help modern wargamers play the game on a single table top • Includes the 1952 British Army ORBAT • Introduction to the strategic situation It is published as part of the History of Wargaming Project at< Less
Contact! The Canadian Army Tactical Training Wargame 1980 By Captain Donnelly & John Curry
Paperback: $17.80
Prints in 3-5 business days
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CONTACT! The Canadian Army Tactical Training Wargame (1980). The wargame accurately models the potential battles in Europe between the Canadian Army and the advancing Soviets. In addition to... More > being fun to play, CONTACT aimed to be worthwhile training in Canadian and Soviet combined armed tactics Weapons capabilities and effects The correct employment of indirect fire, such as artillery and mortars The use of terrain The use of smoke The use of obstacles. This version has been updated by John Curry to include: weapon cards for British and American vehicles Canadian Army ORBAT for 1980s Introductory notes comparing these rules with the 1979 WRG version Extensive detailed notes on Soviet tactics 1950 - 2000< Less
Donald Featherstone's Advanced War Games ideas for wargaming By John Curry & Donald Featherstone
Paperback: $25.28
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This was the most original wargaming book of its day and it had a major impact on the way the hobby was being developed. The aim of the book was to bring to together some of the best ideas from the... More > most original wargaming thinkers and make them widely accessible.< Less
Phil Barker's Introduction to Ancient Wargaming and WRG 6th Edition Ancient Rules 3000 BC to 1485 AD By Phil Barker & John Curry
Paperback: $23.53
Prints in 3-5 business days
The WRG Ancients rule series were both the first rule books professionally printed and the first universal rule set. They went through 7 editions and were the standard ancient wargames rules from... More > 1969 until replaced by DBM in 1993. This edition includes the classic Airfix Guide to Ancient Wargaming This reprint includes the classic Introduction to ancient warfare The Airfix Guide to Ancient Wargaming by Phil Barker. Advice on tactics Guide to sources How ancient wargaming began Sample army lists The complete WRG 6th edition rules for simulating every aspect of ancient and medieval warfare, from the battlefield to full scale sieges and shipboard fighting. The History of Wargaming Project is edited by John Curry. It aims to present the very best wargaming books and rules to a modern audience. Further details can be found at< Less
Donald Featherstone’s and Keith Robinson's Battles with Model Tanks Wargaming 1914-1975 By John Curry et al.
Paperback: $24.38
Prints in 3-5 business days
Donald Featherstone's and Keith Robinson's book describes tank warfare for the wargamer. Rules, scenarios and history are integrated into an entertaining book for the wargamer. This book lays out the... More > complete groundwork on the subject. It explains how to use the many different armoured fighting vehicles. It provides essential information on communications, mines, infantry co-operation, aircraft and armoured operations. They include ten historical scenarios spanning the lifetime of the tank, from an armoured car action in 1914 to the Middle East conflicts of recent history.< Less
Tony Bath's Ancient Wargaming By Society of Ancients et al.
Paperback: $26.69
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Tony Bath’s early inspiration was the force that launched ancient wargaming. With his friend Donald Featherstone, he pioneered the first table top ancient battles and the most well-known of all... More > wargaming campaigns, the Legend of Hyboria.In 1965, he founded the Society of Ancients and it's journal Slingshot. This compilation of his work includes: The Peltast and Pila Ancient Wargaming Rules The complete book, Setting up a Wargames Campaign The Legend of Hyboria (including notes on the conclusion of that climactic campaign). Setting up a Wargames Campaign is a complete guide to setting up an ancient and medieval campaign and has chapters on: Map movement,Contact, battles and after effects, Playing with umpires and without, Supplies and replacements, Guidelines on running campaigns in other periods. As Donald Featherstone said, 'a perfect little book' This book has been produced in partnership with the Society of Ancients. The History of Wargaming Project is edited by John Curry.< Less

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