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Hidden In Plain Sight By Gary R. Varner
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Sacramento. Capital of California and home to a half million people and hundreds of symbols and images from an ancient past. These are the same symbols that have been part of the framework of the... More > human psyche for thousands of years. While contemporary man of the 21st century may think that they are simply decorative manifestations of a by-gone era, they represent so much more. They represent the fears, dreams, ideas, beliefs and struggles that humankind has endured since we began to walk upright. This book will survey many of the icons that still reside alongside modern man in Sacramento and will present them in a broader context both in the context of ancient history and folklore as well as a meaning that is suitable for our contemporary times. The locations of these images are also given so that the reader may seek them out at leisure. Gary R. Varner has authored numerous books on symbolism, folklore, mythology and Native American culture.< Less
Charles G. Leland - The Man & the Myth By Gary R. Varner
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Charles Godfrey Leland was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 15, 1824. Immediately after his birth his nurse took the baby to the attic and performed a ritual, laying a Bible, a key, and... More > knife on his breast, lighted candles, money and salt at his head. The nurse performed her ritual to ensure the child had a long life as a "scholar and a wizard." Her ritual was more successful than anyone would have guessed. If nothing, Charles Leland was a product of his time. An adventurer, warrior, journalist and one who took delight in the arts. He lived to pursue the occult and, at times, he embellished his work to suit his concepts of what the world should be in his mind. This is the story of a man who fought in the 1848 French Revolution, the American Civil War, who was the creator of the Industrial Arts programs in America's schools, a humorist and the author of Aradia: Gospel of the Witches. This second edition includes additional new materials.< Less
The Ancient Religions and Beliefs of Ethiopia By Gary R. Varner
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One of the most ancient nations in the world, Ethiopia is a magnificent and diverse society attempting to hold on to its traditional ways in an ever changing world. The first nation to accept... More > Christianity in the 4th century, indigenous religions and practices have been able to survive in a symbiotic relationship with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church mixing pagan beliefs and ways with the dominate Christian religion. Today, however, due to the missionary efforts of both the Evangelical Christian and Muslim factions only a small percentage of Ethiopian peoples still observe their traditional ways and beliefs. The Evil Eye and spirit possession continue to exist across the Ethiopian scene in a fascinating mixture of the ancient and modern worlds.< Less
ETHIOPIA: A Cultural History of an Ancient Land By Gary R. Varner
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According to ancient Ptolemaic writings, Ethiopians were the first men that ever lived and the first to worship the gods and to honor the gods with sacrifice. Some believe that the Ethiopians were... More > the origination of Egyptian religion in the worship of Osiris as well as the worship of Zeus. The Ethiopians, according to Herodotus, “reverence of the gods Zeus and Dionysos alone, and these they greatly honour; and they have an Oracle of Zeus established, and make warlike marches whensoever this god commands them by prophecy and to whatsoever place he commands.” Science was also believed to have traversed from the Upper Nile, the homeland of the Ethiopians, into Egypt. Before these gods, however, the ancient Ethiopians worshipped the serpent and even sacrificed to it. Today many believe Ethiopia is the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant. This book is an ethnographic analysis of the ancient cultures of Ethiopia, their religious beliefs and current environmental and political challenges.< Less
The Dark Wind: Witches and the Concept of Evil By Gary R. Varner
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The Dark Wind provides a survey of witches around the world, their prehistoric origin and how society has viewed them throughout history. Folklorist Gary R. Varner explores the use of magic,... More > spells and curses among indigenous groups as well as state approved religions such as those observed in ancient Rome and Greece, and how even contemporary Christianity uses many of the same "magic" combinations. Also examined is the current "witch craze" in several countries where thousands are being killed as witches,the underlying reasons for this tragedy and the history of anti-witchcraft laws. The Dark Wind is a book for everyone interested in anthropology, archaeology, ancient history, religion and the occult. Illustrated with contemporary woodcuts and drawings. The author is a member of the American Folklore Society and the Foundation for Mythological Studies.< Less
Ghosts, Spirits & the Afterlife in Native American Folklore and Religion By Gary R. Varner
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Death. We deny it. We fear it. Some of us welcome it. No matter what age we live in we keep the traditional feelings for our departed. We try to ease the soul into the afterworld as best we can.... More > “Celebrations of life” provide a time for friends and loved ones to gather, share food and stories and grieve. Some who pass on are cremated to free the soul. Some are buried believing that the body will not become corrupted but will survive until the final judgment day. “Grave goods” are still commonly buried or are cremated as well with the body. While we believe we are more "advanced" than those who lived before us, we actually do the same things they did to honor and to provide for our deceased loved ones. We are not so very different after all. This book provides a brief survey of how America’s first people reacted to death, how they disposed of their dead, their thoughts about the spirit world and the possibilities of being reborn.< Less
Water from the Sacred Well By Gary R. Varner
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An illustrated exploration of the folklore and mythology of sacred water found throughout the world. A companion volume to Sacred Wells, Water From the Sacred Well continues the quest for the... More > underlying sacredness associated with water and the universal themes found in folklore and religious traditions from around the world. Blending personal exploration with archaeology, folklore, and ancient traditions, Water From the Sacred Well takes the reader on a fascinating trip to surreal lakes, hot springs, and rivers in search of the spirit helpers, demons, faeries, mysterious Black Dogs, Women in White, Water Babies and the gods and goddesses that are part of this story. Water From the Sacred Well connects common themes found in water lore to sites around the world. Varner provides a glimpse into the world of spiritual development and the continuing rituals and traditions associated with life-giving waters and how these traditions continue to create a need for sacred space.< Less
Ancient Footprints By Gary R. Varner
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When we think of the “First Americans” we generally tend to think of the American Indian. After all, there is no doubt that the Indian has lived in North America for thousands of years,... More > descended from those original explorers who trekked across the Bering land bridge. At least this is what we are taught in school. But is this entirely correct? Were there others that came perhaps before and during the original population of North and South America by those that would later be called “Native Americans”? Were there others that embarked on expeditions to the mysterious lands to the west (or east) that brought not only trade goods but knowledge and ideas of other religions, cultures and oral traditions?< Less
Strangely Wrought Creatures of Life & Death: Ancient Symbolism in European and American Architecture By Gary R. Varner
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In his seventh book on folklore and symbolism, Gary R. Varner provides a look at strange and grotesque images we see everyday on our churches, banks and in our cemeteries. Images with origins far... More > older than the structures they adorn. What are the meanings behind these grotesque creatures, why are carvings of griffins and dragons, unicorns and Green Men found throughout the world on churches and cathedrals, government buildings and even apartment buildings? Illustrated with over 50 original photographs, Varner explores the meanings of the carvings found on both old and contemporary buildings, from France and Great Britain to New York and California. In addition, Varner explores strange images that are commonly seen in our cemeteries, engraved on grave-markers and tombs. This is a book for anyone interested in symbolism and folklore, architectural history and the development of religion. Gary R. Varner is a member of the American Folklore Society and the Foundation for Mythological Studies.< Less
Portals to Other Realms: Cup-Marked Stones and Prehistoric Rock Carvings By Gary R. Varner
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An illustrated analysis of the mysterious cup-marked stones found around the world from Russia to California, Great Britain, Sardenia and Ethiopia. These ancient cup-marked stones have been created... More > since the dawn of time. They appear on every continent and have almost identical characteristics. With so many of them still in existence and so many people aware of them one would think that current day archaeologists would know what they are—what they meant to ancient man. The sad fact is current science doesn’t have anything more than theory, assumption and guess to go on. Were they used for healing? Did they signify the burial of great teachers, warriors and leaders? Were they used as star maps?< Less